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This is a ebook on astrological conjunctions and the methods to study them. The book contains information on how to exactly study each conjunction. It also has. Documents Similar To Astrology at the Speed of Light(1) Kapiel Raaj Lessons. Aspects in Vedic Astrology – Ojha Family. Mahadashas the Speed of Light - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Mahadashas at speed of light. to any sign, conjunction or aspect.

If Jupiter in Libra ascendant rules the 3rd, and 6th house while it's sitting in the 10th house; it will also bring about situations related to 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house which is family, wealth, speech, children, education, long distance travel, higher education, father, friends, gains, hopes, desires and organizations. If Saturn MD is operating then regardless of its placement it will bring about situations related to 6th, 8th and 12th house which is debts, diseases, transformation, occult, secrets, bed pleasures, foreign lands, isolation and dealing with the outer world. The house which the planet rules in the horoscope will become the focus of life. In astrology the planets rule zodiac signs. Most rule 2 signs each while the Sun and Moon only rule one sign.

This means the Sun must be between 20 degrees all the way to 3. Vishaka nakshatra is ruled by Jupiter. We now have to look for the placement of Jupiter. Let's assume Jupiter is sitting in the 9th house. What does this mean? This means, the person will not only deal with issues with the father, power struggles with siblings while pursuing traveling related to contracts, business partnerships or creativity, but the person will be seeing the effects of the 9th house and may travel to a long distance place for religious, educational or work purposes.

What is happening is the Sun starts to act like Jupiter but in a more Solar way. Imagine the Sun wearing the outfit of Libra but has the undershirt and underwear of Jupiter; internally he feels philosophical, spiritual, and like a teacher.

In Sun MD the person will find a guru either in a long distance place, ashram or at their university. I will also add that I tend to mash the KP Astrology method while reading the result of the dasha lord.

The dasha lord is set to give results of the houses of the nakshatra lord it sits in including where the nakshatra lord is placed. For example: If Jupiter is in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra in the 1st house that means the nakshatra is ruled by the Sun. Let's say the Sun is in the sign of Virgo in the 9th house while the Sun rules the 8th house. Jupiter in it's dasha will give results of 12th, 3rd, 8th and 9th house through the 1st house placement.

Try this and you will never fail. The same analysis can be used for antar dasha, pratyantar , sookshma and prana lord dasha. The pada of the planets shows the time of major results. Each planet sits in a certain nakshatra in a birth chart but each nakshatra has four padas. Padas are important determining factors in understanding how long the native's first MD will be and when the trigger point of the planetary MD will be felt.

If you were born with the Moon in Leo, in the 4th pada of Magha nakshatra, this means you started your life from the end point of Ketu MD. If you were born in the 2nd pada of Magha nakshatra, then you would start your life from the middle of Ketu's period of 7 years. But knowing which pada each planet is placed in will show at which point the planet will give his or her results at its maximum. If you are running the MD of Jupiter in your life, look at Jupiter in your birth horoscope and see which pada it's sitting in.

For example, lets say Jupiter is sitting in pada 2 of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra while you're running your Jupiter MD from the age of Knowing the Jupiter period is of 16 years, you will really feel the effect of that Jupiter in the horoscope towards the end of 16th year, or perhaps from the year period when you will be 41 to Depending upon how Jupiter is situated, these results will either be felt positively or negativity.

Day birth vs. Night birth 21 Being born during the sunrise or sunset will cause different planets to gain strength. This is a little different than the Sun or Moon hora concept. If you are born during the day or before sunset then the Sun, Venus and Jupiter become strong regardless of their placement in the horoscope.

If you are born after sunset, then Moon, Mars and Saturn become strong. If you're born during sunrise or sunset then Mercury becomes strong. This will impact the implication of MDs for the native. As an example, if you are going through your Saturn MD and you are born between sunset and the next sunrise then Saturn naturally becomes strong. From 7pm to 4 am Saturn is naturally strong. This doesn't mean if you are born in day time Saturn is not strong, but there is a natural strength and accumulated strength through sign, house, nakshatra, varga and ashtakavarga.

