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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 4 edition - Ning Manual, 4. th. edition ACE Personal Trainer. ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 4 edition - Ning. Pages·· MB·2, Downloads. ACE Personal Trainer. Manual, 4. th. edition ACE Personal Trainer. ACE Personal Trainer Manual (5th Edition) on dancindonna.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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this manual, this Fourth Edition of the ACE Personal Trainer Manual was written .. Active, Healthy and Happy. dancindonna.info Most comprehensive and up-to-date personal training resource on the market; Incorporates engaging layout identifying key concepts and terms needed to. More so than any other personal training resource available, the new ACE Personal Trainer Manual (5th Edition) delivers relevant tools that aspiring.

More so than any other personal training resource available, the new ACE Personal Trainer Manual 5th Edition delivers relevant tools that aspiring professionals and industry veterans can apply to the clients of today, including behavior change expertise and coaching philosophy. In addition to new technical standards for cardiorespiratory, functional and resistance training, the manual also features new information about managing a personal training business, engaging graphics that identify key concepts and terms, and essential exercise science information. Expert consultants are available via e-mail at support acefitness. Sign up to receive emails about special offers, promotions, exclusive product information and news. Need Help?

I use this as a text in two courses: It is not overly dry, and has great application to the health and fitness professions.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Good book for fitness professions.

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Personal trainers should consult legal counsel prior to training any client. Corporations can change their form, but this can require considerable time and may involve extensive and costly paperwork. In most cases, consultation with an attorney who specializes in this area can assist not only in reducing potential liability, but also in mitigating potential tax payments.

In addition, the proper business structure will enable the personal trainer to properly prepare to expand the business if necessary. In most cases, personal trainers act as independent contractors.

Personal trainers typically do not have long-term commitments to their clients to perform services beyond the immediate future. However, since the majority of trainers will work with clients at an established fitness center, the relationship between the center and the trainer needs to be clearly defined. Unlike a plumber who brings tools to complete a job, personal trainers who work with clients at fitness centers typically do not provide their own equipment unless they own the center. Another potential concern is the solicitation of clients.

A personal trainer who brings clients to a fitness center is operating in a different environment than one who arrives at the center and trains whoever has signed up that day.

The following elements are necessary to create a binding contract: An offer and acceptance with a mutual agreement of terms Consideration an exchange of valuable items, such as money for services Legality acceptable under the law Ability of the parties to enter into a contract with respect to legal age and mental capacity Legal counsel should be consulted to ensure the written form is valid under contract law before it is utilized.

A document becomes a valid contract when signed by both parties. Some personal trainers who are starting a business may feel that written contracts are unnecessary and that a brief chat and a handshake are sufficient when negotiating agreements.

In the case of scheduling clients, that is often the standard practice.

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However, a potential miscommunication or misunderstanding may result in some difficulties, as any oral contract is subject to misinterpretation by the involved parties, and therefore is potentially dangerous. In addition to scheduling, written contracts should be utilized to establish payment terms before any session occurs. There should also be considerations for issues such as rescheduling, bounced checks, agreements to follow instructions and adhere to proper techniques, confidentiality, termination of the agreement, and other aspects critical to the session.

Typically, a waiver will be signed as a component of the initial contract. Personal trainers should insist upon a written contract not only with clients, but also with fitness centers, vendors, and any other entities with which they conduct business.

The courts will not intervene in a potential oral contract dispute if the contract violates the statute of frauds—it will simply invalidate the agreement. Using valid contracts can save businesses money and mitigate a tremendous amount of time and stress. Far too often, personal trainers neglect to understand the importance of operating with valid contracts.

In addition, they often fail to thoroughly read and understand the contracts presented to them by fitness centers and other vendors. Long-term contracts should be examined with particular scrutiny, since much can change over time.

ACE Personal Trainer Manual (5th Edition) Set

A reasonable and prudent person is someone who adheres to the established standard of care: ACE certification indicates that a trainer has demonstrated an acceptable level of competence and understanding of the established standards. Since standards of care can and do change, personal trainers must stay abreast of new guidelines. A negligent act can occur if a trainer fails to act act of omission or acts inappropriately act of commission.

Negligence in personal training could occur, for example, if a trainer agreed to provide instruction and supervision for a weightlifting regimen. The agreement between the trainer and the client establishes a legal duty that would not be present if both parties were simply working out at a fitness center at the same time.

Certainly there may be a moral duty to help a fellow patron in need, but there is not a legal duty to do so absent a special relationship such as parent—child. If the trainer does not provide proper spotting during an exercise, the trainer has breached his or her duty to his client.

If the client is injured as a direct result of the breach—which often happens when heavy weights are lifted without proper spotting—then the client will likely have a successful lawsuit for negligence against the personal trainer. The courts would examine the situation, the expected standard of care, the extent of the injury, and the result of the injury e.

For example, a trainer could be successfully sued for neglecting to spot a client during a free-weight bench press omission , or for programming straight-leg sit-ups for a client with known lower-back problems commission. These actions would likely be found inappropriate as compared to what a reasonable and prudent professional would do in a similar situation.

It is difficult to determine an inherent risk of participation and what might have been caused, in whole or in part, by the actions of the personal trainer. Personal trainers should have all clients sign a waiver prior to beginning any exercise routine: Waiver or release will typically incorporate similar language included in an agreement to participate and an informed consent form.

Anonymous Hi alicia, that is impressive! The website the department of fire rescue has ACE personal trainer manual 3 edition online. Is it the same material as what I can download from ACE to be a personal trainer?

Personal Trainer Manual (5th Edition)

If not, what is the difference? Thanks for your valuable input. Rating re: The fire fighter site seemed to have the same material, but cited the 3rd edition from ace. Rating thanks! Bert Alicia, thanks for your follow up and clarification. That's a good example you used! Rating B4real Fitness is only about the Dollar and not helping others by: The 3rd edition don't even touch on the latest materials.

I have been trying to get the ACE certificate for 5 years.

ACE personal trainer manual (Book, ) [dancindonna.info]

I studied really hard, downloadd all the materials from the 3rd edition and the exam is based upon the the latest edition the 4th edition. On the day I took the exam in Omaha NE, the room next door had a class that was very noisy.

It was distracting even though I tried ear plugs. Later I made ACE aware to no avail. I had to download all the new 4th Edition materials. I disputed via ACE that the exam was based on all new materials.

ACE tried to deny the exam wasn't based on their 4th edition. ACE also states you don't have to major in health and fitness, but that is also a lie. You have to know anatomy and kinesiology. On the exam there are several formulas which you have to know and ACE don't allow no calculators.

I scored and needed a minimum of I have been working out for years and know all exercises and am known to be a good trainer but don't have a certificate to train clients.