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Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster's Guide · Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition · Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Rules. Nickname. PDF Version. Mutants Masterminds - Third Edition - GM Kit - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Gamemasters Kit is the perfect complement to the Heros Handbook. Mutants & Masterminds GM Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Game Masters Guide to the 3rd Edition.

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MythComic Setting for M&M3e. Contribute to Thunderless/MythComicSetting development by creating an account on GitHub. Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster's Guide Author: Steve Kenson Cover Artist: Udon featuring Chris Stevens Format: page, full-color PDF While Mutants. Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster's Guide Author: Steve Kenson Cover Artist: Udon featuring Chris Stevens Format: pages, full color, softback ISBN

October 6, Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition: Gamemaster's Guide Released just a spare few days ago the new but not all-new Gamemaster's Guide for the Third Edition of Mutants and Masterminds provides more than pages of archetypes, minions, optional rules, and advice for experienced and inexperienced GM's alike. The book is full color, pages, broken into 6 Chapters and one Appendix and this one you won't want to leave at the hospital. This is a snapshot review, I haven't completely devoured this book yet, but I wanted to get my thoughts out while still fresh. The Good: There's a lot of solidly useful stuff in here. The Appendix stands out as something that I would have paid good money for as its own entity, even at a mere 20 pages long. It gives you nine statted and mapped villainous lairs.

Also included are 12 pages of minion archetypes ranging from low power zombies, to giant robots. Notably useful are the 22 animal write-ups for animal controllers, summoners, familiars, and low power games like sword and sorcery genres. The Adversaries chapter offers role-play advice as well as conceptual and planning help. A discussion on the types of villains, their tactics, role-play elements, and even villain team-ups are all present.

A lot of this will be more useful to new GM's more than those with years under their belt, but its a well put together chapter that gets deeper into the villain as a concept aside from the rules. Lastly the art. Green Ronin has, in my experience, always done a good job sourcing art. This book proves no exception with numerous full color pictures scattered throughout.

And gamemasters mutants guide pdf masterminds

Each villain archetype gets a large picture, and the ancillary art is all good. Various styles are also present, from flat, almost watercolor paintings, to more comic book inspired styles.

The Bad: For better or worse there are some typos; generally less than I have seen in similar products, and hopefully to be corrected before this goes to the printer GR is known to use errata found early on by fans to do last minute corrections before print.

Golden Age heroes may choose to retire and fade into obscurity over time. The cosmic tides allowing super-powers to exist may wax and wane in a twenty-year cycle, peaking in , dropping off by , only to peak again in , and so forth. Generally, the mid- to lates are regarded as the end of the Golden Age and the start of something new.

This trend has produced many fine, popular stories over the years, and their success led to the inevitable envelope-pushing, which reached its zenith in the mid-to-late s. Just as unavoidably, the boundary-stretching continued well past this point, until costumed heroes werent all that heroic anymore.

Just as characters introduced in the s reappeared as typical smiling, happy Silver Age characters during the s, in the s they became dour, humorless vigilantes like seemingly everyone else in comics of that time. Yet even as it came to a close, time drew both readers and creators ever nearer to its eventual rediscovery. When costumed superheroes reappeared at the dawn of the Silver Age, so did most Golden Age storytelling conventions, with many of the eras most popular characters following suit, albeit often as shiny new Silver Age revamps.

Science fiction was all the rage in comic books second great era, and the Golden Age greats re-emerged covered in sci-fi trappings: aliens, weird science, mutants, and just generally more space-y all around. The process of revisiting and revising comic books first great era repeated itself throughout the ages that followed, as creators viewed the primal majesty and magnitudes-greater sales of the Golden Age with envious eyes.

Mutants Masterminds - Third Edition - GM Kit

Todays comic books are no exception, as Modern Age writers and artists interpret the kid-centered comic books of the 40s for the adult audience of the 21st century. These efforts have yielded some of the very best stories and titles of the Modern Age, and have shaped our con- anti-heroes The 90s aesthetic dictated that anyone who puts on a costume to fight other people wearing costumes whether ostensibly a hero or a professed villain is to some degree insane.

