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Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge After Malcolm's defeat against Brandon in the first game, Malcolm had been turned into a statue, but after having been struck by . The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's Revenge (aka 凯兰迪亚传奇3:玛尔 寇的复仇, Kyrandia 3, book three), a really nice adventure game sold in for . Aug 1, At the end of the first game, Malcolm the jester was imprisoned in stone, putting an end to his reign of terror for good. Or so Kyrandia thought.

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October 10, Retrieved January 11, ^ Meredith, Gary (January ). "Legend of Kyrandia, Book Three: Malcolm's Revenge". I love the game and of course it can ONLY be played properly with modern xp and above OS's including 64 bit versions with DOS BOX especially if you want. Long hated by everyone who's anyone, you're Malcolm, the infamous Court Jester of Kyrandia and you are granted one last chance to save your misunderstood.

At the end of the first game, Malcolm the jester was imprisoned in stone, putting an end to his reign of terror for good. Or so Kyrandia thought, until an errant lightning bolt hits the statue, freeing the jester from his prison and leaving him to roam free once again. As it turns out, he was framed for the murder of the King and Queen, but no one believes him, so he must put together the pieces of a royal conspiracy that set him up to take a fall. The residents of Kyrandia — Brandon and Zanthia included — are none too pleased that Malcolm has awakened, and have ordered him into exile. There are half a dozen different ways to accomplish this, each with wildly varying solutions. You can try digging up ingredients to create a Pegasus Potion, morph into a flying horse and simply jet off the island, similar to a quest from the first Kyrandia game.

In jail, make a doily by clicking on the rope, then standing on the pedal, cutting the rope, and putting the doily away. After Rowena leaves, pick the lock with your nail. Poke the guy with the scissors and he will make a rope instead of a doily - climb down the rope to escape.

Collect your stuff by going to the dump and searching it. Go and visit Zanthia again, then get captured.

Kyrandia 3 book of legend

This time, make sure you have your fertilised seeds in your hand after emptying your pockets. Haul a load of rocks as instructed, then place the seeds on the rocks and drip some sweat on them to escape. Get your stuff as you leave the castle. Visit Zanthia again, then get captured - you don't need to keep anything in your hand this time.

Use the bolt-cutters on Rowena and you will escape. Visit Zanthia and get captured again, with a nail in your hand. Use the nail to pick the lock on the chain and you will escape yet again. This time you will end up at the Altar of Cats.

Two Eels Use the transporter and go west then south. Catch 3 eels by using your nail on a string in the water. Now return east twice and south.

The Legend of Kyrandia 3 : The Walkthrough King

Walk east twice and get 2 pieces of firewood. Enter the dairy and get some sesame seeds, then exit again. Go west and into the toy factory. Now go east, north, east to the rubbish dump. Use the sesame seeds to lure the squirrel closer, then hypnotise it with the nail on a string.

Grab the squirrel. Head west and south, then use the transporter again. Head into the toy factory, then down to the cellar again. Put on the mime outfit, then click on the green apple on the rug, then the red apple - you will be teleported to Darm's house. Talk to Darm, then give him your sandwich. Tickle Darm with your staff until he leaves, then talk to Brandywine for a while. Offer her the squirrel and she will tell you about the eel trick.

Use the eels together and you will end up at Dog Fort. Isle of Cats If you are not currently at the Dog Fort, go to nice mode and hitch a ride on the sesame cart until you arrive there. Walk down into the cat ruins to the right, then exit again. Grab the machete from the ground, then head east into the jungle.

While in the jungle, regularly pick the fleas off yourself and discard them. Use the machete to clear away the light foliage, and collect 6 bones not all on this screen. Make sure you uncover a small hole in the bottom right of the screen, then head east and you will be back at Dog Fort. Now talk to Duke the Dog and the cat pulling the sesame cart. You need to go and find Fluffy. Head west 3 times clear foliage and get bones as you go , then north.

Enter lying mode, then talk to Fluffy - you will be given a leather mouse. Walk east to the Altar of Cats, then west to the Colossus Ruins.