If you are born between Sunrise to Sunset as in 6 am to 6 pm then Sun, Jupiter and Venus naturally become strong.

Even if Venus is debilitated it's capable of finding strength within itself to love, and have selfless devotion. However if Venus does not have accumulated strength as per the house, nakshatra, varga position Venus will still have the ability to win and reach its highest of purity through native's own will power.

When I see someone born at night I know they have to work extra hard to work on their confidence, self-esteem and ego due to Sun naturally being on the dark side. Even an exalted Sun will have a tough time exposing its strength at first, but over time they come out shining.

Mercury is naturally strong during Sunrise and Sunset because logically you can see Mercury during these early and late afternoon time with your telescope if it's rotating in front of your horizon. Mercury also represents change of time due to its dual 22 nature since Night transforms into Day and visa versa; summer turns into fall and spring turns into summer which are controlled by Mercury's zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo due the transit of Sun during these months.

Aspects of the planet becomes active Whichever planetary MD you are running through all of its aspect become activate. In astrology all physical planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have 7th aspect meaning they look directly opposite to their placement in the house. When their MD runs that particular aspect becomes active and alive. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu have special apsects.

Mars - 4, 7, 8 as in Mars will always aspect 4th, 7th and 8th place from itself. Jupiter 5, 7, 9 aspect. Jupiter will always aspect 5th, 7th, and 9th place from wherever he sits. Saturn 3, 7, 10 aspect. Saturn will always aspect 3rd, 7th and 10th place from itself where ever it sits. Please read my book Aspects the speed of light to understand aspect and they work. If you are running through 16 year period of Jupiter and Jupiter is sitting in the 2nd house in your horoscope then it will always aspect 6th house, 8th house and 10th house.

All aspects are counted counter clock wise. If you have a profession. But I do not want to know what you want to do because that is my job to showyou what your chart is built to do.

Please only write no more than lines regarding your career, Due to the enormous amount of emails that I get on all my email avenues please ask me all post consultation questions a head of time while sending your information so this way you are not waiting for answers and being frustrated and I am not lagging behind.

This way both you and I will be calm and happy. Everything mentioned below will come on the 27th day including PDF report and books so please do not keep eamiling me about where are the books and report. You will get a minute mp3 audio from me about your career paths and how current time periods are bringing oppurtunities for you.

Do not send emails without your information below. You will get an auto email from me explaining the exact procedure of how and when you will get your consultation. Please look out for the auto email in your inbox or spam folder. Do not send order through my webiste contact section; they will be lost. Use the email address as advised. As Nakshatra fully activate by age of 28 and some by 36, 42 and If you are younger than 28 you can get the reading but mostly you will resonate with the reading later in your life.

This is not a full consultation. This is a reading where we will discuss your Naksahtras and how they are operating in your life for about 20 minutes. They take authority over children. If one tries to have a child in the Sun period they most likely get a son or a very dominating off-spring.

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The Sun's aspect on the 11th house shows that one will gain through their knowledge and they will dominate their network circles and elder siblings. They will also dominate their son or daughter in-law through their knowledge and charm.

Through authorities and government one can increase their investments. In the MD of the Sun in the 6th house one is inclined towards public service and especially to authorities in government. This period of the Sun will show that one finds tremendous interest in serving the poor, helping the needy and dealing with illnesses of the father or themselves.

They will finally tackle their enemies in this period and the solar brightness will expose who their enemies are. The person will suddenly find that their ego and pride comes from public service and serving humanity in general. The Sun's aspect on the 12th house shows that one wants to attain spiritual knowledge and enlightenment through their work.

They want to do something that will fulfill them spirituality and not monetarily. The native also wants to travel to distant places for self fulfillment and for government purposes. No matter what the sign placement is of the Sun here, one will always have heated battles with the opposition, their business partner, and spouse.

This is mainly due to the fact that the Sun is setting at the time of your birth. The 7th house is the house of the setting Sun, and here the Sun is losing it's power and positive quality. But one will always brighten the positive quality of their spouse due to the Sun's bright rays. The Sun's aspect on the ascendant shows one is trying to perfect their image in this MD through other people and their spouse.

