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Deals Spotlight: It's been a few months since the last sale on App Store and iTunes gift cards, but this week both Costco and Sam's Club have debuted new sales for anyone who has been waiting to save on iTunes credit. MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. Of course, for both Costco and Sam's Club you'll need to be part of each respective retailer's membership program to see the discounts.

The sale will last through April 21, , and you can find more information on Costco's membership program here. The multipack will also have to be physically shipped, but if you're near a Sam's Club retail location you have a chance to download the gift cards on sale in person as well.

Like Costco, this sale ends on April 21, , and you can find more information on the membership program at Sam's Club here. Deals on iTunes gift cards provide great opportunities to stock up your Apple ID with credit for iTunes Movies rentals, iBooks downloads, and even pay for your Apple Music ,.

Production will take place at Foxconn's Chennai plant in eastern India. According to an official with knowledge of the company's plans, Foxconn hopes to step up production capacity and "diversify to even higher models going forward.

News about Foxconn's plans to produce high-end iPhones in India emerged late last year. Foxconn has been considering expanding its production plants in India as a way to diversify its supply chain away from China, where most of the Taiwan-based firm's facilities currently reside. Apple manufactures most of its iPhones through Foxconn, but the latter's growing India base provides security in the face of Apple's vulnerability to rising U.

When building iPhones in India, Apple is able to avoid import duties placed on imported smartphones and their components. More production in the country also helps Apple meet India's 30 percent local sourcing requirement that would allow Apple to open its own local retail.

Eight years after separating its Messenger service into a standalone app, and five years after removing messaging functionality completely from the central app, Facebook might be gearing up to reintegrate Messenger into the main Facebook app via The Verge. The news comes from app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who found a rudimentary "Chats" section in the Facebook mobile app.

Whereas before the Messenger button would cause you to leave Facebook and open the Messenger app, Wong discovered that Facebook appears to be testing a new "Chats" area in the app. As of now, this area only contains basic chat functionalities, and lacks reactions, call support, photo support, and more. Facebook is bringing the Chats back to the app for preparing integrated messagingTip Techmeme pic. According to Wong, this means that Facebook will also keep the separate Messenger app around even after it adds chat functionality back into the main Facebook app, because they will "serve different markets.

Skype has begun testing a feature on the iOS and Android beta versions of the company's app, allowing users to share their screens during a call via The Verge. According to Microsoft, this will let users share a PowerPoint presentation with coworkers, browse dating apps with friends, or go online shopping with a family member.

ABB and Porsche will jointly develop next generation electric vehicle chargers in Japan

To see the new addition, you must be part of the Skype Insider program for beta testers, which you can sign up for on the company's website. To get to screen sharing, beta testers can tap on the ellipsis icon during a call and select "Share Screen. Earlier this month, Skype increased the number of users that can be on the same audio or video group call to 50 previously the max was This update put Skype ahead of Apple's FaceTime for the number of users that can take part in a group call, since FaceTime supports a maximum of New discounts on a variety of Apple products have hit some of the major retailers this week, including sales on HomePod and the older models of the iMac and MacBook Pro.

MacRumors is an affiliate partner with these vendors. You can download the HomePod in both White and Space Gray from Costco, and it's unclear how long the discount will last. This includes the Mid Retina iMacs YouTube TV today announced a price hike for all users, first hitting new subscribers immediately and then arriving for existing subscribers beginning with billing cycles after May Apple's policy has resulted in divergent prices for numerous apps and services on the App Store , leading to legal battles with companies like Spotify.

For YouTube TV, the company says that the price increase is so that it can keep bringing its customers "the best possible service," today including the addition of Discovery network branded channels. Eight total channels are being added to YouTube TV as of this week: EPIX is also available for an additional charge.

That means YouTube TV has now grown to over 70 channels. The base price of the service also includes 6 accounts per household, a cloud DVR with no storage space limits, 3 concurrent streams, and local affiliate coverage in over 90 percent of the markets where YouTube TV is available which is now all U. With today's news of a price hike, YouTube TV is now the third major over-the-top streaming service to announce.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa today announced that a new documentary series about his career, called "Wiz Khalifa: The series will feature five episodes that "go into the most intimate aspects of Wiz's life," through archival footage and various interviews with friends and family via Variety.