In fact, the degree and intensity of their craziness is often the only way to tell the putative good guys from the bad guys. The costumed protagonists are prone to obsessive-compulsive manias, and putting on a mask and a cape are just a manifestation of their particular type of craziness. By some degree of contrast, the antagonists are brutal killers, rapists, pederasts, or a combination thereof. Creating characters for a postmodern Golden Age style series is a matter of selecting classic costumed-character archetypes and putting dark spins on them.

In this fashion, flag-costumed characters become ultra-nationalist zealots, blind to the flaws of their home country as well as the virtues of any other nation.

Similarly, masked avengers become bloodthirsty vigilantes, executing scores of criminals as part of a bloody war on crime in which no target is off limits for either side. With heroes like that, the villains have to be real pieces of work. Forget bank robbers and juvenile delinquents in this style of series. It takes serial murderers, mutilators, genocidal racists, and the sleaziest sexual deviants to make the protagonists seem like heroes.

Sure, there are fewer tattooed heroes in sunglasses, but there are just as many heroes blazing away with guns, a greater emphasis on realistic superpowers, and more than a few ninjas or ninjalike characters running around. In the name of realism always a tricky term to use in regards to superhero comic books , stories inevitably focus on the most sensationalistic, violent, and lurid aspects of life in the s.

When the era itself disappoints in any of these criteria, exaggeration and outright fabrication step up to close any perceived gaps. To be sure, the world depicted in Golden Age comic books wasnt realistic, but then again it was never intended to be. Indeed, the very notion of realism in stories about flying men of steel from alien planets was considered utterly laughable at the time. By the same token, playing up any sort of alleged realism is every bit as ridiculous at face value, but not without its appeal to many comics fans and gaming groups.

Its simply worth noting for accuracys sake that putting a serial-killer supervillain into a story set in the s is by no measure more realistic than any actually published during that time period. Wartime rationing may affect the availability of some items, but assuming it can be had and it exists in this era , all the normal rules are in play.

Military-grade weapons are, of course, normally found in the hands of soldiers, but they can also turn up in civilian use, such as with ex-GIs who kept a few souvenirs from their days in uniform or gangsters who found them after they fell off the back of an Army truck.

The heroes themselves are usually above such things, but almost everyone else they encounter is not nearly as enlightened. During the s, large numbers of people casually believe a dames proper place is serving her man, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics are naturally inferior to whites, Jews are a source of social ills, and homosexuals are perverts akin to rapists and pedophiles.

Consequently, minority characters subjected to the depredations of segregation, harassment, racial or ethnic slurs, and hate crimes are regular plot points. These elements are usually included in comic-book stories to highlight the eras perceived hypocrisy and reassure the reader how much more enlightened the writer is , and to show how much more realistic again, a slippery term his storytelling is.

More commonly, the bigotry is there simply to shock the supposedly jaded readers. In a roleplaying game, prejudiced characters can serve more constructive dramatic purposes. Youre young, but you still know a thing or two. You have natural talent or youve been trained in combat, both in armor and out. You know your way around technology and can build gadgets given time. Things are easy for you. You work as a scientist and have some natural talent in that area.

Whether you inherited or earned it, youre a part of the upper-crust of society. Ranged Damage 10, Accurate 4 24 points Take the Weapon Array and the Plasma Blast above , plus roll 1d20 four times on the table below re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the array as Alternate Effects. Reaction Damage 6 1 point Electro-Stunner: Move Object 10, Accurate 4 1 point. Radio Communication 2, Removable -2 points 6 points Sensors: Senses 2 Extended Vision, Infravision , Removable -0 points 2 points.

Impervious Protection 8, Removable -3 points 13 points Sealed Systems: Immunity 10 Life Support , Removable -2 points 8 points. Gravity Drivers: The Battlesuit often has a secret identity he or she tries to protect. Whether an inventor of military weapons, a trained soldier, or a random person to whom a Battlesuit was given, this archetype often feels he or she has a responsibility to use the battlesuit to help others or to make up for past shortcomings. The Battlesuit is often surrounded by friends or loved ones that often become entangled in the plots from which only the Battlesuit can save them.

Some Battlesuits, especially prototypes or of alien origin, often suffer additional damage from electrical or magnetic attacks or whatever else seems appropriate for your particular concept.

