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Qur'anic Language Made Easy By Hafiza Iffath Hasan, IQRA. is a response to the demands made by students of Arabic language to transform Master Quranic Arabic In 24 Hours (Thru Fatiha & Basic Surahs) . Arabic Books (PDF) Online. This book is a response to the demands made by students of Arabic language to transform teaching notes and methodologies into a textbook. The author, Iffath. Free PDF Learning Arabic Language of the Quran For Online Live Facebook Clas. Arabic Made Easy by Abul Hashim. Downloads.

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Basic Grammar required to understand the Qur'an. Identifier QuranicLanguageMadeEasy_ Identifier-arkark://tw92d. Ocr ABBYY. QUK'ANIC LANGUAGE MADE EASY Basic Grammar Required to Understand the Qur'an Hafiza Ijfath Hasan IQRA' International Educational Foundation Part of . I am Sameena, student of Hafidha Iffath Hassan(Author of the book Quranic Language Made Easy), I am doing Arabic Grammar from.

E-mail: hadisalehi yahoo. To this end, a researcher-made questionnaire was used and accordingly an interview was run. However, the book did not get high evaluation in some issues. Introduction Teaching of English for Specific Purposes ESP has been as a separate activity within English language teaching ELT and has been regarded as an approach which is widely used over the past three decades. There are numerous definitions for ESP but all of them emphasize how teaching of ESP develops appropriate procedures to learners whose main goal is not only learning language but also learning English for a specific purpose. These goals may be educational, professional, or personal.

It has been mostly adopted from Litz ; however, the researcher made some modifications. It was translated using back translation method from English to Persian back to English. Two university professors checked its content and face validity and then it was piloted on 2 students and one teacher.

The book consists of eighteen units. Each unit includes reading passages and different activities such as language practice, comprehension exercises, true and false, multiple choice, 52 www. Most parts of the book emphasize the reading skill. No listening exercises have been provided; and this book has not been equipped with charts, figures, tables and color pictures.

At first, the researcher talked with the participants about the study for a few minutes and made them aware of the processes they were supposed to go through. Then, the questionnaires were distributed among the participants and the required data were collected.

Next, in the qualitative part, the book was evaluated through an interview. The participants were asked to give their perceptions of the course book and their needs. Results indicated that the textbook relatively meets the language and learning the needs of the learners.

The lack of needs analysis is the main reason for unsuitability of many ESP textbooks. In many cases, needs analysis has not been conducted before the course begins so that there is not enough information about the students for whom the textbook is provided. Maybe the materials developers and writers do not have the intended audience in their mind while writing the textbook; therefore, they do not have any predetermined guidelines to follow them for all the courses.

Learning English as international language, using English to propagate religion, learning adequate specific and practical vocabulary and learning to speak, read and write English articles, as mentioned by most of the students, what they seek to achieve at the end of the course. Although as Celce-Murcia stated, textbooks are for students and should meet their requirements. As students believed they were exposed with lots of specific and difficult words which can be beneficial for their academic goals such as M.

At the end of the course, their language skills and sub-skills should be improved to some extent that their needs be fulfilled.

Quranic Arabic Made Easy

As they believed, one semester is really a short time for such students that mostly do not have any background knowledge of English and are overload with lots of English materials and it is not practical to fulfill all their requirements. The participants were pleased with the book although they mentioned some points which should be considered by material developers.

To provide an appropriate and suitable textbook for learners, different issues should be taken into consideration like the background knowledge and English level of the learners. In spite of passing a general English course, students still thought that they were dealt with difficulties that could not cope with. Some participants mentioned the problem of supplementary materials.

These materials can help students to improve their English and learn the textbook contents even better. But the course suffers from lack of it. ESP textbooks should arouse the interest of the students and be motivating. One of the techniques which can be used to achieve this goal is to use pictures, illustrations, tasks, and authentic materials but this book is not accompanied with pictures and illustrations.

