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Drawing made easy - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Tutorial on how to draw figure with free hand. Drawing Made Easy is another wonderful book by E.G. Lutz. I would classify it as the next step after What to Draw and How to Draw It. Subtitled. Drawing Made Easy. A Helpful Book for Young Artists; The Way to Begin and Finish Your Sketches, Clearly Shown Step by Step. by Edwin George Lutz.

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Internet Archive BookReader. Drawing made easy: a helpful book for young artists; the way to begin and finish your sketches, clearly shown step by step. A sequel to Drawing Made Easy. A help- ful book for young artists. PRACTICAL ART LETTERING. A treatise on the construction of the sym- bols of the alphabet. Drawing made easy by Edwin George Lutz, , C. Scribner's Sons edition, Hardcover.

He was the oldest of four children. His parents died of tuberculosis within a year of each other, and the siblings were split up and raised by different families in Edwin and his brother William were raised on a farm in Palmyra, NJ, while Flora and Ernest grew up in the homes of aunts and uncles in the Philadelphia area. At the age of 11, Lutz was enrolled in the boarding school Nazareth Hall , a "classical academy" where music, drawing, painting, French, Latin, and Greek were taught. The curriculum focused on drawing and sculpture. In this school, he studied under Thomas Eakins , a realist painter that has prominence as an important artist in American art history.

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Thus, having your pens graded is essential so that you can pick out the right pen for the job. Your pens are what give the lines and shaded in areas their depth and if you do download doodle pens, pigment pens typically have a metal tip. If you hold them like a standard pen, you are likely to get disappointing lines because they need to held straight upward to get the best results. I have a favorite pen that I use and the lines that it produces are consistently fine and of good standard.

The pens that you use will also be responsible for the shading quality of your images. For example, if you use simple felt tipped pen, you are unlikely to get the fine detail that can be produced from sigma pens.

These are more expensive for a reason and you need to allow the ink to flow, rather than pushing on the pen. In fact, pushing on the pen nib is something that children tend to do to get more color.

They do need to have the working of the pens explained to them so that they do not damage the tips. This image shows all kinds of different pens having been used as there are shading areas as well as areas which are simply worked with detail to give the impression of density. Remember we told you about density, this is produced by the amount of ink that is put into one area. Thus the darker balls in the image are obviously denser than other areas.

To produce pictures like this, you do need to have good quality pens and use them correctly. Remember when you are using Sakura pens, these are very much like technical pens.

Pdf easy drawing made

The angle is straight up and instead of putting pressure onto the paper as you would with a Bic or similar pen, you simply let the ink flow. There have been problems using these and these are usually because they were not used on the correct surface. Many people have tried on canvas and rough surfaces and even on fabric, but if you are going to do doodle on fabric, then you really do need fabric pens rather than the Sakura doodling pens as what happens is that fluff gets into the nib and dries up the ink, giving very disappointing results.

With the lighter pens, the lighter pressure of use is essential. Hold the pen where you want it to be, but no weight should be applied if you want to get accurate lines. Images such as these are not produced with clogged pens and you need to look after your pens, cleaning the nib when you have finished drawing with it.

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I use a piece of fabric that has no fleece to it and simply wipe the nib between uses. Other people simply keep the pens away from dusty areas and always make sure that the caps are replaced once they have finished using them.

If you do hold it in a standard way, such as how you were taught at school, what happens is that you get scratchy results and will see lines where you tried to fill in a block area with black or an individual color.

Do you remember how children colored in pictures at school or when they were very young? The chances are that there were lines that went outside the actual coloring in section but more than that, you could always see the scribble lines in the solid color area. With doodling, you are trying to produce a solid block. Moving the pen, held upright at a 90 degrees angle to the paper let the ink do the work, rather than pressing down at all and you will find that your filling in is much better quality and you produce a solid black as opposed to one which has gaps or where you can see which directions the pen was pulled or pushed in.

Using Gel Pens If the children or if indeed you start to enjoy doodling, then try some gel pens.

Easy drawing pdf made

These are great to work with and you can get a whole rainbow of colors so that you can produce some pretty stunning artwork. As you can see, Kate has used some pretty amazing color in this image and from a simple pattern of circles has created a stunning doodle pattern using solid colors.

