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The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis V. Schlemmer. from TheEyeofHorus 4. The Universal Civilizations 5. Visitations 6. The Others. II - Planet Earth 7. The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space [Phyllis V. Schlemmer, Mary Bennett] on dancindonna.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . The Only Planet of Choice book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This document concerns the future of humanity, and is the .

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The Only. Planet of Choice. Essential Briefings from Deep Space. PHYLLIS V. SCHLEMMER. Transceiver. Second Edition. Edited by MARY BENNETT. As this planet Earth is moving towards its evolutionary importance, and the reason for its existence, (for it is, as you know, the only planet with freedom of choice). Since its spectacular launch in , The Only Planet of Choice has been widely acknowledged as one of the most significant books for our time.

Schlemmer 1. Prelude I - The Universe 2. The Council of Nine 3. God and Creation 4. The Universal Civilizations 5. Visitations 6. Life on Earth 8.

We talked. The next day. He gave my to read, this book. Now before , i wrote this book. Thoughts and things i never new, but came to me , that inspired me to write about.

And i still am to day. My thoughts and what i have been telling people. That most, now have come to past. This book is for the open minded. In truth I am Tehuti. Are you one of the Nine or are you a separate being? I sit in the Council of Nine, yes.

I am one that is in wisdom that speaks to you. But the Council has said that, in communications, at times I sound not wisdom Yes. This is the reply that Tom gave to another questioner in on the same subject: I would like to ask what is it that greets me? I am the spokesman. I am known as Tom for the Council of Nine. I am of the Nine.

Whom do you represent? A higher authority above you that commands you and directs your ways? This is difficult to explain, for the world has no similar situation. But we would say to you yes, we are in connection with one that is higher, but in totality together we are one, as all the Universe is one.

Do you have any purpose in our world, any major message? We wish you to know firstly that we are not physical beings. Your world is the manifestation of creation and of the Creator manifest in your world - in the form of humankind.

You ask if we have a message for you? Yes, I do. We say to you: You have been created in the image of the Creator. This world has lost its identity with creation. What is, of necessity to understand is the going forth and creating action and deed that brings you to completion in who you are.

It is not enough to pray, it is not enough to gather groups of humankind for meditation. What is important is to act. Know that all people are pure. We are soul.. There are in actuality multiplications and more. I am the balance Each represents a portion of energy. We are one and the same. And the principle of the Nine is infinite intelligence.

It is not I. And when I say 'I'. Could you tell us. Know also that we cannot exist without you and all souls. We are collective and become one.

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You created us. We wish you to know that we are you as you are we. When you understand that. It is beyond your comprehension. We wish you to know we are not God.

Do not underestimate who you are. But always hold the light of truth of your own being.. You are soul. How did the Egyptians come to build and name the Sphinx after you? You found the secret. That is true. We are separate and one at the same time. I am the day. At times in your world people create confusion. We are what is identified [in the Hebraic tradition] as the Elohim. We give you love.

Thank you very much. And secondly I would assume that you are more of the nature of what we call 'soul' than any other thing we can imagine. We are with you always. We are of nine principles of the Universe. If I may just give you my conception of what you are like: I gather that you are pure light-beings. I mean because I am an emissary for the Nine. I was particularly interested in 'Hamarkos'. It vibrates from the body. And then could you explain the profound mystery: When you go over a nine it cancels.

In your world you have said seven so many times. In other words. We speak in this box and then we push air and throw it out. That is correct. I see. There are many who try to understand who we are. There are nine etheric bodies. There are nine chakras.

In your languages on Earth you speak in a box and then you throw it out. Then it does not come out the way ours does at all. That is also correct.

Nine is complete. Everything is nine. Nine is a complete number. Does it produce a sound which another ear can hear? It produces a sound that you may hear but it is inside. In totality of understanding we are not any of those. All of you and all of us make God.

And our language. This does not change. It reaches different degrees but it is a tonal language. At times the attempt to understand colours the truth of. There are nine bands around this planet Earth. In your earthliness. I will try to explain it in a manner in which you may understand. In this next transmission. But remember this: There are hints of us upon your planet. When we speak of what our language is.

Is that why you mean that the tonal range of your language is in Our language is produced in the vocal chords. Then came a discussion on language: Have you some method of producing your language so that we could hear the quality of it.

