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Consult Schematic Map of the Subway Network (PDF format). To view PDF ( portable document format) documents requires software called Adobe Reader. Schematic Map of the Subway Network ( KB) · Touristic Map of the Metro Network ( MB) · Metro de Madrid Map with cartographic basis ( MB). Madrid metro map online map showing the lines and metro stops for the Madrid metro (subway, underground, tube system) in Spain. Includes link to Free printer .

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Download the Madrid Underground map and get to know one of the most modern underground transport networks in the world (PDF, MB). Madrid Metro has prepared a map featuring the stations you need for the city's top sites (PDF MB). Here's the Madrid metro map and other information that may be useful for travelling through the We also have a PDF version of the subway map, if needed.

How to use the route planner map The black circles on the map indicate hubs on the metro where you can change lines to a different station. To plot your journey simply find your start and end stations then work out if you need to change or not. You can then calculate your journey transit time using our calculation below the map. You can click on the map below to go to printer-friendly version of the map. Barcelona Card Barcelona Card gives you unlimited transport on the Barcelona transport system metro, bus, tram. It can be downloadd in advance of your trip. The Transport Card can be downloadd to cover your transport for 2 to 5 days.

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Barcelona Train Zones How to use the T10? The machine checks the ticket and then marks it on the back with a printed day and time stamp. You then have to pull the ticket out of the machine slot and in that instant the turnstile lock is released and you can pass through.

Each time you use the T10 ticket you will see how many journeys you have left on the LCD display of the ticket validation machine. For using a T10 on a TMB bus there is a small ticket validation box inside the bus that you have to put your ticket in to validate it.

Madrid Metro

Take Care of your T10 The T10 card can be damaged if you keep it in your pocket and crease it. If the card becomes unreadable by the ticket validation machine due to damage, take the card to the metro attendants box and say " Esta tarjeta no funciona" Which means this card does not work. They will then issue you with a new T10 card free of charge with the respective number of journeys that was left on the old card.

Thanks due to Sudir, USA for asking the above question.

It's a good idea to have change as well as notes because some entrances are unmanned and have automated ticket machines. Some of these automated ticket machines will only accept change.

Metro ticket booths Navigating the Barcelona metro system All main entrances have a wall map to help you plan your journey. However you can also ask the ticket booth attendant for a free metro map or "mapa" to take with you. As a general rule of thumb allow 2 minutes per stop.

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Some stops are quicker and some slightly longer but over all this rule of thumb works well to give you an estimate of travel times with a little time built in for possible small delays etc. If you need to change metro lines then add an extra 10 minutes for the change. You will only need to wait 5 minutes between trains at the most. There are four versions of the map , geographic, schematic, as well as versions indicating stations adapted for the disabled, or for people with prams or luggage.

For information about a particular line, here are the individual maps of the Madrid subway lines, listed one by one:. All individual subway lines together on a single page.

On the website of TicketBar, you can download cheaper tickets for all kinds of museums, shows, monuments, attractions, and more places in Madrid. In most places, with these tickets you will not queue at the entrance skip the line.

Pdf madrid metro map

As can be seen in the Madrid metro map, there are 12 lines, stations. The total length of all lines and stations combined, is about Km.

Map madrid pdf metro

This map includes information on where the bus would stop during the entire duration of your tour. We have several different kinds of printable tourist map Madrid that you can use for free.


You can keep a copy of the Madrid tourist map pdf on your phone and laptop or carry a physical copy of the Madrid tourist map printable. This map includes all the necessary information that every tourist in Madrid should know. With the help of these tourist maps, exploring the busy streets of Madrid should be easy!

Pdf madrid metro map

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