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Thus, in this article, we are presenting to you all the necessary details about MPPSC syllabus. We have shared MPPSC syllabus PDF for. MPPSC Syllabus | Sharma Academy Providing Latest and Detailed MPPSC MPPSC Syllabus Pdf, MPPSC Syllabus in English, MPPSC Syllabus in Hindi. Syllabus for MPPSC Preliminary Exam - Structure of Examination, Eligibility, How to Apply, Examination The following table illustrates detailed syllabus of Madhya Pradesh Civil Services Preliminary Exam − To download pdf Click here.

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Name Of Syllabus Paper, Search. Select, State Service Examination, State Forest Service Examination, State Engineering Service Examination, Assistant. In this post you can download latest MPPSC syllabus in Hindi as well as in English for prelims exam. Because, you can not find all the Important resources related to this exam at one place. Download MPPSC Syllabus PDF (In English) . MPPSC Exam Syllabus for MPPSC Exam as per current MPPSC Syllabus and Notification. Latest MPPSC Exam Syllabus in an easy to understand format.

World War I and II. Reorganization of States, Formation of M. Major crops of the state, holdings and cropping patterns, physical and social environment of crop distribution and production. Issues and challenges related with quality and supply of seed, manure, farming practices, horticulture, poultry, dairy, fisheries and animal husbandry etc. Soil : Physical. Essential plant nutrients and other beneficial elements in soils and plants.

This will also include questions on Industry, Plans, Economic programmes, business, demography and census of M. Information and Communication Technology Questions pertaining to characteristics uses, and terminologies such as website, online, search engine, e-mail, video mail, chatting, video conferencing, hacking, cracking, virus and cybercrime. Second Paper: General Aptitude Test Comprehension Interpersonal skill including communication skill Logical reasoning and analytical ability Decision making and problem-solving Basic numeracy numbers and their relations, the order of magnitude etc.

Make your own schedule of study give appropriate time to each and every topic.

MPPSC SSE Syllabus | MP SSE Prelims, Mains Syllabus

Read newspaper, magazine etc. To increase your awareness of current affairs just keep eye on reading the various newspaper, watch television for breaking news.

Keep yourself up to date. Just go solving previous papers, make habit of marking the key point. Make your own notes so that it will be easy while revising at last moments. Take the help of online assessment it will be better to boost your confidence level.

Self-assessment is an important preparation.

Pdf syllabus mppsc full

Plan your studies at least 2 months prior to the exam. Questions can be asked from every nook and corner of the subject and therefore it is not all advisable to omit any chapter or area. Practice as many mock tests as possible in close to examination environment as possible.

During preparation avoid the oily food just and avoid anxiety before the exam. Water Management 3.

MPPSC State Services 2013: Syllabus and Plan of Examination

Disaster and its management 4. Comparison of the Indian Constitution with that of other countries.

Pdf mppsc full syllabus

Distribution of resources. Local Self Government, 73rd and 74th amendment of Constitution. The Panchayats, The Municipalities. Rural and Urban Local Governance 1. Security issues: External and Internal.

MPPSC State Service Main Exam Syllabus 2018 Check Exam Pattern

Social 85 Some Important Legislation: 3. Issues related to availability of curative health to all. Availability of doctor 85 Paramedical smff. Health services in rural area.

MPPSC 2018 State Service Exam

Issues related to girls education, under privileged classes and differently abled classes. Welfare programmes - Welfare programmes and Issues related to eAged people, Differently able people, Children, Women, Labour, Socially deprived Classes and Displaced groups of developmental projects.

State Public Service Commission. Training and Training Institutions of State and Centre in context of changing governance pattern. International Organizations Science and Technology 1. Science 1.