Really, anything that moves, but doesnt have a physical or mental makeup quite like a humans. Constructs tend to be physically powerful, resilient, and often have some sort of ranged attack thats either a weapon or innate ability granted by their inhuman form.

Most Constructs are solid, but its possible to have a Construct made of fire, water, or just about anything else. You were literally assembled in some way. Youre a golem, living statue, some sort of elemental creature, or a human whos been transformed into a non-living, but animate form. Youre a robot, android, or some other sort of technological construct. You died, but youve been brought back to some semblance of life as a zombie, ghost, revenant, or some other form of undead.

Characters with a dash have no Stamina and arent living beings. They dont recover from damage by healing, but by being repaired. They are immune to the fatigued and exhausted conditions as well as any effect resisted by Fortitude. Roll 1d20 once and record the result. Ranged Damage 8, Accurate 6 22 points Elemental Body: Enhanced Advantages 6 Close Attack 6 Plus roll 1d20 once: Elongation 2 30 feet ; Insubstantial 2 Particulate ; Movement 2 Permeate 2 22 points.

You know how to use your strength to your advantage. You know how to create useful devices or artifacts. Living Computer: You have an uncanny memory. Choose one set: Artificer, Skill Mastery Expertise: Ranged Mutliattack Damage 6, Accurate 4 22 points.

Youre big and intimidating. You know a lot about some subjects. Youre looking for clues to your origin or past. Youre stealthy. The Construct often feels like an outsider, either because its not human and wants to be, or used to be human and wants to be again. Regardless, the Construct is a hero because it wants to be accepted by the rest of humanity.

MotivationDoing Good: An artificial intelligence or magically created Construct may have been created to do good and pursues that goal to the best of its ability.

Mutants & Masterminds Gamemaster's Guide (PDF)

A revenant or ghost-possessed Construct may recall enough of its former life to be on the prowl for revenge against the specific people that killed it, or against all members of groups with similar motivations. The Construct may feel that its powers and abilities were given to it for a reason, so it has a responsibility to help however it can. The Construct could be a rogue android, golem, or summoned elemental hunted by its creator s or another person or group who believes the Construct is evil for some reason.

Constructs often appear inhuman, which causes others to react poorly to it.

Pdf masterminds guide and mutants gamemasters

The Construct suffers additional damage or effect from some form of attack; robots may take extra damage from electrical or magnetic attacks, ghosts or magical creatures from magical or holy attacks, and all Constructs may have a weakness to being mind controlled by appropriate outside sources. Impervious Protection 8 16 points Unliving: Immunity 10 Mental effects 10 points Almost Human: Enhanced Defenses 5 Will 5 ; Immunity 5 Emotion effects 10 points.

They tend to have a couple of different areas of expertise in addition to equipment or gadgets with which they pursue their goals. Because they tend to not be as physically powerful as other types of heroes, they always look for other means to defeat their foes, such as through intimidation, psychology, or trickery. You fight crime using gadgets that youve created or modified.

Your life changed in a single, horrifying moment. Since then youve trained your body and mind to become an instrument of vengeance. Physically youre a match for most men, but mentally youre a giant, able to ferret out clues and interpret their meaning faster than a team of other detectives. You study your enemies and know how they think and behave. You are a trained scientist and capable of inventing gadgets of your own.

Youre a student of observation. Take the advantages listed above, then roll on the Background Advantages, Mental Advantages, and Physical Advantages tables below. If you rolled the Dark Avenger for your Abilities, take Incredible Presence instead of rolling on this table.

You are physically impressive or otherwise intimidating. You also have a flair for the dramatic. Wealthy Socialite: You are wealthy and know a lot of people. World Traveler: You have traveled the world, met people everywhere, and learned a number of languages.

Youre a trained acrobat, capable of incredible feats of agility. Martial Artist: Youre a trained fighter. Youre a trained thief, able to disappear with a moments notice. If you rolled the Detective for your Abilities, take Sleuth and only roll once, re-roll if you get Sleuth again.

If you rolled Inventor for your Abilities, take Scientist and only roll once, re-roll if you get Scientist again. Unarmed 6 If you rolled Dark Avenger for your Abilities, take Avenger and roll once, re-roll if you get Avenger again. If you rolled the Detective for your Abilities, take Investigator and roll once, re-roll if you get Investigator again.

