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Sword Art Online Volume 12 - Alicization Rising [v2] - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Sword Art Online volume 12 pdf. Volume 12 of Sword Art Online in English. Special thanks to Sword Art Online Alicization Series on Facebook! Follow him or her on Facebook. Also if you have . wait, why only volume 7 to volume12?? why not upload this series from the links in comments) anyway, here it is, SWORD ART ONLINE.

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Sword Art Online Volume 02 - dancindonna.info, Mar , M Sword Art Online Volume 04 - Fairy dancindonna.info, Mar , M. Sword Art Online - Volume 01 - Aincrad [L1][Baka-Tsuki][SAO Archive].pdf .. Sword Art Online - Volume 12 - Alicization Rising [L2][Baka-Tsuki][hp].pdf. Sword Art Online 12 - Alicization Rising - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), so the 12th volume's release date in April but when talking about stairs.

It was the middle of December when I returned to my home in Kawagoe City in the Saitama prefecture after my rehabilitation period ended. I turned sixteen a couple of months before, but as I was challenging the fiftieth floor of Aincrad while my previous peers of the same grade were challenging the high school entrance examinations, there was obviously no school I could attend. However, there, the country brought forth an unimaginable relief measure. The middle-and-high schoolers which numbered over five hundred, out of the roughly six thousand players who returned alive from their imprisonment in SAO. It was decided that a school for all of them would be established in Nishitokyo, Tokyo from the April of , with no entrance examinations or school fees, and the qualification to take the entrance examinations for university upon graduating.

After taking out the other players in the dome, the girls end up having to deal with the remaining player, Clarence, for her remaining magazines, before coming up against the skilled MMTM team. This provides Llenn with the opportunity to make a beeline towards Pitohui, only for another team's sniper to hit her first, bringing her down to a sliver of health.

Sword Art Online Volume 12 Alicization Rising

With Pitohui passed out and MMTM closing in on their location, the rest of PM4 sacrifice themselves to protect Pitohui before she regains consciousness. Just as Llenn is cornered, Fukaziroh comes to her rescue in her own vehicle, resulting in a car chase between hot geysers that culminates in a one-on-one confrontation between Llenn and Pitohui. However, Fukaziroh manages to give Llenn the opportunity to deal Pitohui a fatal blow, reminding her of their promise before finishing her off.

After Squad Jam 2 ends with Llenn's team ending up in second place due to a sneak attack by the remaining team, Goushi invites Karen and Miyu to meet with the real-life Pitohui, explaining how he formed a masochistic relationship with her. Goushi brings the two to Elsa Kanzaki's, where it is revealed Elsa is Pitohui herself.

Sword Art Online Volume 12 Alicization Rising

Although Karen had already figured out Pitohui's identity due to Elsa and Goushi knowing details that they would only know from reading her fan letter, she is taken aback when Elsa kisses her.

Reception[ edit ] During the first half of , the series was the 11th best-selling light novel series, [23] with its first and second volumes ranking at 8th and 17th place, respectively. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Retrieved January 31, However… even with her proficiency at the sacred arts, Quinella was nothing more than an inhabitant of the Underworld in the end, unconnected to the scientific civilization.

There was no possibility of her understanding the complex syntax of the commands from the supervisor-level authority in a single night. Merely a single and enormous mistake. She thought of taking the whole of Cardinal within herself and devised an extensive command, and then recited it. She intended to steal its authority level alone, but ended up fusing Cardinal with her own soul! You, too, should understand if you came into contact with a game with the same system in the real world.

It was only when she had that face on that the atmosphere of a sage around her turned into that of an innocent, young girl of her apparent age. Writing the instructions onto her fluct light, or in other words, her soul, caused Quinella to faint and she woke up only after an entire day of sleep.

By then, she could have been considered to have ceased to be human in various ways. She would not age, she would neither drink water, nor eat bread… her only desire was for the Human World she ruled over to remain the same, eternally. They would regulate the balance between the currency, as well as the item and monster spawns, in a bid to preserve regularity. However, even a supervisor possessing godlike power would be unable to control a single factor. Could that not be said to apply to this Underworld as well…?

Pdf 12 sao volume

And, as if she saw through my thoughts, Cardinal gave a slight nod and resumed her explanation. Allow me to continue… fused with the Cardinal System, Quinella first amended her own name. To the… highest minister of the Axiom Church, Administrator. I believe he said he received an invitation from the highest minister, Administrator-sama, and then coming down to the land from the skies or something like that. It was unconfirmed which meaning Quinella had in mind when she named herself so, though.

Cardinal made a faint, wry smile at my remark and nodded. For the four great nobles of that age to ascend to the position of emperors, splitting the Human World into four empires: north, east, south, and west. Those walls!?

Volume pdf sao 12

To show the masses the power of the Cardinal System and to carve a tremendous awe into them. She wished for the people to remain devoted believers of the church for eternity, staying ignorant and naive… — Those absurd immortal walls were not the end of the physical barriers she created.

In order to restraint the various regions spread out everywhere that the pioneers resided in, Administrator set down many humongous objects. An unfellable tree… you say? She granted a ridiculously-sized cedar tree near-infinite priority and durability.

Sword Art Online 12 - Alicization Rising

In other words, that meant the Gigas Cedar did not spring forth naturally in the forest south of Rulid Village, but deployed by Administrator to restrict the villagers from expanding their livable area with its horrifying durability and ability to drain resources, an artificial obstacle. So there were still many such things around this world?

And many humans have been keeping up hundreds of years of futile effort in order to remove that…? Raising my head, the girl who called herself Cardinal looked at me with that usual gaze that said she saw through my inner thoughts. Her tiny lips moved and her placid words streamed on.

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Twenty years… thirty years later… the masses lost their disposition for progress, the nobles indulged in their idle lives, swordsmanship, polished by the swordsmen of ancient times, degenerated into a mere performance. As you ought to know. Complicated emotions assailed me upon recalling how I stared at an ant observation kit without getting tired when I was young and Cardinal, sunk in rumination with her eyes cast down like myself, spoke in a clear voice.

Something was bound to occur sooner or later.

Making free use of the supervisor commands, Administrator examined her own fluct light to the last detail… and shuddered at the results.