Remember to draw your shapes first. Then do the coloring in and then, if you need to, use your doodle outlining pen to reinstate the blackness of the strings or lines as you may have messed these up a little during the filling in process. Re-doing your lines also gives you a chance to place extra emphasis where you need this to occur.

Drawing Made Easy {Free eBook} – DIY Homeschooler

Shading using your pens Shading can be produced in the same way as it would with art or architecture plans in that a fine hatching can be used. If you do have a very fine pen, this works because you can produce a hatched shading that gives the impression of lift.

Hatching is simply drawing a series of lines that make the area look a little darker. Perhaps you only need them to extend a short way to create the effect that you need. Copyright: Creative commons attribution: Diane M acKillop This is one of my favorite doodling artists and you can see gray areas in the image that are there to give each of the elements extra depth.

Drawing Made Easy {Free eBook}

This shading is very effective and you can produce that either by using a gray doodling pen or by using diluted ink or even watercolor, but be very careful. The last thing that you need to produce is bleed from one area to another. Test your work and do not add the gray until the rest of the ink is dry.

She is particularly good at making shading lift areas of the image, such as in the case of the scrolls, the bracelet and the different elements included in the doodle. It gives the image a much better three dimensional look and should be something that you begin to employ to make your images look more professional.

The kind of shading that you employ is up to you. You can also work in colors and add richness to the doodle pattern, but if you are using anything other than doodling pens, make sure that the lines are all dry and that you use good quality pens where the ink will not run when wet. This applies to using watercolor, acrylics, inks, etc. They can be used but you need to be very careful how you use them and try to go for colors which are not too diluted. For this purpose, you need small paintbrushes and should try to practice drawing between the lines without compromising the lines.

Another system that I tried out which was rather fun was outlining or drawing all my doodling strings using lead lining from a tube. This was done on canvas, but remember not to use your doodle pens on canvas because this will clog the tips.

I then colored all the different areas using acrylics and the picture was very effective indeed, although not on a standard doodle card. Remember to keep your pens clean, to store them correctly away from heat and to wash your paintbrushes thoroughly. You need also to remember that when working on your doodle, leaning on an area you have just worked can cause smudges.

These can really spoil your picture. Try to turn the picture so that you never have your hand over other areas of the image because it is so easy to make mistakes in this way and far easier to turn the paper so that the lines you have created are not compromised.

Good luck with your doodling practice and by looking after your tools and using them correctly, they really will last you a lot longer and give you better service.

These are relatively expensive pens when you are doing a lot of work so looking after them makes good sense. You will have favorites but you will only know this from use and from drawing out those initial lines, marking which pen produced them, so that you always know which is the best pen to use for each kind of pattern that you create.

Chapter 10 — Projects You Can Do With Doodling You may wonder what you can do with all your hard work, but there are a number of things that are very attractive that can be done with doodling. Often people are too busy tangling to actually think of what can be done once the images are finished.

This chapter tells you a little about the kinds of projects that you can do with your doodle drawings. A treasure chest or toy box If you gather all of your drawings together from the playroom or make sure that you have loads of tiles which are completed, these can be used to cover a toy box or to make your own little box of treasures.

In fact, if you really want to get the kids excited, why not undercoat their toy box in white, and encourage them to do their doodle directly onto the box. This can be left to dry and then varnished with a clear varnish so that the patterns last. You need to divide the box into squares so that the children know where their next design begins and this can be done in pencil. Creative Commons attribution: Dynamic Eagle, Deviant Art Another idea which is simpler and takes up less room is to paint a shoe box white and then get the kids to stick their doodle squares onto it in a collage, so that the box is very decorative indeed.

This can be given as a gift or it can be used to wrap up a gift to a friend. This kind of glue stick is ideal for the kids to use and you can teach them how it works to stick their images onto the shoe box.

Furniture Items The important thing to remember is that kids need to see an end product or they will run out of enthusiasm. If you can give them the ideas, they really can get on with it with gusto. One of the projects I set for my children was to make as many doodle squares as they could and I told them that there was a huge project that I had in mind.

