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Not only that, but most of the facts that the sister of Quaid-e-Azam Muhamad Ali Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah wrote about her brother have also been. Rahnuma eBooks Library, Free pdf and djvu eBooks downloads, My-Brother-by- dancindonna.info My brother (Biographical studies) [Fatima Jinnah] on dancindonna.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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My Brother By Fatima Jinnah. Topics my, brother, by, fatima, jinnah, sister, of, quaid, e, azam, muhammad, ali, jinnah, pakistan, book, pdf. Fatima Jinnah Book My dancindonna.info Author, Fatima Jinnah. Country, Pakistan. Language, English. Genre, Biography. Publisher, Quaid-i-Azam Academy. Publication date. Media type, Print (Hardback). ISBN · My Brother is the biography of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, by his sister Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. My Brother by Fatima Jinnah - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fatima Jinnah, sister of founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali.

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You can enter several keywords and you can refine them whenever you want. Our suggestion engine uses more signals but entering a few keywords here will rapidly give you great content to curate. How do I follow my topics' performance? Measuring and analyzing your curation will help you to understand what your audience is looking for and how to improve your performance. As he surveyed the seething mass of humanity that sat in their tens of thousands on bare earth to listen to him, he would speak to them in a voice that showed no trace of age or ill-health.

At every pause they would shout, "Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad. Little did his people know how tired, worn out, exhausted, and how sick he was. He was their hero, and how can one blame a hero for being heroic?

Back home, in the sanctified solitude of his room, he lay prostrate in the bed, breathless with fatigue, gasping for breath. Like many heroes of history, he was at home with solitude.

But his radiating fire warmed the hearts of his people from a distance. Fortunately, he had the capacity of sleeping at will, and so the worries and cares of the day stood on the side-lines of his sub-conscious, even though they did not completely melt in the warmth of a sound sleep.

With the approach of dawn came fresh letters, fresh requests, new problems, and weighty decisions to be made. His was a soul that thirsted for service in a body that was worn out by work and ill-health. He kept up this feverish tempo of life for a number of years, inspite of the recurring bouts of fever that emaciated his body. The demand for Pakistan had been accepted, and Pakistan was established on [] August As we drove through cheering crowds on the streets of Karachi to the Governor General's House, little did they know how sick the Quaid-e-Azam was.

To his nation it was the day of their independence, to him it was the moment of fulfilment. The destination had been reached, but the journey was not yet over. A new State that emerged on the political map of the world had to face many problems of gigantic magnitude.

I watched with sorrow and pain that in his hour of triumph the Quaid-e-Azam was far from being physically fit. He had little or no appetite at all, and the best of delicacies, prepared with love and care, could not tempt him.

His life-long habit of sleeping when he willed had gone, and he passed many sleepless nights, tossing on restless pillows. His cough increased and, with it, his temperature. From beyond the borders of Pakistan came the harrowing tales of massacre of Muslims, of rape and arson and loot, and these had a damaging effect on his sensitive mind. As he discussed with me these mass killings on the breakfast table, his eyes were often moist with tears. The sufferings of Muslim refugees that trekked from India into Pakistan, which to them had been the Promised Land, depressed him.

Then there was the Constitution of Pakistan to be framed, to which he applied his mind as often as he could find time to sit in his study, surrounded by books dealing with constitutions of various countries of the world.

The problems of Kashmir Muslims, who had been betrayed by an alien and tyrannical ruler, weighed heavily on his mind. Pakistan had taken its place on the map of the world, but it had yet to take its roots in its own soil.

These were the problems of which he talked, morning, noon and night. These were the phantoms that disturbed the peace of his mind, and snarled at him like phantoms in a nightmare. A few days after our arrival in Karachi, he said at a dinner in his honour at the Karachi club. Miss Fatima Jinnah is a constant source of help and encouragement to me. In the days when I was expecting to be taken as a prisoner by the British Government, it was my sister who encouraged me, and said hopeful things when revolution was staring me in the face.

Her cons14 tant care is about my health. It is a truism that complete success is more fatal to heroic inspiration than complete failure. His life's work had been accomplished, and he had been re- warded with the fullest measure of success, but it did not dampen his enthusiasm and zeal for more work in the service of his people.