And one wave creates another. We are how may we say to you? As you can take a sound until it becomes the purest. I think it would help all of us enormously if you could just give us some idea of who you are in the more descriptive sense. And it creates more and more. And as it radiates out it becomes refined. We do not have a physical body. Although we may put on the mantle of a physical body when it is necessary.

Is it true to say that there are several dimensions between us and yourselves? That would be an understatement. In a future time we will attempt to explain ourselves on another level of consciousness. It would be difficult for us to describe to you exactly what we appear like.

I do not mean me.. That's a beautiful picture. And if you would have it in the colour of browns or blacks. We have evolved beyond the point of needing a physical-type body. So assuming you had certain physical energies to draw upon.

You must remember that those of us that live in this zone have come a very long way in evolving. And in your thought-process we may appear as a human. We would like to know what you look like. Because of this we have no problem in manifesting in any manner in which we desire. We are often observing. What we would like to know is something of your natural history. It is as if you would take all that was spiritual within the Universe.

We do not understand this. We are soul. We are in our mind what we think we are at that time. Then from your Earth visualize that there are waves spiralling outward.. We appear in many forms.

We are at the extent of that. We are the Universe. The Council has said do not try to put us into a box. When I say we. We are always here. Do you understand this? We exist in the zone of cold.

And it is heavy in the beginning. Thank you. It is not necessary to reproduce as it is in your place. There are only keys for unlocking portions. What part of the Universe do you work in. Is that the idea? It would be similar to that. There are particular times in your life when we do not observe. There are many interpretations and also many conflicts about who we are.

There are many. It is a like a crystal. As far as our reproduction is concerned. Within each of you there is all of the positive and all of the negative of the Universe. This is perfection And when I say this I mean there is the positive that is not balanced. There is a balance. In each of you. But do you understand that you are the balance of this? We have all of the good and all of the bad. Now the Council of Nine is in the centre.

We are in the centre. And on our right would be the world of matter and on our left the world of anti-matter. We are trying to bring those other forces into balance. Do you understand?

We have never been out of balance. Which part of this domain do you exist in. We come from the zone that is cold.

The Law of One - Introduction and study guide/overview

Because you told us once that you were neither on the good nor bad side. That's why you are the balance. How may we explain? I don't know.

What is Armageddon? We will begin at the beginning. If the two came together we would have an explosion. When we are together we are one and we are the pivot. Is that not essentially true? This is true and this is perfection. Just a word in the Bible. It is other things in the Universe that are not in balance. Matter and antimatter exist independently. And why we are the balance. If they get together there is a gigantic explosion. And we do not wish to sound as if we are perfect or as if we are egotistical.

I am making an analogy. You know. Is it not a giant explosion? That's not matter and anti-matter. I don't.. Completeness is a perfect harmony and balance between what you call 'good' and 'evil. We exist at the pivotal point of the Universe. Assume that we live in a world of matter. You understand matter and anti-matter? We never have in our world any fusion of matter and antimatter.

This is why we are the pivot. But what is truly negative. And as you see this. If you're a composite. It is difficult for us to explain this so that you may understand. It is difficult in your physical world for you to truly understand the importance of both. I will explain it in earthly terms: As each of the galaxies and solar systems within the galaxies… first I must clarify: The Universe. They cannot mingle.

Visualize the Universe with the pivot being us. What causes the great dissension is a similar situation to putting together matter and anti-matter. It is the essence.. Your over-population is. I will try to explain in a manner in which you may understand. The negative is the heavy oil. There is balance within all. I'm following. That is not correct. But if one of those stones were of a porous substance. I'm having difficulty.

It is in perfect balance. You have not understood what we have said. That makes it easier to deal with. All right. It would be similar to a giant scale. If you would take a stone for each of these galaxies. Within each of the sides there are many..

On this side we will now place your solar systems within your galaxies and the galaxies. It is only when one of them becomes sour or rotten that it then contaminates the rest. You are explaining in your world. Andrew has another exchange with Tom on duality: We do have difficulty understanding what is negative and what is positive.

If you have black and white you can have two sides. In essence.

The Only Planet of Choice : Essential Briefings from Deep Space

In actuality there is no good and there is no bad. Because of the ignorance of the peoples of Planet Earth. Here again.. Your Planet is accomplishing that On one side of the Universe. Shall we say. We are in the pivot of this giant scale. But the reason I have difficulty is that you said we are a composite of both sides of polarity. And this is true because there is a portion of divinity within each individual. It is the same as when you give to another because you believe it obligates the other to give back..