I painted an old chair which was very attractive in shape but which had no antique value. Once they had done a whole heap of doodle designs, I then got them to add them to the chair using glue which is suitable for decoupage. They enjoyed getting up close and personal with something messy, but what they produced was outstanding. Each part of the chair was covered and that included the legs, the cross bar that held the legs together, the back rest and all of the wooden back of the chair, the arm rests and the seat!

I had to make sure that the paper they used for the doodle was suitable for decoupage and that the inks they used were not ones that would run as soon as they became damp from the glue.

This provided them with hours of fun and we produced a completely unique and original chair. The results were stunning and I finished them off with a decoupage varnish. The black and white of the doodle was superb and everyone commented on the chair, so much so that a friend eventually pleaded for it and the kids gave in and gave it to her. We did this and bought some of the transfer paper for the printer which enabled me to print what we wanted onto that paper and then transfer it to tee-shirts.

This gave the tee-shirts a completely original look and the kids were encouraged to draw something which actually meant something to them and they used their initials in doodle format surrounded by eight squares of doodle patterns that they had produced. I was able to resize it exactly by scanning the image into Word before printing it. One of my sons had the wonderful idea of painting up a pair of his sneakers.

They were white and before he started to draw doodle patterns onto the fabric, I had to make sure that the right type of pens were used, rather than seeing him ruin his good pens. By downloading waterproof pens with a narrow nib area, we were able to draw squares all over the sneakers and then into each square, he drew a doodle. How did we achieve a pair?

That was simple — we simply duplicated every action, doing one part of the pattern on both shoes before moving on to the next pattern. These were super and the kids enjoyed it enormously and were coming up with all kinds of ideas for different items within their bedroom upon which doodles could be drawn.

In fact, we bought a lead liner from site. It creates a raised surface on the canvas and we were not sure if this would work or not. In fact, it worked very well indeed. We penciled the string first. Then we used pencil to create all the different patterns which were to be included and these were then lined with the lead.

It looked superb, but one of the boys suggested that we add color to the image that was produced and we used acrylics because these gave good coverage and did not get onto the lead lining so you could still see the doodle work even when the design was colored in.

An alcove provided this opportunity. You have a choice of how to do this. You can simply have a plain painted wall and stick your individual doodle cards onto the wall or you can do like we did and actually draw the pictures on the wall. The background was already white and the pens used were good quality pens intended for hard surfaces.

For the coloring in, the boys used felt tipped pens that were washable. The problem with using ones that are not is that these can bleed through any new wallpaper that you hang over the wall afterward.

Wall Mounted Artwork When you get very good at the art, you may want to keep all of your tiles in a safe place and then, when you have enough, make collage of them, placing them on a large sheet of card until you are happy with the arrangement of the tiles. If you ever seen random tiling which uses very detailed colors and patterns, you will know what effect you are likely to achieve. Placing this into a picture frame to make a great piece of artwork for your home, your doodle can be a talking point when visitors ask you where you acquired it.

As you get better at the craft, you will find that this is a wonderful way to place your work on show. Many are very detailed and your design book will grow very quickly. In the meantime, your source book is getting bigger and that means more diversity in the work that you do.

Print them out and place the sheets into your scrapbook. These usually include instructions on how patterns are created and this will help you enormously when you are creating new doodles. Your scrapbook is a source of inspiration. Want to make greetings cards?

Look no further for inspiration as you will find that certain doodle patterns are more suited to Christmas or Birthdays. Making Greetings Cards To make greetings cards, download a packet of blank cards from your local art store and simply use doodle tiles placed on the front of the card once the drawing is complete. There are a whole load of ideas which are good for different occasions and your recipients will be very happy that you took the time to make their card instead of lining the pockets of card manufacturers.

If you cannot think of anything for Christmas cards, use something like Christmas tree outlines and add all your own ideas for the doodle patterns. Coasters These are a very simply thing to make and may give you a lot of satisfaction. If you cut your doodle cards into a circle and then create your design, once these are really nice and dry, stick them to a round piece of cork and then put them through a plasticizer so that your design is well protected. These will last for ages.

Gently does it. Using Doodling for Embroidery This is a very satisfying way to use doodling art. If you draw your doodle onto a piece of graph paper instead of plain paper, each of the squares of the graph paper acts as a guide for counted embroidery. This is great for corners for tablecloths, but you can also use it for an insert for a greetings card or for framing into a picture frame as a gift.