His physical strength had been sapped by the demon of ill-health, but his irrepressible spirit raised its head high, braving the challenges that independence brought to his nation. He wanted to face them courageously, to grapple with them, and to find solutions for them.

He totally neglected his health, and his coughing and slight temperature were beginning to worry me more and more. On my insistence he agreed to be examined by Dr. Rahman, his personal physician. He had an abnormal aversion for doctor's medicines, and I was never able to find out the reasons that were at the basis of this life-long habit.

Rahman, after examining him, said he had a slight attack of malaria and he wanted to treat him on the basis of that diagnosis. Quaid-e-Azam put his doctor a number of questions, as if he was crossexamining a witness in a courtroom. Not satisfied with the doctor's explanation, he refused to take the medicines prescribed.

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I am run down due to over-work. He said to me, "I will dig the mine of my physical strength to the last ounce of that metal to serve my people. And when that is exhausted, my work will be done, for life will be no more. He chose to listen to the voice of duty and to turn a deaf ear to the advice of his doctors. The individual in him had surrendered all its rights to the leader in him. So we were on the move, from Karachi to Lahore, in September , about a month after our arrival in Karachi.

After a few days at Lahore, we came back to Karachi; and we had hardly re- mained in Karachi for three weeks, when once again we went to Lahore towards the end of October.


Achievement of Pakistan had meant for him only the end of one phase of his life and work and the beginning of another phase, equally important, of consolidating Pakistan and ensuring its stability. He was not going to desert his place at the period of crisis through which his nation was passing ,and he did not spare himself.

There were clouds of despondence hovering over the skies of Pakistan, and he wanted to infuse cheer and hope to dispel ;my feeling of frustration and desolation. Addressing a mammoth rally at the University Stadium in LahorF on 30th October , he said, Some people might think that the acceptance of the June 3rd plan was a mistake on the part of the Muslim League.

I would like, to tg11 them that the consequences of any othr 41tFrnative would have been too disastrous to imagine. On our side we proceeded to implement this plan with a clean conscience and honest intentions. Time and history will prove that. On the other hand, history will also record its verdict on those whose treachery and machinations let loose forces of disorder and disruption in this subcontinent causing death of lakhs, enormous destruction of property and bringing about suffering and misery to many millions by uprooting them from their homes and hearths and all that was dear to them.

My Brother By Fatima Jinnah

The systematic massacre of defenceless and innocent people puts to shame even the most heinous atrocities, 14 MY BROTHER committed by the worst tyrants known to history. We have been the victims of a deeplylaid and well-planned conspiracy executed with utter disregard of the elementary principles of honesty, chivalry and honour.

We thank Providence for giving us courage and faith to fight these forces of evil. If we take our inspiration and guidance from the Holy Quran, the final victory, I once again say, will be ours. Do not be afraid of death. Our religion teaches us to be always prepared for death.

We should face it bravely to save the honour of Pakistan and Islam. There is no better salvation for a Muslim than the death of a martyr for a righteous cause.

Do your duty and have faith in God. There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. It has come to stay.

My Brother

The emotion of the occasion, aggravated by the sufferings of his people, had worn out not only his body, but also his spirit and soul. He was once again in bed, laid up with exhaustion and a mounting fever. In the meantime, the pace of work of the Government of a country that had just emerged, and that was starting its work from scratch, went on increasing from day to day.

Files were pouring in, ministers and secretaries came to seek his advice, and peace and rest were impossible.

He oscillated between weeks of work and days of rest. He would not let them down and, in order to fulfil a promise that he had made, we went in April to Peshawar, where a heavy programme awaited him. In his address to the students of Islamia College on 12th April, he said, On this occasion the thought that is naturally uppermost in my mind is the support and help that the movement for the achievement of Pakistan received from the student community, particularly of this Province.

I cannot help feeling that the unequivocal and unmistakable decision of the people of this Province to join Pakistan, which was given through the referendum held last year, was helped considerably by the contribution made by the students. I take particular pride in the fact that the people of this province have never and in no way lagged behind in the struigle for freedom and achievement of Pakistan.

India had retained military equipment that according to understanding arrived at the time of partition had to come to Pakistan, and our Air Force was without adequate aircraft and equipment. On that occasion, he said, I know also that you are short of aircraft and equipment, but efforts are being made to procure the necessary equipment and orders for modern aircraft have also been placed.