Language pdf quranic made easy

According to McDonough and Shaw , two important criteria for textbook evaluation are clarity of layout and visuals like tables, charts, and 53 www. They stated that everything is well-arranged and content is good, but students are not proficient.


The teachers felt they were effective and the method was satisfactory, but the learners preferred changing in teaching methods to be more learner-centered. It seems background knowledge and English level of the learners had been overlooked. The course suffers from lack of supplementary materials which can help students improve their English and learn the textbook contents even better. On the contrary, the textbook insufficiently focused on speaking ability.

Unfortunately, nothing had been done for listening skill. More practice is needed for improving the writing skill.

Qur'anic Language Made Easy (Hafiza Iffath Hasan)

The book includes exercises such as language practice, comprehension exercises, true and false, multiple choice, comprehension questions and cloze tests. Similarly, this book does not contain charts, flowcharts, diagrams, figures, tables and color pictures. The textbook materials should be equipped with activities like class discussion, prediction activities, skimming and scanning.

It should also foster collaborative learning. Moreover, pronunciation practice should be included in the textbook. The teachers of the book believed that the students are not very knowledgeable in English and their knowledge is confined to limited vocabulary.

Therefore, to gain effective learning outcomes, as Riasati and Zare suggested, teacher should apply the appropriate teaching methodologies and techniques to compensate for the shortcomings of a certain textbook. References Ahour, T. Journal of Educational and Social Research, 2 5 , Al-Tamimi, A. Ansary, H. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 2 5 , Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language 3rd ed. Cunningsworth, A. Choosing Your Coursebook.

Danaye Tous, M. International Journal of Research Studies in 54 www. Hatam, A. English Language Teaching, 5 5 , Hutchinson, T.

Language pdf easy quranic made

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Jackson, J. English for Specific Purposes, 24 3 , Jahangard, A.

Asian EFL Journal, 9, Jan-Nezhad, M. Samt Publications, Tehran, Iran. Jebahi, K. Jiajing, G. Designing an ESP course for Chinese university students of business. Journal of English Linguistics Research, 2 1 , It will open the door to a deeper, transformative relationship with the Quran because you can now understand the beauty and nuances of the Quran in its original language.

Best of all, you can learn this system by just mastering 10 simple keys. This system has been taught successfully to students of all ages, from as young as 8 years old up to 80 years old! As long as you have the desire to understand the Quran and are willing to put in the effort, then you too can learn to understand Quranic Arabic with this efficient learning system.

It instead dives straight into the vocabulary and constructs of Quranic Arabic so you can begin understanding the Quran in Arabic as fast as possible. Have the foundation to go further This course is designed to show you how by just mastering 10 keys, you can begin to understand more that you ever imagined was possible. Unlock the door to deeper spirituality Arabic is such a beautiful language with many nuances lost in translation.

There is a limit to how much you can understand the Quran through just its translation. He went on to lead taraweeh every year since then. Along with his education, Nihal has worked in various capacities in the Muslim community as an assistant Imam, youth director, and a Muslim Chaplain at correctional facilities and social service organizations.

Nihal used to find it hard to learn Arabic, often struggling to understand the way Arabic was conventionally taught. After studying Arabic through several modes including traveling courses, in university, the Bayyinah Dream program, Studio Arabiya, and the Dars al-Nizami curriculum, Nihal discovered a way of learning Arabic that helped him understand the Quran easily. Based on a number of techniques that helped him learn Arabic, Nihal has applied his learning journey to help others learn Arabic.

For the past 5 years, he has successfully taught over students learn Quranic Arabic by distilling concepts that he used to find difficult into basic building blocks that can be easily grasped. Today, with Quran Academy, he shares the 5 essential mindsets you need to develop to understand the Quran in Arabic, faster and easier than you ever thought was possible.

History of how Arabic disappeared from the lives of Muslims. These are also great revision material that helps you retain the information.