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When the Game Stands Tall is a sports drama film directed by Thomas Carter and starring The film is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Neil Hayes, published by North Atlantic Books. De La Salle head coach Bob. Inspired by a true story, WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL tells the remarkable journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the . De La Salle High School in Concord, California, is home to perhaps the greatest dynasty in sports history. At age 23, Coach Bob Ladouceur launched a.

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By , The Streak--a historic year run of consecutive wins by the Spartans, a high-school football team from Concord, California, that couldn't be beat--was still going strong. See 1 question about When the Game Stands Tall, Special Movie Edition. De La Salle football team. When the Game Stands Tall: The Story of the De La Salle Spartans and Football's When the Game Stands Tall and millions of other books are available for. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I've never seen a better coached team at any level. I watch his Add Audible book to your download for just $ Deliver to your.

Look Inside. Jul 29, Pages download. Jul 29, Pages. Neil Hayes takes readers behind the scenes at De La Salle High School, where coaching legend Bob Ladouceur led his football team to a historic year run of consecutive wins. As the story opens, the team, guardians of The Streak, is shaping up to be the most vulnerable in years.

Neil Hayes takes readers behind the scenes at De La Salle High School, where coaching legend Bob Ladouceur led his football team to a historic year run of consecutive wins. As the story opens, the team, guardians of The Streak, is shaping up to be the most vulnerable in years. How the coaches and the players pull together throughout a difficult and challenging season to ultimately triumph is the thread of the book, with alternating chapters providing historical background on the school, past teams, stand-out players, and the dedicated coaching staff.

The book affords an inside look at the training techniques, off-season conditioning programs, scouting habits, and practice plans that produced such an outstanding team. The weaving in of these characters illuminates the nature of the competition and says much about the spirit of De La Salle and the culture Lad has created. He is a frequent guest on Bay Area radio stations, and his column is distributed nationally by Knight-Ridder wire… More about Neil Hayes. Bob is one of those guys.

They can coach any sport at any level.

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Emotional, inspiring, dramatic, and action-packed. A story about brotherhood and the endless fight to achieve greatness in all aspects of life. He strikes a nerve with me every time I hear him speak. Bob is as fine a coach as the game has ever seen. De La Salle is an amazing program. A story we need to read. A must read for any coach or parent who wants to help kids reach their true potential. Paperback —.

download the Ebook: Add to Cart. Also by Neil Hayes. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. David Epstein. Japanese Sword Fighting.

Masaaki Hatsumi. The High School Athlete: Michael Volkmar. Paul Goldberger. Mind and Matter. John Urschel and Louisa Thomas. The Real Play Revolution. Murray Howe. Dean Miller and Jake Black. The Campfire Cookbook. There had to be a story about a game winning streak, but putting it together the way this book does made it even better.

The best coaching story that inspires me to better my coaching style. If you're going to coach anything read it. View 1 comment. The best book that I've ever read on the game of football. This is the book that I use to explain to skeptics why I love this game, and I why I coach it.

A textbook example of how you can use sports to help reveal character in young men. Oct 12, Leah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Neil Hayes is the author of when the game stands tall.

The reason he wrote this book was because he was the on set consultant and the Assistant producer. There is two different plots. The first one is when they lose their streak.

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They have a winning streak and one game Neil Hayes is the author of when the game stands tall. They have a winning streak and one game changed that all. The other one is about when terrance kelly tk was shot he was playing basketball with some people from his neighborhood and they was joking around then he left and called his dad and his dad told him to get some gas in the car on his way home and when he got to the gas station he got a call from his friend and he asked him to come pick him up so he did and then he got there his friend took forever and then a guy ran up on his car and shot him Symbolism is when they slide on the field and when they hold hands.

When they slide on the field it shows that they are a team and that they know that they won the best game of their life and they got the streak back going. When they hold hands this shows that they are one whole team and that no matter what happens on that field they are going to be one big family after the game. They won't let any little thing get in between there bond as a family and that no matter the outcome of the game it won't break them.

I think that the book When the Game Stands Tall is an awesome book to read. The book was very inspirational to read. I was inspired to try out for the football team after reading this book. The De La Salle football team was a powerhouse football team who had a game undefeated record. I would encourage high school football players, coaches, and fans to read this book. A part of the book I found amazing was that the coach of De La Salle, Bob Ladouceur, had each player write down a goal they had for each game.

Coach Ladouceur did this to help inspire the players and to keep them motivated. I wish I could have been able to see how hard the team worked and how well they worked together. Coach Ladouceur taught them that they needed each other in order to win.

The first loss they encountered happened because the players decided not to play as a team.

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I was very shocked about how the coaching staff responded to the loss. They treated it as it never happened. The part that stood out to me is that one of the coaches said," it's football". They made sure that all of the players kept their composure as best as they could.