They love to overtake other people to make themselves look great. One is quite attentive to the health of the body and its look during this period and wants their image to be that of a king. A weak Sun will show that one relies on their external beauty and material wealth to develop their ego. Extensions of their self will be involved in secret projects, occult interests, and investigating hidden truths.

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There could be a discovery of treasure left by the father or government. This period brings great transformation into ones personality, soul and ego. They either find their hidden ego and passion during this time or their father may try to hurt their ego and dig a 6 feet grave for it this is why such people shy away from public life during this time.

This is the time to look inwards and shine the inner light outwards. The solar aspect on the 2nd house shows that one will look to their family as a source of light, joy, and happiness. Family assets are also attained during this time period but mainly the person wants to experience the lighter side of life through their family which becomes the source of exterior image. One earns or throws away money given by the government or father depending upon the condition of the Sun in the birth and divisional charts.

Great involvements of the father in one's spiritual and religious progress could occur. They may find themselves becoming an authoritative figure within their religious roots or government. There is great involvement with religious pilgrimages during this time with or without the father. Their rank in spiritual and educational fields increases while they find overall good times in all areas of life.

One will also be curious about becoming a leader in common society or local society; or with becoming the head of some educational institution. The Sun's aspect on the 3rd house shows that one finds that it's their duty to preach and teach their younger siblings and friends. They want to give authoritative direction to other people by what they have learned in their life. Sun periods will show gaining kingship over information becomes important, as well as short distance travel.

One wants to be respected and admired by other "authorities". Their career brightens up and brings fame from all around the world, if not from the local community. The Sun being at its highest position here in the sky shows one's ego is well attained and doesn't have to be over powered to show its power. This is a natural leader who doesn't have to do too much to have the other know they are in charge. One finds great positive attention from the government if the Sun is nicely placed, and may also become executives at such times.

In youthful years this can show great achievements in education and being the leader of their class. The Sun's aspect on the 4th house show sudden love for the homeland, military, mother, and childhood friends. They somehow overtake authority within their home and express great amounts of positive leadership skills.

They also find that they have to solve political issues within the family or especially the mother's side. One will be meeting and greeting lots of authoritative senior boss-like figures. They will be receiving recognition for their achievements if the native is working in government or working a business with the father. There are gains that can come in this period from the government; as in someone getting a huge tax return on previous taxes, or receiving a grant from the government.

In such periods the father himself will get tremendous amounts of gain and prestige if the Sun is well placed in the horoscope. The Sun's aspect on the 5th house shows that this period will have them taking control of their children's lives or their own education. The Solar light brightens up the 5th house with its illuminating rays. The native takes an authoritative position on their education and fellow students, or one gets interested in politics. But what this aspect really shows is that father of the native will be greatly involved with one's educational decisions and creative self expression.

Here the ego will be hurt and lost, and through this will discover its true self. This is known as a marna karka position of the Sun where the king goes to lose his kingship. This time period for the native will take them into isolation and towards discovering their soul which is without the jacket of ego. One finds themselves going to foreign places to discover who they are. The native will also be dealing with foreign government affairs including corporate executive affairs.

The father of the native, if alive, will either taken foreign trips or may have to exile due to his own reputation. If the Sun is in a sattwic sign the native will pursue spiritual activities. The Sun's aspect on the 6th house shows one will want to serve others after knowing their ego is an illusion, the native wants to become a true leader for the unprivileged people.

Their is a great need for public service and service to the higher lordship. But depending upon the Sun's sign condition one will expose their enemies through which a war may start, or the native will destroy enemies after shedding the light upon them. Since this is a marnakarka position of the Sun, the native may take a leadership.

A well placed or exalted Sun will become a spiritual leader in foreign lands. They will emotionally connect with their image into the world, but also the mother of the native will be involved in the health and wellbeing of the native to some level. If not the mother then a mother like figure. The mind now is focused on ones own self-being and one's own health. The Moon being the karaka of the 4th house shows one will deal with things of the home and mother throughout the time period.