Use the mouse on the large stone balls to turn them into cat statues. Return south, then change to nice mode and catch a ride back to Dog Fort. Head down into the cat ruins, and down the stairs into the hieroglyphic room. Use the leather mouse to light up the room, then use it on each of the statues.

Note which animation occurs with which statue. Now return outside and save your game. Give a bone to Duke and he may or may not recover a gem for you - if he does not, restore and try again; if he does, save your game. Repeat this until you have 6 gems in exchange for your 6 bones. Return to the Altar of Cats using the sesame cart. Place each of the gems on the altar in turn, noting down which animation occurs with each.

Now head west and place 3 gems on their appropriate statues, then go east and place the other three. Take the crystal mouse, and use it on yourself - you turn into a mouse! Walk west, then east and talk to Fluffy. He will eventually give you some cheese and turn to back into yourself.

Head north 3 times to reach North Beach. Talk to each of the pirates, then turn the peg-leg into a mouse with your crystal mouse. You will be taken back to Kyrandia, then banished to the Ends of the Earth. Ends of the Earth Save your game.

Select the umbrella on the right machine, then insert a coin and take the umbrella. Now select the pool float, insert a coin and take that too.

Insert a coin into the left machine and take the insurance policy. Jump into the left barrel to get down the waterfall. Wear your pool float, then use the pump to inflate the flower beneath the ledge. Jump on the flower to cross the gap, then look in the cave. Drop down the waterfall. Deflate the pool float with the pump, then use the umbrella on the hook in the middle of the waterfall to swing across.

Now use the umbrella on yourself and click on the rocks below to float down. Look in the cave here, then float down over the rocks again and enter the cave at the bottom. Limbo Enter lying mode straight away. Take the key, then return west to the Fish Court. Talk to the merman.

3 kyrandia legend of book

How head and northwest, and you will be dragged back to see the queen and play tic-tac-toe. Whenever you play her, try to lose, then talk to her to earn some free time between games.

Now head east, then northwest to the University. Tickle a student with your staff, then steal the apple. Walk off screen and return, doing this a second time so you have two apples.

Now eat the apples to get two worms. Go west again and look at the slide. After another game, head back to the slide and climb in to end up on a rubbish dump.

Grab as much stuff as you can, then sell it to the blind bat fish for money - he will pay for fondue sets, socks and gold keys.

In lying mode, you can also collect 2 coins as the tax collector. Keep earning money in between games of tic-tac-toe until you have 6 coins.

Also make sure you collect a newspaper from the rubbish at some point. If you have useless items like moss or extra apples, put them on the ledge next to the blind bat fish, and while he is distracted, steal stuff from his cave.

You can try following the Isle of Cats map. I found the route between Isle of Cat locations defy mapping at times!

So Carsten kindly created a map for me. Do not enter the jungle without the machete. Cut away as much vegetation with the machete as will expose the direction you wish to walk in. Note that all vegetation re-grows as soon as you leave the scene except over the Hole.

The bottom of the screen is usually the direction you have come from. This is not true if you have just entered the jungle from a non- jungle screen.

The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3 - Malcolm's Revenge

Establish which direction returns to the non-jungle screen you have just left. This could prove useful see 8. Pick up all bones that are exposed. You may need to collect 16 in total! Although some are recyclable. Bones will appear under vegetation where previously there were none. So it worth re-entering the same screen repeatedly to find bones. If you expose one of the snake-like blue and pink kissing plants, swipe it with the machete so it doesn't kiss Malcolm to death.

After some time in the jungle, Malcolm will start itching and scratching. This is caused by fleas. Remove the fleas one at a time until you find no more. Or have Malcolm bath in a jungle mud pool when you come across one. If you do not do this, Malcolm will eventually die, poisoned by the fleas.

There are no short cuts! Sorry, but I'm afraid the game has been designed such that some interim objectives require extreme patience and steadfast repetitious actions. Believe it or not getting lost in the Isle of Cats jungle isn't the most monotonous part of the game! The first thing to do is find out what else is in the dump. Rummage around at leisure.

