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The second installment of Bernard Cornwell's New York Times bestselling series but real" (The Observer, London)—the basis for The Last Kingdom, the hit. The first installment of Bernard Cornwell's New York Times bestselling series chronicling the epic saga of the making of England, “like Game of Thrones. Read "The Last Kingdom" by Bernard Cornwell available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. **The first installment of Bernard .

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Bernard Cornwell PDF - The Last Kingdom When father and adopted son arrive at the fourth and last kingdom, however, the Danes meet unexpected. The Last Kingdom (The Saxon Chronicles. Book 1) · Read more · Bernard Cornwell - Saxon 01 - The Last Kingdom. Read more. Bernard Cornwell - Saxon 01 - The Last Kingdom · Read more Renewal Theology: The Church, the Kingdom, and Last Things: Read more.

The Last Kingdom is the first book in the series. Season 2 of the epic TV series premiers this March. Uhtred is an English boy, born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria. Orphaned at ten, he is captured and adopted by a Dane and taught the Viking ways. Yet Uhtred's fate is indissolubly bound up with Alfred, King of Wessex, who rules over the only English kingdom to survive the Danish assault. The struggle between the English and the Danes and the strife between christianity and paganism is the background to Uhtred's growing up. He is left uncertain of his loyalties but a slaughter in a winter dawn propels him to the English side and he will become a man just as the Danes launch their fiercest attack yet on Alfred's kingdom.

Only men can stand in the shield wall, he said, but you will watch, you will learn, and you will discover that the most dangerous stroke is not the sword or ax that you can see, but the one you cannot see, the blade that comes beneath the shields to bite your ankles. He grudgingly gave me much other advice as we followed the long road south. Of the two hundred and fifty men who went to Eoferwic from Bebbanburg, one hundred and twenty were on horseback. Many were accompanied by women.

My father had ordered that no women were to march south, but he did not send them back, reckoning that the women would follow anyway, and that men fought better when their wives or lovers were watching, and he was confident that those women would see the levy of Northumbria give the Danes a terrible slaughter. He claimed we were the hardest men of England, much harder than the soft Mercians.

Your mother was a Mercian, he added, but said nothing more. He never talked of her. He claimed to despise the Mercians, but not as much as he scorned the coddled West Saxons. They live in marshes, he once told me, and live like frogs. We Northumbrians had always hated the East Anglians for long ago they had defeated us in battle, killing Ethelfrith, our king and husband to the Bebba after whom our fortress was named.

I was to discover later that the East Anglians had given horses and winter shelter to the Danes who had captured Eoferwic so my father was right to despise them. They were treacherous frogs. Father Beocca rode south with us.

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My father did not much like the priest, but did not want to go to war without a man of God to say prayers. Beocca, in turn, was devoted to my father who had freed him from slavery and provided him with his education. My father could have worshipped the devil and Beocca, I think, would have turned a blind eye. He was young, clean shaven, and extraordinarily ugly, with a fearful squint, a flattened nose, unruly red hair, and a palsied left hand. He was also very clever, though I did not appreciate it then, resenting that he gave me lessons.

The poor man had tried so hard to teach me letters, but I mocked his efforts, preferring to get a beating from my father to concentrating on the alphabet.

Book kingdom pdf last the

We followed the Roman road, crossing their great wall at the Tine, and still going south. The men slept in the open, though my father and his chief retainers would bed for the night in abbeys or barns.

We also straggled. Even at ten years old I noticed how we straggled. Men had brought liquor with them, or else they stole mead or ale from the villages we passed, and they frequently got drunk and simply collapsed at the roadside and no one seemed to care.

Saxon Chronicles 1 The Last Kingdom

There should be more discipline. I have read the Roman wars and know there must be discipline. That night we were joined by men from the place called Cetreht where, long ago, we had defeated the Welsh in a great battle. We were sitting by a fire, one of hundreds of fires that stretched across the fields. I just heard it, I said, hoping I would get away with the evasion without being hit, and I know we are descended from Woden. We are, my father acknowledged, but we have a new God now.

He stared balefully across the encampment where men were drinking. Do you know who wins battles, boy?

The Last Kingdom

The side that is least drunk, he said, and then, after a pause, but it helps to be drunk. Because a shield wall is an awful place. He gazed into the fire. I have been in six shield walls, he went on, and prayed every time it would be the last. Your brother, now, he was a man who might have loved the shield wall.

He had courage. He fell silent, thinking, then scowled. The man who brought his head. I want his head. I want to spit into his dead eyes, then put his skull on a pole above the Low Gate. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join.

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Home Books History. Save For Later. Create a List. The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. HarperCollins Released: Mar 17, ISBN: Northumbria, A. Or so we thought. And then I saw them. Three ships. You know that? Exchanging pelts for salt and dried fish. Said they were merchants from Haithabu.

Pdf book last the kingdom

Yes, Father. They are sent by God, Gytha said timidly, to punish us. Punish us for what? For our sins, Gytha said, making the sign of the cross. You think they want our land?

Saxon Chronicles 1 The Last Kingdom - PDF Free Download

I asked. Which is how I was named. He is almost eleven, my father said, and he must learn to fight. He would be better served by continuing his lessons, she said.

That was in the year , and it was the first time I ever went to war. And I have never ceased. You will not fight in the shield wall, my father said. No, Father. I asked nervously. Servant of the Crown. Paul J Bennett. Princes Gate. Mark Ellis. Wild Justice. Scourge of Wolves. The Abbot's Tale: A Novel. Shout at the Devil. Invictus Eagles of the Empire Simon Scarrow.

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Mississippi Blood. Greg Iles. Second Chance — Ryan Lock 8. Sean Black. The Ashes of London. Andrew Taylor. Jonathan Lunn. The Dutch Wife. Ellen Keith. The Black Widow. Daniel Silva. A Sparrow Falls. The Memory Painter. Gwendolyn Womack. Britannia Eagles of the Empire The Fix.

David Baldacci. Passage at Arms. The Burning Shore. Cold Blood. Fools and Mortals. Bernard Cornwell. The Saxon Tales Collection: Books Warriors of the Storm. Sharpe's Havoc. Sharpe's Gold. Enemy of God. The Rite. Matt Baglio. The Sharpe Collection: The Winter King. A Crowning Mercy. I understand all the author was trying to convey! I think this author is brilliant in the way he writes a story. I loved learning some of the history, even though some of the characters are fictional, it's still a wonderfully told story!

This only makes me want to read more into the history that is factual in the book.. When Uhtred was ten-years-old, the Danes came and attacked England. Uhtred and his family had a fortress in Begganburg. The Danes took some places around Uhtred's home. Then some peeps and Uhtred's father all got together to duke it out with the Danes at a place called Eoferwic and things didn't go so good for the Saxons.

Uhtred lost his father that day and was taken by the Danes, Uhtred was made a son of Ragnar the Fearless for his heroic effort in trying to attack Ragnar. He was so unlike Uhtred's real father who seemed to be a cranky, non-caring father. I liked him so much more than I had liked my father. I should, by rights, be dead, yet Ragnar had saved me and Ragnar spoiled me and he treated me like a son, and he called me a Dane.

He seemed to know what to do and say from a small child. There is a female character in the book I loved, her name is Brida. She wasn't a Dane either, but she lived with them and grew up with Uhtred. They were best friends, warriors, lovers. She is fierce in the book and I like her!