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But in this time submissive men have been reduced to a slave caste that is hunted and sold like animals by the dominant men. Hunting for boys is the pastime of choice for men of all races and classes, and has become a billion-dollar worldwide industry. The slaves, resigned to their fate, dutifully fulfill their nature, perpetuating a culture of submission where the dominance of their Masters remains unchallenged. Until now, a young slave named Rogue, with no memory of his past and an array of indecipherable tattoos on his back, wants more from life than to be the owned property of a Master. He knows he was meant for something more, and is on a quest to discover the truth about himself. A skilled escape-artist, Rogue's life is a series of captures and escapes, where he is caught by hunters and then frees himself after taking from them what he needs, all the while searching for his answers. He is tormented by visions of death and pursued by a creature so evil and destructive Rogue knows it will kill him the instant it finds him.

Several short versions of the SCLR were developed, e. The HSCL and its norm values were published by Derogatis and colleagues in [ 8 ] and assesses symptoms of anxiety and depression [ 14 ].

Media studies

The test-retest reliability was satisfactory with a range from. The HSCL showed only modest properties for the correct assessment of mental disorders [ 15 ]. This underlines the need for more efficient questionnaires for measuring mental disorders.

Epub heldenreise

However, an almost identical six-factorial structure could be replicated [ 13 ]. The factorial structure showed an invariance concerning gender [ 16 ], which could not be replicated in later representative samples [ 13 ]. Since 25 or 27 items of a short screening of mental health are still too uneconomical for large representative multi-topic evaluations, a further item reduction was undertaken.

The five anxiety and depression items are treated as a global measure of mental health and are considered emotional distress.

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Further psychometric properties as well as norm values of this version were not available. In addition, the selected items and their limited heterogeneity concerning the indicators of global distress were critiqued by looking at the GSI [ 21 ]. The nine items singled out showed the greatest discriminant power to the average psychological distress level GSI in a representative survey.

From each scale, the item showing the highest correlation coefficient with the GSI see Table 1 was chosen.

Epub heldenreise

In reference to the evaluation of the actual clinical status convergent validity [ 16 ] , the SCL-K-9 shows significant correlations from. This speaks for the primary acquisition of the psychological components by the SCL, whereas the registration of the physical condition is only secondary.

Item number. All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information file.

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Up to now, its psychometric properties have not been clarified sufficiently as the nine items have not yet been presented exclusively in a representative sample. Therefore, psychometric properties, model fit values as well as norm-values were analyzed.

Confirmatory factor analyses applying full information maximum likelihood FIML tested the model fit. The reliability estimations and effect sizes were reported.

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Norm values as well as gender and age specificities were presented in this section. The CFA with all nine items loading on one latent factor resulted in a good fit. There was evidence of invariance across age and gender groups. Summary Based on these results, the short screening version SCL-K-9 of the Symptom-Checklist R showed good reliability and good model fit; specific norm values could be determined.

Further studies should evaluate the usefulness of the standardization in clinical samples. Introduction The Symptom-Checklist SCLRevised [ 1 , 2 ] and its short forms are the multidimensional screening instruments for mental symptoms in psychotherapy research employed most frequently [ 3 , 4 , 5 ]. The instrument includes subscales for depressive, dysthymic, vegetative, agoraphobic, and socio-phobic symptoms as well as symptoms of distrust and a general severity index GSI.

Epub heldenreise

The GSI is considered the best indicator for global psychological distress [ 6 ]. Satisfactory reliability and an almost identical six- factorial structure could be shown consistently [ 7 ].

However, statistical test shortcomings in the SCLR were observed in patients with chronic pain [ 8 , 9 ].

In addition, the allocation of the items to the nine scales was suboptimal in psychiatric patients as well as in healthy individuals [ 10 , 11 , 12 ].