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takes the reader on a detailed tour through code editor hacks, all manners of Hack 6. Master the Clipboard. Hack 7. Make Pasting into Visual Studio Easier. dancindonna.info dancindonna.info Applications: The Black Arts. AppSec -DC HACK THE LOGIN. DEMO . VISUAL STUDIO. Exploit – Run. Jon McCoy dancindonna.info dancindonna.infolications: The Black Arts Building KeyGen/Crack/Hacks/Malware. Reverse . VISUAL STUDIO.

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Prominent titles from this collection include Google Hacks, PDF Hacks, and Windows Hacks. Given the enormous flexibility Microsoft programmed into the Visual. Visual Studio Hacks: Tips & Tools for Turbocharging the IDE. Home · Visual Studio Hacks: Tips & Tools for Turbocharging the IDE. With start-up templates for projects ranging from Windows applications to web services, and extensive help and on-line documentation, Visual dancindonna.info might.

For a look at the basic features of the debugger, see First look at the debugger. In this topic, we cover some areas that are not included in the feature tour. Pin data tips If you frequently hover over data tips while debugging, you may want to pin the data tip for the variable to give yourself quick access. The variable stays pinned even after restarting. To pin the data tip, click the pin icon while hovering over it.

See Multi-cursor Modifier for details. This only selects the next occurrence after the one you selected so you can add selections one by one. A separate cursor will be added to the end of each selected line. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to trigger column selection.

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Fast scrolling Pressing the Alt key enables fast scrolling in the editor and Explorers. By default, fast scrolling uses a 5X speed multiplier but you can control the multiplier with the Editor: Fast Scroll Sensitivity editor.

You can still set the commands editor. You can view available methods, parameter hints, short documentation, etc.

Alternatively, you can use the context menu. Go to Definition Select a symbol then type F You can also see the type definition if you press Ctrl Cmd on macOS when you are hovering over the type. Rename Symbol Select a symbol then type F2.

Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks

Search and modify Besides searching and replacing expressions, you can also search and reuse parts of what was matched, using regular expressions with capturing groups. Enable regular expressions in the search box by clicking the Use Regular Expression.

Configure your linter however you'd like. Consult the ESLint specification for details on its linting rules and options. Here is configuration to use ES6. You can install other SCM providers from the extension Marketplace. Diffs From the Source Control view, select the file to diff.

Hacks visual pdf studio

Side by side Default is side by side diff. Inline view Toggle inline view by clicking the More Actions If you prefer the inline view, you can set "diffEditor. This will present them in a unified patch format.

Lines can be navigated with arrow keys and pressing Enter will jump back in the diff editor and the selected line. Edit pending changes You can make edits directly in the pending changes of the diff view. Branches Easily switch between Git branches via the Status Bar. Staging Hover over the number of files and click the plus button. Stage selected Stage a portion of a file by selecting that file using the arrows and then choosing Stage Selected Ranges from the Command Palette. This is helpful when learning Git or debugging a difficult source control issue.

Tips and tricks in the debugger - Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

Gutter indicators View diff decorations in editor. See documentation for more details. Set VS Code as default merge tool git config --global merge. It also includes an input box which filters symbols as you type. Breadcrumb and Outline Relation Those little tweaks that change everything 1. You can open files, install extensions, change the display language, and output diagnostics through command line options switches. Polacode You often come upon appealing code screenshots with custom fonts and themes like the one below.

However, Polacode enables you stay in your code editor and use any proprietary font you may have bought which is unusable in Carbon. It runs your code immediately as you type and displays various execution results and console logs in your code editor. An awesome use case for Quokka is when you are studying for technical interviews, you are able to output each step without having the stress of setting breakpoints in debuggers.

Visual Studio Hacks: Tips & Tools for Turbocharging the IDE

It even works for Async calls. WakaTime Do your friends think you spend too much time coding? WakaTime is an extension that helps to record and store metrics and analytics regarding your programming activity. You can set goals, view coding languages you often use, you can even compare yourself to other ninjas in the world.