But the Moon's sign placement is extremely important. The Moon really behaves like its sign placement. But here one simply wants to be a mother to everyone. The Moon aspecting the 7th house shows one wants to emotionally connect with everyone, including their spouse. Their mind feels balanced when they hang out with other people and have an emotional connection with anyone and everyone. At this time, having any kind of disagreements or emotional set backs will hinder the health of the native.

Since the ascendant represents the head, the 10 years will be filled with emotional ups and downs due to integrating with other people. They would especially want to engage with family members. The 10 years that the Moon is operating in the native will deal with collecting and hoarding resources rather than spending because a mother always saves for its young ones, so naturally one wants to hoard assets for security purposes.

There is great interest in arts, culture, heritage, and wanting to connect with one's blood line.

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During this period one will have a soft speech pattern and will talk calmly. Emotions will charge the speech in this period. The Moon's aspect on the 8th house shows the mind is greatly interested in engaging in joint ventures with the spouse and other people and to gain through other people's money.

The native also finds sudden interest in occult affairs, mysticism, and secrets of the government. One will be extremely receptive to information, gathering information, distributing information, and to finding emotional connections through writing. There is an emotional need to connect with siblings, cousins and friends. There will also be a need to emotionally travel to different places and express one self through creativity. The mother during this time will also be traveling far away from home since the 3rd house is 12th from the 4th house, the house of mother.

Lunar aspects on the 9th house show that there is also an emotional need to connect to long distance travel, spiritual gurus, and higher philosophical learning. One will find that they need to have an emotional relationship with their father and father figures.

During this time one may be wanting to also have a child if they are the right age. The 9th house shows the 3rd house, but it's bhavat bhavam from the 5th house, so the need to have a child in general becomes clear. One will find that these 10 years will mainly be spent looking inwards into your own heart.

One may even be introverted if the Moon is forming a kemdrum dosh. Women during this time have a great desire to become mothers or grandmothers.

Issues related to the mother or a mother like figure becomes important. If one lives in foreign lands they will have a desire to go back to the home land to connect with everyone they left behind previously. The Moon here also aspects the 10th house and shows that working hard for the family is what drives one to strive. We want to be emotionally connected with people at work as they become part of our inner family outside. This also shows that interest in political affairs may suddenly arise.

The mother may also feel like being a professional during this time or may go back to her professional job in the native's moon's period. We will be very playful and wanting to express ourselves creatively. Our mind is occupied by movies, education, sports, and drama. We feel the need to make life our stage and have ourselves as the main star. Moon periods may also give a legacy to a person through the mother. There is also a great chance of one having children during this period as the Moon represents motherhood and is sitting in the house of children.

The mother during this time may become a grandmother as well since 5th house is children and the Moon is the mother. The Moon aspecting to the 11th house from the 5th house makes one emotionally want to connect with their friends and social network circle.

Their hopes and wishes will also be more emotionally based, rather than practically based. The mind has too many wishes that it wants to be fulfilled and they will get fulfilled only if the Moon is very well placed.

One will also worry about their investments and the gains from their investments as well. The native will also connect with the elder siblings in a good or bad way depending upon the moon. In Vedic Astrology the 6th house is the house related to obstacles, enemies, diseases, and suffering. In this period the mind will be attracted to dealing with suffering and diseases of other people.

Giving one's emotions towards small animals, pets and poor people. Somehow the person feels like they need to serve the community and serve the ones who can't help themselves. The mother may get a job as a nurse or caregiver during the 10 year period of the Moon MD. The Moon's aspect on the 12th house shows that the mind will be emotionally attracted towards reaching spiritual enlightenment by serving others and helping others. This quote is a perfect description of Moon in the 6th house.

One's mind will fight the light by seeing the suffering of others. One will find salvation during these 10 years when they help others with their suffering. Sure, there can be disputes and arguments with the. The Moon in the 7th house will show growing emotional connections with the spouse, the idea of marriage, as well as business , but mainly partnerships. You want to know other people and you want to attach yourself to other people. You want to know other people but also want to mother other people.

