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OpenFiler OpenSource Storage Server Installation - Download as PDF File The default password for the user "openfiler" is "password," Administration. Apr 7, This lab will configure iSCSI Target using Openfiler Click Admin Password to change the admin password. Enter current password as. Download Openfiler for Linux. or IP storage gateway and provides storage administrators with a powerful tool to cope with burgeoning storage needs.

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Installation & Administration Guides Openfiler NAS/SAN Appliance, version x86_64, ISO Image (x86_64), Installation ISO image (x86_64), Download . nov Download >> Download Openfiler administration guide google [Guide] Configure Openfiler with VMware vSphere (ESXi ). This guide provides detailed information about the Openfiler Open Source Storage .. Welcome to the Openfiler Storage Configuration Centre Administration Guide. This Click the Download button to perform an instant backup snapshot. 2.

In order to experiment with the enterprise features of vSphere I needed shared storage between my ESXi hosts. As always, I turned to Openfiler. It was easy. There were plenty of good walkthroughs on how to set this up in such a way. When I finally got it working, I felt accomplished and decided to document the process for future reference.

Administration 2.99 openfiler download guide

My back-end network is not routed to my front-end network. My ESXi hosts and my Openfiler each have management interfaces residing on the front-end network and iSCSI traffic interfaces residing on the back-end network. I have a test lab Active Directory domain set up on the front end network.

Add in default gateway and DNS information here. And finally, enter a root password. The root password can be used at the Openfiler console shell. Everything else will use the administrative web interface which uses a different username and password. Either press enter to continue or wait the allotted time and Openfiler will start automatically.

Take note of the web administration address.

The IP address of the web interface is the IP address of the first network interface, eth0. From a computer connected to your front-end network, type in the address to the Openfiler web interface. Your web browser may holler about an untrusted certificate.

Just ignore it and continue on. The purpose of this blog post is to show you how to configure shared storage using Openfiler so you should have at least two ESXi hosts.

In my test lab, I have three, so I have three items to configure on this page. Be careful here. You can only add or delete one item at a time, pressing update after each change. Scroll down to create a partition. A volume group name of volume1 should be fine. Give it any Volume Name you like. This should bring you to the screen below where you can start adding iSCSI targets.

(PDF) How to Configure OpenFiler for NFS Share | muhamad ichsan - dancindonna.info

You can see all your created iSCSI targets if you expand the drop down box. I created three targets so I see three targets. For consistency, choose the top-most iSCSI target from the drop down list. Click the LUN Mapping item. The other two hosts cannot.

Installation Guide - Openfiler as Shared Storage in Virtual Enviroment

Follow this process for the other two iSCSI targets. Use the drop down list to highlight the second iSCSI target. Leave the other two ESXi hosts set to deny. Finally, configure the last iSCSI target.

Use the drop down list to highlight the third iSCSI target. You are done configuring Openfiler for shared storage. Configuring ESXi 4. Choose the first iSCSI target from the drop down list and click change.

Click on Network ACL from the top menu. The Add Static Target Server dialogue box appears. Enter the IP address of the Openfiler box.

Download guide 2.99 openfiler administration

The port number should be left at its default value. A message box will appear.

Configure new hard disk on Openfiler 2.99 Server

By that, I mean ensure you have connectivity between the two boxes. In my case, my ESXi boxes are virtualized inside and ESXi box and there are settings that must be configured special for this case. Ping both the ESXi host and Openfiler. You should be able to ping them both. If you have connectivity between each ESXi host and Openfiler, then go back and check your Openfiler settings.

I mistyped my first IQN and ran into this problem. From now on, I try to copy and paste. Username openfiler Password password OpenFiler — Server Status After logging into the OpenFiler portal, current status tab of the system status will be shown. Volumes have to be configured from the existing connected ph si al olu es o the ser er.

To reate e olu es, li k o create new physical volumes. Volumes — Create Physical Volumes In the installation phase since we configured only OS disk, other two disks have to be configured and these two disks sd and sd are not onfigured for any partitions and 0 partitions now. Note: By default volumes will not be configured.

To reate a e olu e li k o Manage Volumes. Volume Group Management — List After creating the new volume group, the volume group names are listed with the group name created.

I the Network Access Configuration add network information wherein shares have to be granted access. After addi g the et ork i for atio li k o Update utto to add for ea h a essi le et ork. Shares — New Filesystem Volume Next step is to configure the shares.