Look for patterns which are not too complex at first, and work with your thread split down into two strands as any thicker than that and you may wreck the look.

Use fabric where you can count the squares easily. If you do introduce this to a child, make sure that you choose a fabric where the squares give them lots of latitude and can be very easily seen and the work done with a darning needle.

These are just a few ideas but no doubt you will come across ideas of your own as you travel through the world of doodling. Try white on black and see what results you get as you may be astounded at the difference and prefer it.

If you need inspiration, there are loads of places to get this, as outlined in the next chapter. Here are some more images that may just give you inspiration and that can be used to help you with your craft. If you find any of them too complex, you can adapt them to suit your level of ability. Copyright Creative Commons Attribution: Pinterest Chapter 11 — Getting Support and Help If there are classes available in your area, do take the opportunity to learn from qualified instructors as the insight that they can give is very valuable indeed.

Although you may find that the detail that you are asked to perform is complex, there is a reason why teachers take on the curriculum that they do. You will maximize your experience by using their expertise to help you to create some wonderful designs.

If there are no classes in your area, there are many websites with traditional instructors and these may be useful to you. Do take note of the kinds of materials that you will need as they will specify their own preferences and to get the best from classes, you need to adhere to their instructions.

Online support and friendship Art can be a very solitary thing and although you may enjoy that solitary activity for a while, you will be very encouraged if you join an online group such as Deviant Art or a doodling specific group, where people can share ideas online and get feedback and help from more experienced doodling enthusiasts.

Made easy pdf drawing

Remember, there are no wrongs and rights with doodling. The idea is that you express yourself through your string, your designs and your overall composition and general presentation of your work.

You may even find that there are members on Etsy and site that will be happy to share their ideas with you and encourage you to sell your work. There are loads of ideas out there for how to present your work and you may find that you start to take the art very seriously indeed once you are experienced and want to share that work with others.

Learn how to sign off your work. Practice your signature as this is a very important part of art. Even the way that your initials are written can reflect who you are as an artist and there are many websites where you can find different styles and choose one that you figure suits your personality and your style of art. Pinterest is also a very good website to get support and ideas. Members who pin pictures of their work onto Pinterest are doing so to share with the doodling community their creations and ideas about how to construct them.

Be a part of the community and do your share, scanning your own wonderful doodle patterns onto your computer to share with others so that the relationship between you and other doodling artists is a congenial one and one that benefits both you and them. Conclusion In concluding this book, it is very worthwhile noting that this art can help you. It can help you with your concentration levels and can do the same for your children. If they have trouble with concentration, it could be just the craft to make a difference.

It also helps people with self-esteem issues and with being able to focus on something other than the inner turmoil that the mind often gets lost in when you are ill or when you feel depressed. If you are looking for inspiration or want to see doodling in action, then you really must visit YouTube as the variety of people who are taking part in this kind of hobby is growing all the time.

The diversity of the age range which this hobby is suitable for makes it something special. Elderly ladies enjoy it as much as children who are trying to express themselves for the first time artistically. There are some wonderful videos that show you experts at work and some of the work that they are doing is astounding. The amount of complexity placed in each image is really down to the individual.

If you browse the pages of Etsy and site you will see the potential that this art has and how enthusiasts are managing to sell their work in different formats, either as art work or as greetings cards and gaining popularity in the process. So many people have gained so much from doodling, including kids whose concentration levels were bad or those who had trouble controlling their use of pens. If you remember the days of doodles, think now of the new form of art which is made up of posh doodles because they really do look astounding.

Whether you use abstract format or more traditional and recognizable forms is your choice. Either work very well. Your first attempts will be amateur. You will learn from them and develop techniques that really do enhance what you produce. Once you have learned those disciplines, the world of art opens up to you. No matter how technologically-advanced your equipment may be, your shots will only be as good as how well you handle the camera and composed your photographs.

Unfortunately, cameras are slightly more complex than clothes. And understanding how your new DSLR works is one of the most important steps you should take before getting those studio-quality shots. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Cherry Dhote Do and try hard.

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