You want to listen and serve people you may not know personally. The Moon in the 7th house aspects the 1st house. This aspect clearly shows that one will feel the need to emotionally connect with their own well being and health during this time. They will want to concentrate on themselves to feeling emotionally balanced at this time.

Our deepest darkest desire becomes alive and we have a marked increase in curiosity to explore the unknown in this Universe. The mind is suddenly interested in what is not known to the self, what is not known to the ego and consciousness. The 8th house is the house of havoc and sudden events, the mind experiences great amounts of ups and downs during this time.

But if the Moon is strongly placed, the up and downs become more stabilized because the mind is calm enough to understand that what is happening should not affect one.

Anything related to the Moon can have a sudden transformation. I've seen people whose mother went from being a real estate broker to a yoga teacher during Moon MD since the mother is ruled by the Moon. The Moon's aspect on the 2nd house shows one will start to value secret information. One will be drawn to connect with family members after having a transformation. They will relate to their family in a different way then they did before.

Their love, emotions, and needs will be much stronger and more intense during this time. In the MD of the Moon in the 9th house, this will bring about a great broadening of the mental horizon. One will experience the expansion of mind, body and soul. There will be long distance traveling and even the mother herself could travel to a far away land. One will be curious to know about other cultures and want to understand higher philosophies of life.

One will come across motherly figures who will be highly educational and philosophical and one can even have experience with a feminine goddess. The Moon's aspect on the 3rd house shows that one will be emotionally attached to their friends, siblings, and will want to communicate with them regarding their higher experiences. They will feel the need to share the information with people they know and possibly through writing and teaching. One will be dedicated to providing service to people of the community or government, and to their overall well being.

Opportunities related to milk, water, sailing, nursing, arts, nourishment, nursing homes, cooking, and hospitality will arrive in the native's life. There can also be professional achievements or a downward spiral for the mother and the native depending on the condition of the Moon. The Moon aspecting on the 4th house shows emotional needs to connect with the home and to nourish people within the home through work life.

One will be able to feel balanced in mind by taking care of the people at home through professional achievements. This aspect will also bring strong desires for a political career and to serve the people of ones homeland. The Moon being another karaka for government shows great interest towards local government affairs.

The mind will get all its hopes and wishes fulfilled through some mother-related or self desires. This is where one will have great emotional connection with the elder sibling. Situations related to an elder sibling will come up or there will be invitations to many networking parties.

The 11th house is also the house of professional achievements, and this shows one will be recognized for their work and customer service skills. The Moon's aspect on the 5th house shows that this time of 10 years will be either filled with games, fun, joy, happiness from children and students; or one of emotional frustration, and lack of concentration on studies and children. The Moon will try to find the loving connection with one's children or sports due to the desires the mind holds in the 11th house.

This time period can surely bring a child into one's life; or there will be a lot of interaction with children of all ages. If the Moon is in a movable sign then one is surely to either travel a lot in the 10 years or settle down parentally abroad. The mother, too, will travel a lot during this time. The mind will have a great need to be alone and be by itself. They may indulge in reading books, writing, doing spiritual retreats, or simply to just not do anything of a worldly function or quality.

The 12th house is also hospitals, jails, asylums, monasteries, and spiritual sanctuary. The Moon aspecting to the 6th house shows that there is a great emotional need to connect with small animals, pets, non-profit organizations, solving disputes with enemies, or dealing with taking care of other people's illness and diseases.

Mercurys period of 17 years in the first house will bring about a desire to attain higher education, learn a new skill, or wanting to mass communicate and teach. This period will also bring about many social opportunities including relationships as Mercury loves to mingle with other people when it aspects the 7th house of other people. The whole point of this dasha will be to improve one's communication, and to manage one's health, wealth and psyche.

You will also be heavily influenced by either siblings, cousins or friends regarding all your major decisions. Mercury's 7th house aspect makes a person extremely curious about engaging into relationships, partnerships, and simply creating all kinds of relationships in their lives. Mercury is never exalted or debilitated, Mercury is always curious.

This is one thing about Mercury people do not realize.