Find at least two nails, either bent or straight, a flask and a broken flask. Brandon's old leather boot may also come in handy. Leave anything else you dig up here to pick up later if you need it. Note the killer squirrel but heed Gunther's warning if you try to touch it! Throw a nail at it instead! Go left at the Bluff. Use the broken flask to pick a flower in the Cross Roads. Go up at the Crossroads to arrive in the Graveyard.

Click on the graves to identify Queen Katherine's grave. Set the mood meter to "Nice". Use the broken flask to pick another flower here, then put the two flowers on the Katherine's grave and talk with the Queen's ghost. Now Malcolm wants to leave Kyrandia, so let's take a look at some of the options. Here Malcolm sees the Circus boat. This is clearly one method of leaving Kyrandia. Set Malcolm's mood to nice. Walk toward the landing pad.

So, Zanthia wants you to leave Kyrandia too! Perhaps you can use the same method as Zanthia and become Pegasus and fly away! Get in the transporter and you will arrive in the Town Square.

The Legend of Kyrandia: Book 3: Malcolm's Revenge – Guides and FAQs

Open the lock on the Toy Factory door on the right with a nail. Note: Try to make sure you have at least one bent nail with you for now. Every time you open a lock with a straight nail it will bend. Every time you open a lock with a bent nail it will straighten. Go through to the door at the back of the Toy Factory to Malcolm's Apartment.

Search the drawers on the left. In the third drawer you should find the nut on the string. Attach a bent nail to the nut on the string. Now search under the bed and you will find Malcolm's Jester Staff. Put the Jester Staff away in the special receptacle in your inventory. If you want, take a look at Malcolm's family album. Leave the Cellar by the door at the top of the stairs. You enter the Town Hall. Here is the Voice of Reason.

Later on, when you have a spare fish cream sandwich, give it to him and he will talk to you. Now leave on the right to the Town Square. There are actually, six different methods of leaving, some simple, some more interesting. I have documented each of them. The choice is yours. I suggest you save at this point so that you can replay all the different methods cleanly.

This way you will explore Kyrandia thoroughly and, hopefully, get more enjoyment out of the game. Scoop a handful of sesame seeds from the tub on the right. Now, go to the Cellar. Did you notice that curious brickwork patch of the wall? Malcolm needs to break through the wall at this point. Use the nail on a string to fish in the pool and you will catch an eel. Fertilize the sesame seeds with the eel. Now fill the flask with water from the pool. Place the fertilized seeds on the brickwork patch.

Pour the water over the seeds. Keep the flask. The sesame plant will grow through the cracks in the mortar and destroy the brickwork. For future reference, you can also catch eels and get water at the small spit of land near the Dock. It is sometimes easier to reach and you can catch up to five eels each time you visit the Dock area Go through the hole into the Catacombs.

There is only one thing of note here and it is very obvious.

Take the stopper out of the fancy flask and fill the empty flask with the Portal Potion. Now Malcolm must find the right place to port from! Remember the layout of the Pegasus Landing pad? Go to the Town Arena. If the strange frog is blocking your way, click on him and he will jump aside.

The frog's mouth is full of water so you can fill a flask with water here. Stand on the round portal pad and drink the Portal Potion. You will be in the Dog Fort. Leave the Town Square, heading down to the City Limits. Continue down to the Town Arena. Then head left to the Outskirts of Town. Ignore the mime artist for now. Set Malcolm to lying mode. Use the nail on the string in the Bath Building payment slot.

When the confusion settles, grab the leather tunic in the Bath Building window. Enter as before and perform the same actions as before. Perform the same sequence a third time if you do not have a leather boot in your inventory.

You will need to have at least four items of leather. Return to the Toy Factory. Activate the Blue Print Book on the left. Support Game technical issues.

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3 kyrandia legend of book

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The Legend of Kyrandia Book 3: Malcolm's Revenge Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

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Malcolm's Revenge Book Three. Your country despises you. The Underworld beckons you. Even pirates reject you. And your toupee smells like squirrel.