The series is launching between both of Khalifa's performances at Coachella, taking place this weekend and the weekend of April The project's executive producer, Michael Strahan, said that the team was excited to work with Apple Music on the series for a chance to "give the world an intimate look into the rise of an entertainment icon.

His mother and longtime associates talk about his early drive and dedication, even when he was performing for hardly anyone — and of course the trailer ends with him rapping the same song later in his career for thousands of people.

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You can still find these documentaries on their respective artists' profiles if you know what. This change took effect immediately for new customers signing up for Netflix, while existing customers were grandfathered into their prices for a limited time.

That time is now almost up, as Netflix has begun emailing grandfathered customers on the day of their subscription renewal, warning them that their monthly subscription cost will be going up in May. A warning will also appear within the Netflix mobile app. This change affects all tiers: In the email, Netflix says that this price hike is required to improve the service so that subscribers can have "even more" TV shows and movies to enjoy. In order to fund all of the original productions, subscription costs have now increased for all Netflix users.

We hope you have been enjoying your Netflix membership. We are writing to let you know about an upcoming change. Ikea today revealed more information about its upcoming line of Sonos smart speakers, which the Swedish furniture company has dubbed "Symfonisk" via The Verge. There will be two products in the line: It has two class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, one mid-woofer, and a sealed enclosure. The Table Lamp and Bookshelf can also be stereo paired, used for multiroom audio, and they both support Apple's AirPlay 2.

A brief ad on Ikea's Italian YouTube channel shows off both products. The Symfonisk line aims to produce Wi-Fi smart speakers that also perform some kind of secondary furnishing purpose, such as an extra shelf on a wall and lighting in a room. The ad showcases two people dancing around to music playing from the speaker, with bright and colorful lights strobing from the Symfonisk Table Lamp.

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As with any other standard lamp, users will be able to place a smart light bulb into the Symfonisk such as Philips Hue and connect the bulbs to their existing ecosystem of lights. More information about the Symfonisk smart speaker line from Ikea and Sonos is expected to come out of the Milan Furniture Fair, which takes place April 9 through April 14 this year.

The products will then go on sale in August. Vimeo today updated its macOS app with automatic uploading, giving its users a way to quickly and securely back up and bulk upload video files directly to Vimeo.

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To do this, Vimeo users on Mac can create a synced folder on the Mac desktop and drop files into the folder, which automatically uploads them to Vimeo. The company says that if the Mac ever disconnects from Wi-Fi, the upload will pick up where it left off once connection is restored.

Automatic uploading cuts a ton of unnecessary steps out of your process. No more opening up Vimeo in your browser and dragging your files in one by one.

No more sitting next to the computer and watching as the status bar creeps forward. No more losing track of which videos have been added. With automatic uploading, you can drop files in a synced folder and get on with your life.

Vimeo first launched an app for macOS one year ago this week, aimed at creators who use Apple's Final Cut Pro video editing software. The macOS app allows creators to export ProRes videos, adjust privacy settings and descriptions of videos, access video links and embed codes, and receive notifications about video activity.

Weekend Deals Spotlight: This week, StackSocial gave us a heads up that this bundle will be ending for good on April 10 and ahead of that expiration date our readers have a chance to save even more on the bundle with an exclusive coupon code. MacRumors is an affiliate partner with StackSocial.

Once there, on the right side of the page enter the code LAST25 in the promo code box and click Apply. Manage your contacts, events, reminders, and more with Flexibits' popular app. Quickly and easily edit PDF text, images, links, and outlines. Stay organized and on task with an interactive flow chart that helps manage your projects and contacts.

Track useful Mac stats like real-time CPU,. Paid Subscribers Friday April 5, 8: Apple Music has surpassed Spotify's paid subscriber count in the United States, according to sources familiar with the matter who spoke with The Wall Street Journal.

The shift reportedly happened earlier in ; Apple had more than 28 million U.

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Similar news broke last summer from an industry source, but now months later the WSJ is corroborating the report. According to the paper, Apple Music has been adding subscribers "more rapidly" than Spotify, with a monthly growth rate of 2. May you like to download another incredible software utility Teracopy pro crack. Although PDF becomes a de facto standard for electronic documents, it can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when you want to quote or make some changes.

The user can add multiple files, change the order of files, choose output settings and create documents with one click. Source documents can be of different types. You can also download Tally 9 software free download full version with key. Your email address will not be published.

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