But aircraft and personnel in any numbers are of little use, unless there is a team spirit within the Air Force and strict sense of discipline prevails. I charge you to remember that only with discipline and self reliance can the Royal Pakistan Air Force be worthy of Pakistan. He met 15 MY BROTHER many of them, mixed freely with them, and in an informal talk to them he said, The first thing that I want to tell you is this, that you should not be influenced by any political pressure, by any political party or individual politician.

If you want to raise the prestige and greatness of Pakistan, you must not fall a victim to any pressure, but do your duty as servants to the people and the State, fearlessly and honestly.

Service is the backbone of the State. Governments are formed, Governments are defeated, Prime Ministers come and go, Ministers come and go, but you stay on, and, therefore, there is a very great responsibility placed on your shoulders. You should have no hand in supporting this political party or that political party, this political leader or that political leader - this is not your business.

Whichever Government is formed according to the constitution, and whoever happens to be the Prime Minister or Minister coming into power in the ordinary constitutional course, your duty is not only to serve that Government loyally and faithfully, but, at the same time, fearlessly, maintaining your high reputation, your prestige, your honour and the integrity of your service. If you will start with that determination, you will make a great contribution to the building up of the Pakistan of our conception and our dream - a glorious State and one of the greatest nations in the world.

While impressing this upon you on your side, I wish also to take the opportunity of impressing upon our leaders and politicians in the same way that if they ever try to interfere with you and bring political pressure to bear upon you, which leads to nothing but corruption, bribery and nepotism - which is a horrible disease A NATION IS ORPHANED 17 and for which not only your Province but others too, are suffering - if they try and interfere with you in this way, I say, they are doing nothing but disservice to Pakistan.

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May be some of you may fall victims for not satisfying the whims of Ministers. I hope it does not happen, but you may even be put to trouble not because you are doing anything wrong but because you are doing right. Sacrifices have to be made and I appeal to you, if need be, to come forward and make the sacrifice and face the position of being put in the blacklist or being otherwise worried or troubled. If you will give me the opportunity of your sacrifices, some of you at least, believe me, we will find a remedy for that very soon.

I tell you that you will not remain on the blacklist if you discharge your duties and responsibilities honestly, sincerely and loyally to the State. It is you who can give us the opportunity to create a powerful machinery which will give you a complete sense of security. You should try to create an atmosphere and work in such a spirit that everybody gets a fair deal, and justice is done to everybody. And not merely should justice be done but people should feel that justice has been done to them.

He recalled the days of defeat of the Muslim League in the Frontier, and then spoke of the change that came over the Province during the last two to three years. He expressed his gratitude to the brave Pathans, who gave an overwhelming verdict in favour of Pakistan.

He concluded, I want you to keep your heads up as citizens of a free and independent sovereign State. Praise your Government when it deserves. Certainly criticise fearlessly, when a wrong thing is done.

I welcome criticism. By that method you will improve matters more quickly for the benefit of our own people. As the meeting proceeded, it began to drizzle. But thousands of people that had gathered there continued to keep their seats, undeterred by the threat of rain. My brother could not disappoint them, although, sitting next to him, I advised him that we must leave. Chapter III is about his journey to London by ship at the age of He started working as an apprentice with Grahams Shipping and Trading Co.

The same year he found an opportunity to appear at the Bar examination and join one of the Inns of Court. When his father learnt that his son has joined Inns of Court and he would take another three years to qualify as Barrister and stay in London for 3 more years, he asked him to return.

He pleaded with his father to allow him to complete his studies in the allowance he had provided. In Karachi, his wife Emi Bai expired.

Pdf jinnah fatima my by brother

His mother expired in child birth. His father suffered reverse in business. He waited in London to get a cap and gown and to attend to the prescribed number of dinners at the Inn. Here he met his family and mourned for his mother. His father informed that the financial position was bad. A few cases had been filed against them.

His father wished that he should practice at Karachi but Jinnah stayed firm and moved to Bombay. First he stayed in Appolo Hotel. He got his name enrolled in Bombay High Court. For three years he tried to get work by moving in prospective places in the evening but to no avail.

One of his social circle friends introduced him to Mr Mac Pherson who was Advocate General who asked him to join the Chamber and use his library. He was introduced to Sir Charles Olivant who was member incharge of judicial department.

Thus he got an appointment as a temporary Presidency Magistrate.