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It would be the most difficult thing to bounce back after a loss ending a streak even close to the one that De La Salle had. Coach Ladouceur created a program that was known for some of the best football to ever be played. Coach Ladouceur finished his coaching career Oct 17, Patrick rated it it was amazing. This book so far has been the greatest football story I've ever heard. The crowed found a good name for them, the streak.

But further in the book all the high schools don't want to play them. To continue to play football they have to play better teams all around the U. This is when their football career turns on them.

When the Game Stands Tall

This book was amazing, on par with "Friday Night Lights" book. I really enjoyed reading this history of local powerhouse De La Salle and the personalities involved in building their amazing football program. I enjoy learning about people who choose coaching kids as a profession and how they motive their teams to achieve their best. Sep 20, Caden rated it liked it. The book makes you realize how sports at a high school level can be taken so serious.

From the long summer mornings of lifting weights to the long night practices in the fall. I have enjoyed reading this book but it could be alot better. I would have to give it three of five stars because the the time frame can be a bit confusing jumping. I also think they cover too long of time span jumping from chapters that were in the sixties to the early s.

But the thing I do love about the book is that they give a great inside view to a top tier high school program. De La Salle High School is the only all boys catholic private high school in the county and they would be a unique school just for that. That's not the only unique thing about Da La Salle High, their football team has not lost a game in twelve years. The football program won one hundred fifty straight games from to While taking us through that journey they show the struggles during the streak and what they did after they lost there one hundred fifty game win streak.

While reading this book I realized how mean coaches can be to kids who are fourteen through eighteen years old. The main character in this book is the head coach Bob Ladouceur, Coach Bob has had an interesting path to end up coaching at De La Salle. Coming out of college, Bob was planning on being a probation officer helping out young troubled teens. After marrying his highschool sweetheart he knew he had to get out of his job either wanting to become a firefighter or a policemen.

Coach Bob said he just wanted to make an impact on others lives. Bob would eventually return back to college to get another degree in Physical Education at St. Eventually in , a previous De La Salle coach resigned which opened up the position for Bob. Coach Bob said he was not trying to build a dynasty he just wanted to coach a good football team, he said I never expected us to accomplish something like we have done.

De La Salle had some kids on their team with very special stories. Many of these kids have grown up in bad, dangerous schools and parents decided to send them to a safe private school.

One kid that sticks out to me is Maurice Drew. Growing up at his old school, Maurice and his friends wore gang related clothing. A school officer figured out what their clothing meant and his mom got the news and sent him to De La Salle. That meant his grandpa had to drive him forty five minutes every day just to get to school.

Another player who stuck out to me was described by many as dominant on the field is Terrance Kelly. Terrance was in his senior year, committed to play football at Oregon university when he was shot and killed outside his brothers house. The whole De La Salle school was shocked when they heard about what happened. If you like to read nonfiction books you will like this book. If you like sports books you will like it.

But if you like nonfiction sports books this is a must read book. The only bad thing about this book is it seems like the book skips around. I do also like how it shows the hard work behind high school football.

If you are a coach of any sport, I would read this because it can help you in many different ways. Dec 04, Nick Park rated it really liked it. De La Salle is a private, all-boys Catholic high school located in the city of Concord.

And as many of you know or heard, the Spartans the De La Salle mascot holds the all-time record for the most consecutive wins in high school football. From through , the team won straight games under the coaching of legendary coach Bob Ladouceur.

This book takes the reader on a journey through the season and shows the cultu This book covers the De La Salle High School football season. This book takes the reader on a journey through the season and shows the culture and history of De La Salle as a school and what makes them so different and successful compared to other schools.

The De La Salle team lacked the size, speed, and just about every other skill that previous De La Salle teams possessed. Despite these challenges, head coach Bob Ladouceur kept the team a family by creating a close-knit community where teammates bonded and grew together as brothers.

This helped the group battle through the challenging season, continuing The Streak which is what they called their winning streak. He believes in making his players work harder than any other high school football team and pushes them, telling them that the work they put in will eventually pay off. A theme present throughout the whole book and movie is that perfection is impossible. This De La Salle team led by Bob Ladouceur accomplished great things and still hold the longest winning streak ever.

Bob always told his players to never give up and as a result, the players played with heart and gave it their all, but even through all this, nothing is perfect. What we can take away from this book is that we should give our one-hundred percent effort in everything we do even when perfection is not possible.

The theme in this book teaches readers that perfection is impossible but instead of focusing on being perfect you should try your best in everything and never quit on things because that will lead to success and take you far in life. Oct 29, Jason Ball rated it really liked it.