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Mercury is so curious that it enjoys being debilitated because it loves the experience. There will be more opportunities to speak, talk and counsel people in your family.

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Since the second house shows family, wealth, and culture; the individual will be highly interested speaking, talking, and negotiating their way into increasing their wealth via family. There is interest towards writing, and even singing with such a Mercury. There is going to be great focus on managing debt as naturally Mercury rules the house of debt.

The person also has a very youthful face during this period will do whatever they can to look youthful and young. If Mercury is being aspected by Mars or a hot planet then pimples and acne will also appear. This is the original house of Mercury, where he feels comfortable. There is an urge to find all types of information during this period.

Astrology at the Speed of Light(1)

One is always becoming a part of gossip, chit chat, and having a communicative time with near and dear ones. This period of 17 years will force you to travel a lot locally and long distance, while also working with your hands in terms of writing and doing technical work. Your communication with siblings will be very verbal; whether of the negative or positive.

For that we have to see the entire chart and influence of other planets on the 3rd house. For example, if Mercury, Mars, and Ketu are in the 3rd then one will curse a lot during this time, fight with their siblings, and always look to pick battles with others. This is also the house of athletes and one will surely be interested in playing sports and games during this time.

Mercury's aspect on the 9th house will bring interest towards higher learning, reading books, philosophy, and perhaps forming a better bond with father and father-like figures. One will also come across astrologers and guides in their life. They will be very.

If Mercury is in the 4th house in a friendly sign they will feel very comfortable with improving communication within the home, and in dealing with business matters of home, property and land.

This time the person's heart will want to connect with people they have lost contact with as the 4th house is our heart, love, and what makes us feel comfortable. Mercury doesn't always like being in the 4th house because its natural tendency is to communicate with masses of people rather than just folks inside of four walls. But at the same time, Mercury is a planet that adapts, adjusts and enjoys every scenario. In this period of time we can now say in that you will enjoy making connections from the privacy of your own home through social media networks.

You will have great times meeting, talking and communicating with people from the privacy of your own home, rather than to go out in the world and try to find people who are alike. Mercury will be dealing with many people professionally, but such dealings would happen behind closed doors and in privacy.

Even though Mercury sits in the 4th house, he is always looking outside the window and talking to people passing by on the street. Mercury keeps his ear on what is happening outside but enjoys the comforts of home. Mercury in the 5th house will bring great passion and enjoyment towards speculative business, stock markets, learning, teaching, and having many romantic experiences.

This Mercury loves to write in a creative form such as movie scripts, poems, and songs. This 17 year period will bring many creative interests in a person's life. Even investments are a creative process which not only require study and analysis which Mercury also represents , but also to use the creative wits to foresee the rise and fall of a stock. The person will also be curious about being informed on political agendas of the country they live in; including interest towards learning mantras, astrology, and numerology.

If single or just. In adult or mature stages such a person will make sure their children are well fed with knowledge, information and participating in fun games. From this point Mercury aspects the 11th house which shows one has a lot of desires they want to fulfill. There is certainly more interest towards increasing ones network circle and engaging and connecting with an elder sibling.

There can also be gaining through one's uncle from the father's side. If Mercury is a lord of a good house in the horoscope then the individual will gain quite a bit in speculative business. Mercury's 6th house position will have a person managing and dealing with debts of society or oneself. They will become more practical about their work and communication as well as become more political, social, and like a voice for underprivileged people.

There will be lot of interaction and communication with servants and everyday folks just making a living. The person will. There is eagerness to learn about improving health and diet. During youth the person will be interested in diet and nutrition studies or studies related to the nervous system. This is the best place, where Mercury acts at his highest form and becomes a great manager and supervisor.

Mercury aspecting the 12th house shows their service to others will encourage them to enterprise in foreign lands. For 17 years Mercury will have a person bound by a routine of everyday thinking, analysis, and management, which will also lead Mercury to run towards exile to find peace in an isolated foreign place. Mercury for 17 years here will have you deal with finding diplomacy in relationships, marriage, and business partnerships.