In your. The only thing of which we are unforgiving is in the denunciation of God. Remember that in you is a seed of purity and beauty. I would be prepared. Remember that as God we all carry a heavy burden but also we carry joy. But remember forgiveness.

Love is God. Because the work that conscious people on Earth have to do does not involve one or two individuals or the multiplication of those individuals. So the Earth people. And also remember that as God. And it is love that creates the energy which feeds God. Our need from you is to be loved. Are you prepared to know who God is? Even though you exist upon a physical planet and the densest of all the planets in the Universe. Your religious leaders do not understand this and do not teach the people.

Never lose sight of who you are. Do you know who is God? I know who is God in the abstract sense. In your world there are religious groups that say that God is within. But remember to forgive when there is true acknowledgement.

But remember who you are. The problem is the limits of the physical mind and understanding.

The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space by Phyllis V. Schlemmer

But what we have told you is not the same. It took me a long time to square up with this. They may say they love God. I understand I think at times there have been occasions we have been guilty of that attitude. And remember that in God all things are possible and will be done. Gently you must detach. Do you know truly who is God? Not truly.

Planet of pdf choice the only

We hold no animosity within us. It is when they begin to feel they are that part. And remember: God never fails. Remember this: May we say to you. I do not know what that means in terms of consequences.. This is a truth.

We wish you also to know that we do not have the need to be worshipped. There are many actors upon the world's stage that play a different part than what they feel. The work you humans have to do involves the Universe. I don't either. We do not like that word 'evil. You cannot equate that together. So may we say to you. And though we know that this may sound a contradiction to you.

And if there are those that say 'But we have seen evil beings'. We are beginning to get questions about the Nine. The Creator is not destructive. But you know. We are the Council of Nine that are in service to the Creator. God is all knowing and is all-seeing but there are parts of God. And before that transmission. They are not in truth pious.

You are aware that difficulties have arisen because of the religions that have been perpetrated upon the peoples of Earth. The opposition is destructive. What is the relationship of the Nine to God and to the Devil? You cannot use that terminology of God and the opposite in the same sentence. They are in truth fanatics.. That that you call by the name that you have used.

To see what you call evil does not mean that you must be evil to perceive it. It is important that you do not start. Not that God can be tested. Walk gently away from those. Have we talked in riddles? In There are some of us who have never had this problem. Andrew had had this conversation: What do you say to those people who tend to think in terms of absolute good and evil.

For what you call God is the all-knowing. I think we've all learned that lesson. You ask us what is our relationship? We tell you now: We are not God. It has the wrong connotation.? Ask them to look within themselves. Not only do people ask 'who are they?

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We have no relationship to the opposition. The whole together makes one. You must be of great gentleness. It is as prominent as fear. That surprises me. We have been reviewing our communications with you. What has happened with us is that we have learned through you because we have attached to you. The Earth is the densest of all physical.

Remember we have grown with you. We are not of the physical. And that is the same. Because you are in the physical. So I think to some extent we feel that we have made some progress in growing. I feel that blind faith is also a dangerous thing.

Keep to the purity within you. I have doubt. I don't know the physical throughout the Universe. I didn't realize that you were getting a refresher course in Earth experience. But is doubt one of the prominent things? Yes it is. Not as many as you wish to believe. Growth-potential still exists at the level of the Nine? But you have doubt. But I am learning. The Council has said I should use the word 'beyond' and not the word 'ahead. This folksy familiarity bothered me, because of my previous exposure to other channeled material.

Setting aside my concerns with the style of the communications, the basic message was very consistent in this book with the Law of One material. Topics of concern were similar: government secrecy, pollution, war, warnings about "bad" E. One of the areas I found particularly interesting was the discussions about what would precipitate the E. Basically, the explanations in this book were the same as in the Law of One.

IF we were to destroy the planet with our nuclear weapons the E. But basically, the Law of the Universe is like they said on Star Trek Prime Directive that advanced civilizations are not allowed to interfere with developing civilizations. It is explained that the advanced E. They can tweak our DNA to advance our development.

They can give us "Gifts" such as the knowledge of fire, the wheel, language, agriculture, cosmology, etc. However, once the "Gift" is given, they can not come back and say tell us how to use the gift. Which is again, a fundamental Law of the Universe.