This high school football team De La Salle has an implausible record of being undefeated for over 20 years. Throughout this book, Neil Hayes composes the language and descriptions to exemplify an overarching tone. A great aspect of the book is that the tone that is mainly shown in the book is a passionate and energetic tone. It contributes to the value of the "When the Game Stands Tall" is a novel based on a true story, written by Neil Hayes, that portrays all aspects of a great football team.

It contributes to the value of the story because it helps provide a sense that the De La Salle football team has to overcome adversity and stick together because their team is all that they have. I believe that without this emotional tone, I wouldn't feel a complete sense of the intensity of the sport in the eyes of the players.

Neil Hayes was able to understand the sentimental value of this team because he actually experienced this whole season up close.

With this, he uses very descriptive metaphorical phrases to provide emphasis on the ups and downs of this team's season. I personally liked his use of metaphors because they help describe each character.

In addition, all of the aspects of the life of each player and coach were exemplified which help describe the emotional side side of football. Without these metaphors, I would not have felt as if I was involved with the book, and it would be much harder to understand every quality and feature of the unity between the players. Lastly, and most importantly, Neil Hayes loves to present his descriptions of writing through imagery.

This imagery, I think, is the most crucial part to this novel because it assists Neil Hayes into making the reader believe that they are part of the team and in the moment. It is incredible how valuable the imagery is in this novel as it actually makes me feel like I am on the field, watching and analyzing each and every play and reaction.

The imagery includes vivid depictions of vigorous moments throughout the season, which also gave me a strong emotional connection with everything that happened. So, if you are into emotional, team-bonding books such as "Friday Night Lights," or if you have seen the movie "Remember the Titans," you will surely love this novel. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy any of these other stories because all of these non-fiction stories present touching journeys and the development of bonds with teammates that cannot be broken.

I really enjoyed the human elements of this story. The author was able to dig into the personalities of the coaches, the players and the school. The key elements for me were the open emotional honesty of the team to each other and the open criticism that comes with ownership.

The emotional honesty is a modern change in typically macho environments. More and more groups are finding that it is healthier to admit emotion than hide it, especialky with coworkers. This team is not adults so it makes se I really enjoyed the human elements of this story. This team is not adults so it makes sense that they can be more honest than a professional football team. The ownership model is another modern change that shows in the coach taking equal rather than complete blame for losses.

Aaron Rodgers does this too, and it gives ownership to the entire team. Now you can't expect so,eone to cover your ass freely, so you help cover everyone's ass. That collective is a stark contrast from the top-down leadership model often seen in sports. Besides De La Salle, the author does a very good job characterizing their rivals and those rivals' concerns about De La Salle. Along with all the life lessons from the book, this notable ministory is an important part of context.

You need to hear the rivals to get an understanding of what the communities are like and how they see this suburban Catholic school. I recommend the book as a casual read. It took me about ten hours of reading time. You can even read it in combination with other books, mainly because it's easy to remember your place. Dec 05, Abhijeet Sandhu rated it really liked it. In the book When the Game Stands Tall, we follow the journey of one of the nations best high school football teams, with an incredible win streak of games through the season.

The teams, led by head coach Bob Ladouceur, went through many trials and tribulations to get to that winning streak. Coach Ladoceur not only made these boys into good football players, but he made them into even greater people. He taught them the importance of discipline and hard work.

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When players didn't download into In the book When the Game Stands Tall, we follow the journey of one of the nations best high school football teams, with an incredible win streak of games through the season. When players didn't download into the program and were not disciplined, they would not be able to play football. As he states, "no man is bigger than the team. I would highly recommend this book as it is an inspiring story of trials and tribulations, turned into success.

The book flows beautifully and is very easy to keep up with. The storyline helps keep the reader engaged throughout the whole book.

I believe every coach, parent, athlete, or student should read this as it is a motivating book and will teach lessons that people can carry on to the rest of their lives. Dec 11, Jarom Kuaea rated it really liked it. The book follows De La Salle and their historic thirteen year run of one hundred fifty-one game winning streak.

This book not only hi lights the ups but also the downs making the story more realistic therefore pulling interests in the reader. The book also goes a little behind the scenes and illustrates what goes on off the field for a football team. I personally do not really like reading but if you are a sports geek and love the atmosphere of sports especially football, this is the best choice for you.

I like how the author illustrates great images in my mind as I read making the book like a movie. May 04, Tony rated it really liked it. This book was very good and interesting. There is a coach with a game winning streak.

The Book that Inspired the Movie — Preview When the Game Stands Tall by Neil Hayes

He teaches the players about life and respect. There is more than football he always tells them. All the kids care about is winning. He called his grandma because he lives with her. He went to this house to pick him up. He looked around and waits for his cousin. August 22, Retrieved October 27, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved April 23, The Wrap.

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Mercury News. The Times-Picayune. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved August 18, May 9, Retrieved October 2, Thomas Carter. Five Points Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from August All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.