The whole focus will be towards spouse, business, and making large amounts of network connections. This is the time when the person will come across many many strangers. As an example, a sales person comes across hundreds of people in a single day to. This period always tends to make a person engage in trade.

Mercury loves doing negotiations, trades and business and this is the perfect house to do such activities for 17 years. If Mercury is not supported by a solid planet like Saturn, Jupiter, or Mars, then one will also be very flirtatious and could have many affairs if the dignity of Mercury is not well placed.

Mercury aspecting the ascendant shows the person will go towards self-improvement through communication, relationships and business.

They will find themselves learning more and attaining more information when meeting new people. The person's appearance will become more youthful during this time or will try their best to look young via health, diet, or plastic surgery. The 17 year period of Mercury will bring great interest and curiosity towards the occult, mysticism, and understanding not only the darker side of life but also one's own psychological baggage.

One's own sibling may be either doing research study in science, be a detective in the police department, be in a tax office,. This period brings about communication in secrecy, discovering hidden information, and always keeping it quiet about what the native communicates.

Secrets are kept safe with such a person especially when Mercury is active. There will be attainment of family secrets, letters and gossip as well. This is a placement where Mercury feels like the phoenix bird, no matter how tuff the situation it always tends to rise out of it through communication, network circles and attaining hidden knowledge.

Mercury aspecting the 2nd house shows one will be secretly trying to attain family assets and wealth, and keeping themselves informed about their in-laws and spouse's family affairs. There will also be interest in managing family finances and debts. One will also attain property during this time as the 8th lords MD, or a planet in the 8th house brings about gains of property, because its the 5th from the 4th house. Tremendous amounts of communication with the father, father like figures, or gurus.

One will also become a preacher or teacher themselves during this time. This is the time to learn about higher values and to be curious about theological inquiries with everyone you meet. There is a need to publish literary work and to be heard across a distance. The native will engage in learning about the law, religion, and philosophy on a personal basis.

The native's siblings will be traveling to long distances and the native themselves will travel quite a bit for learning experiences.

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Mercury aspects the 3rd house, so there is a great need to communicate with near and dear ones regarding what the native is learning. They are eager to write and share their higher knowledge with others, especially their siblings. These folks love to communicate like a Politician or a corporate PR professional. There communication during these 17 years will always be about how to gain status in career and society.

Each sentence and syllable will be devoted towards improving one's condition and climbing the latter of success. Most of the time this period yields a position in management, teaching, communication, marketing, or law.

Mercury loves to showcase his communicative and literary ability and the person is inclined towards a career where such things can happen. Mercury aspecting the 4th house will also transform the native's communication towards family and home. They will be more focused, disciplined, and practical in handling the matters of the home. There is also a curiosity towards bringing professional people and that life into a home environment. You will be more inclined towards inviting your co-workers and bosses to home for a conversation, compared with any other time in your life.

There will be business dealings done with the elder siblings that will benefit the native's children. There will be a major focus on communicating in a large organization or corporation; or perhaps becoming a marketing professional or sales manager.

The communicative pattern of a person will always be in regards to making social friendships. They will have more enthusiasm towards arranging parties and events where they can increase the phone numbers and email addresses in their contact app. If a person has kemdrum dosh, or Mercury is debilitated, Mercury will simply love to be part of an organization where there skills can be utilized from behind the scenes in written form.

There is much more appreciation for the market place and financial institution. Mercury's aspect to the 5th house shows one's desire and networking will lead to romantic encounters with many, fulfilling desires of their children, attaining connections to help in speculative business, and to increasing their education.

There will be a need to have more fun and games in the life of the native. One may also do business dealings with the spouse of the elder sibling.

When Mercury MD runs from the 12th house the native will experience travel to foreign lands due to education, work conferences, and business dealings. One's communication will become very private or will only occur amongst people of foreign lands. The native will find themselves retreating to an isolated place to express themselves communicatively. This also shows a natural born writer.

Astrology at the Speed of Light(1)

A write needs to be isolated to communicate with the entire world and this is the perfect position for such ventures. Skills of hands will be used in places like scientific laboratories, hospitals, asylums, jails, and any place that is isolated from rest of the world. One's analytical mind works best when left alone or it only works through divine creative imagination.

