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document (Windows Start menu > All Programs > Avid Liquid > Help). Online Help and Online PDF files have the exact same contents as the Reference. Liquid Page 1 of 9. Avid Liquid / Liquid Chrome Xe Version Readme . After installing the software, read the PDF file “New in Version 7” available under . that you print all or part of the PDF version of the appropriate Avid manual included (Media Composer and Symphony) Macintosh Lion v and v , Avid EditStar, Avid Learning Excellerator, Avid Liquid, Avid Liquid Chrome Xe.

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This manual describes all functions of Avid Liquid. It is suitable for learning the basics of operation as well as for looking up specific dancindonna.info download avid liquid tutorial pdf File name: manual_idpdf Downloads today: Total downloads: File rating: of 10 File. publication for the licensee's own use in learning how to use the software. . Avid Liquid Chrome Xe, Avid MEDIArray, Avid Mojo, AvidNet, AvidNetwork, Avid NewStar, Transferring Media Files from Media Composer Version .. editing application, available as a PDF document in the Online Library, is a companion to.

Kch p chut vo biu tng Avid Liquid 7. Kch chut vo biu tng du nhn x gc trn pha phi ca mn hnh Liquid thot Liquid, ta kch chut vo y3. Nt Browse dng chn ng dn tn ti trong my tnh. Dng tin, phng s PTQ quy nh chn chun nn Mpeg-2 2. To thm Sequence- Sequence: L 1 ni dng tin, phng s, phim ti liu - Track l ni cha ng hnh video, ting Audio, ch tiu , nh - Trong 1 Project c nhiu Sequence. Menu 2.

The link is now in the program folder of your Avid Liquid 7 installation. Drag it to the desktop, if you want to keep on using Liquid in the classic mode. The levels are reproduced correctly even though the old Key Fames do not appear in the clips. Already applied audio effects remain inaccessible. When you back up a Project, make sure the overall length of the file path does not exceed characters.

Avid liquid 7.2 tutorial pdf

User Settings are not forward compatible Liquid User Settings can not be transferred to major newer version releases e. Reliable functionality cannot be guaranteed at this time. Different applications create different VOB files or satellite feed streams, not always according to published standards.

7.2 tutorial liquid pdf avid

Turn on Render yellow slices and make sure that the Sequence is fully rendered before starting export or recording to tape. Chrome Xe: audio clicking Audio clicks in approx. Workaround: supply reliable reference signal and select correct settings in Chrome Xe Calibration dialog Reference Input.

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Avid liquid free download

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Supply support dec is revit NB: Jul revit 9, pc autodesk that cocreate. Di chuyn cc clip trn Timeline40Sau khi a cc on hnh nh, m thanh, ch tiu , vo cc track trn Timeline.

Ta c th di chuyn v tr ca chng, bng cch: Trong Timeline, a con tr chut n ngay gia clip , khi con tr chut c dng chut tri v ko n n v tr cn chuyn n, ri th chut ra. Xo cc clip trn Timeline xo video clip no, ta kch chut chn video clip , nhn phm Delete trn bn phm hoc kch chut phi ri chn Delete.

Ta c th dng nt lnh Timeline , thay i thi lng ca mt clip dng trn , ta nhn gi8. Ta cng c th nhn gi phm Ctrl, ri ko clip cn copy th vo v tr cn dn ra.

V d : Ta c 2 Sequence, mt Sequence dng hnh phng vn v 1 sequence dng phng s. Trong sequence dng hnh phng s, ta mun ly on hnh nhn vt ni trong sequence phng vn. Ly li ng dn khi cc clip b mt ng dn Trng hp b mt ng dn ca cc clip, Liquid s hin ln du chm thang nh hnh di v phn nh s th t ca clip trn Timeline c mu. Xo cc clip khng dng ra khi Rack Khi clip no c chn a vo Timeline, Liquid s nh du ln clip mt nt.

Xo hiu ng trong clip Kch chut phi vo ng mu hng trn clip m b hiu ng, chn Delete. Copy hiu ng trn clip Kch chut phi vo ng mu hng trn clip m b hiu ng, chn Copy. Hiu ng chuyn cnh a. Mi ni gia 2 clip hnhK xo chuyn cnh c. Vng cha cc chc nng iu chnh Font ch,c ch, ch m, nghing, la cc kiu ch c sn. Vng cha cc chc nng chnh dn, dyca ch 3.

Liquid 7.2 tutorial pdf avid

Vng cha cc Font ch mu c sn 4. Vng cha cc chc nng chnh sa mu sc 5. Vng to, sa ch. Ta ko th n vo Track trn Track hnh dng, lc ny ch s c hin trn nn hnh.

Download avid liquid free (Windows)

Qu trnh to ra clip video ph ny gi l render. V tr lu ca clip video ph ny nm th mc Render do ta ci t. Mn hnh Render ca Avid Liquid tt ch t ng Render, trong ca s Render View, ta kch chut vo include yellow slices b du nhn x.

Lc ny ta c th vo ca s My Computer kim tra li tp tin nn trc khi chuyn ln Server.

Avid DS Conform Tables V10.2 EN

Thao tc trn phn mm P2 Viewer. Mn hnh hin th hnh nh.

7.2 pdf tutorial liquid avid

Khi ta kch p chut vo cnh quayCc thng tin v cnh quay nh: Tn, thi lng, ngy gi quay a. My tnh s hi Bn c chc xo cnh chn khng? Nu xo chn Yes, nu khng chn No. Mi thao tc trn th nh thao tc trn 1 a cng. Ta c th xo, thay i, to th mc, copy tp tin hay th mc v kh nng b nhim Virus rt cao. Trong th mc ny c 6 thu mc con nh hnh di Cc th mc ny c my to ra mc nh khi Format th.

Lu : Cnh quay video trong th P2 c lu vi ui. Ti khon kt ni n my ch user.

Mt khu kt ni Password - kt ni n my ch truyn tp tin ca PTQ, phi bit: 1. Ti khon cho phng TSTH: tsth 3. Mt khu: tsth 2. Cch ng nhp vo my ch truyn file a. Cch 1: Nhp cc thng tin vo vng nhp a ch, ti khon, mt khu - Host : Nhp a ch ca my ch cn truyn n - Username : Nhp ti khon - Password: Nhp mt khu Port : Mc nh l 21, nu my ch ci port khc th ta phi nhp ng Port.