There are many opportunities to seek bed pleasures or become part of a spiritual organization. Mercury's aspect on the 6th house shows one wants an everyday routine of writing, speaking, and blogging for their everyday living.

They also want to be a voice for social welfare and social. They want to help pets, small animals, or manage other people's debt.

This aspect can make a great accountant as working with numbers and crunching numbers happens from behind the scenes. The job of an accountant is to be the invisible financial force in a business. With Venus in the 1st house, for 20 years the native will concentrate on their appearance, body, status, finding admiration from others, and wanting to look beautiful. They also look for appreciation of others as the Venus nature is now becoming part of the native's nature.

Relationships, encounters with many women for both men and women is expected; this does not mean they will all be sexual, it simply means more interaction with women or feminine personalities. Being the natural karaka of luxury, wealth and arts, the native indulges in activities where they will seek immense pleasure through material wealth and relationships.

If Venus is well placed as in exalted, in own sign, in Pushkara Navamsa, or Pushakra baga, or even Vargottama, the native will attract people to themselves along with wealth.

Venus can be debilitated and one will find success if Venus is at 28th degree of its debilitation. Debilitated Venus may bring some hard times in. Venus aspecting the 7th house brings a love nature towards meeting other people and strangers with whom the native can have a harmonious relationship with; which may even lead to sexual encounters.

The 7th house is a mirror of ourselves and shows one will only seek things related to Venus's condition, a good Venus will make the native seek beautiful, compassionate, and balanced people. In bad condition one will be attracted to harsh, rude, extra sexual and rude personalities. When our values, which is Venus, are in bad condition, we will seek those types of conditions to feel balanced.

Venus in the second house for 20 years will bring great love of being near the family, enjoying family assets, wealth, food, and love. There will be a great need to indulge in eating sweets, wine, collecting art, or earning money through art, art galleries or.

The native's voice is very soft and smooth if Venus is not being aspected or conjunct a malefic. Money and wealth may come fairly easy if the rest of the circumstances are met correctly. The earning of the native will mainly be through currency, art, pleasure, leisure, food, or media. They will need to have a sense of comfort and love from the family more during this 20 year period.

Your spouse during this period will also be more attached to your family than her or his own. Wealth through the spouse is also seen if one is married on time or goes through the dasha of Venus in their young adulthood. Venus aspecting on the 8th house will bring harmony and lovable relationships with in-laws and a sense of comfort in their company. There is a secret tendency to enjoy and receive other people's wealth, and interest hunts for buried treasure.

If Venus's dignity is damaged one might have secret affairs with someone in the spouse's family or be addicted to secret sexual affairs. Venus also brings passion towards understanding deeper truths about life than just material gains. The second half of Venus's dasha will bring interest in the occult. Why the last 10 years?

Because Venus's aspect will take time to be activated and be realized by the native. Venus in the 3rd house will surely make the native follow a creative direction in life for these 20 years. This is the house of Venus's friend Mercury, where Venus finds a playground to play in. Natives will enjoy and will have passion towards media, performing arts, writing, journalism, marketing, PR work, traveling, and healing people; healing because the 3rd house is the 8th from the 8th, which shows dealing with emergencies of people.

Relationships for a single person may feel like a train station where one person gets on and the other gets off. Relationships become frequent before marriage. As mentioned above, the 3rd is the 8th from the 8th which shows a sudden stop and go quality to Venus's energy, just like a train at a train station.

The native in their youth or young age may be gifted with a little sister who will increase the native's wealth and bring a beautiful wife as the karaka of the 7th house is 9th from itself. Therefore the activation of good luck in life will occur through a younger sister or if the native treats a girl like his or her younger sister. One finds great passion and love for study, observing, and interacting with people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The native will broaden their horizon during this time about ethnic views of the world.

There will be great love and comfort given from the father if Venus is positively placed in the chart. Higher learning may involve arts, study of sperm, DNA, and women.

This is one of the best positions for Venus to give great results.