Gamemasters masterminds pdf guide and mutants

If you rolled Inventor for your Abilities, take Expert and roll once, re-roll if you get Expert again. Youre physically capable and impressive. Youve trained yourself in a number of useful skills. Youve studied investigation and other forms of observation. If you rolled the Inventor set of Abilities, take Gadgets instead of rolling.

Equipment 10 Equipment listed below Smartphone 2 points HeadquartersSize: Medium, Toughness: Huge, Toughness: Movement 1 Swinging 2 points Utility Belt 17 points Bolos: Strength-based Ranged Damage 1, Accurate 2 1 point Explosives: Equipment 3 Headquarters HeadquartersSize: Large Toughness: You strongly believe in the ideals your country was founded on and fight to uphold them.

Patriotic Crime Fighters often have a military background, but they dont have to. Crime Fighters with this motivation are usually trying to live up to an example set by someone else, possibly the previous wearer of the mantle this hero has taken up.

Youre on a quest to bring justice to the world, possibly to make up for a past failure. This motivation is especially appropriate for the Dark Avenger. You dont have any powers, per se, but why should that stop you from having fun? The Crime Fighter usually has at least one villain central to his or her existence who plagues the hero consistently. They have powers reflecting their elemental composition, as well as control and mastery over the element.

You are a sentient incarnation of an elemental force. You are a human whose body has been transformed into something other than flesh and blood. Element Control 8; Choose one: Acrobatics 4, or Athletics 4, or Close Combat: Unarmed 4; Choose one: Deception 8 or Intimidation 8 Roll 1d20 once and record the result. If you rolled Embodiment for Abilities, take Native instead of rolling on this table. You are well-versed in or have researched the properties of your element.

You know your way around planes or cars. You are knowledgeable in the sciences. You are a former military man.

Power Attack or Accurate Attack Roll 1d20 once and record the result. Your form is fearsome and impressive. You tend to take a guiding role. You blend into the background and stay out of the way.

However, some elementals may be able to transform between their elemental and a flesh and blood form. Such elementals may have Sustained powers and possibly the Activation Flaw if the transformation takes time or effort.

In this case, the Activati on Flaw can free up a point that the player can spend on an additional Alternate Effect or Advantage. Alternately, the elementals who are considered Embodiments as rolled on the Abilities may have Innate forms that cannot be turned off even by nullification effects. Players may wish to take a point from another trait such as an Alternate Effect or Advantage to download the Innate Extra.

You have a body formed from air or are a wind entity. Earth Elemental: You are formed of earth, clay, sand, or rock; alternatively, you might even be a sentient, humanoid plant elemental. Fire Elemental: You are made of living fire, held together by sheer willpower or a containment suit. You are comprised of water in one of its forms: Visual Concealment 4, Limited: Array 20 points plus two Alternate Effects Plant Toxin: Requires Ambient Plant-life 1 point Plant Perception: Create 7, Innate, Movable 1 point Transmit: Teleport 10, Extended, Medium Plants 1 point.

Gaseous Form: Air Control: Array 20 points plus 2 Alternate Effects Air Blast: Ranged Damage 10 20 points Take the Air Control Array and Air Blast above and roll 1d20 twice re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the array as Alternate Effects. Environment 10 Visibility -5; 2 mile radius 1 point Suffocation: Burst Area Damage 10 1 point Wind Control: Move Object 10 1 point Wind Screen: Rock Form: Earthen Body: Enhanced Strength 8; Impervious Protection 8 32 points Reconstitution: Ranged Damage 10 1 point Earthen Snare: Environment 5 Visibility -5; feet radius 10 points.

Flame Form: Reaction Damage 4 16 points. Fire Control: Array 20 points plus two Alternate Effects Fire Blast: Ranged Damage 10 20 points. Take the Fire Control Array and Fire Blast above and roll 1d20 twice re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the array as Alternate Effects. Burst Area Damage 10 1 point Flame Shapes: Sustained Shapeable Area Damage 5 1 point Flash: Environment 5 Extreme Heat, Bright Light 1 point Ice Form: Array 20 points plus two Alternate Effects Ice Blast: Ranged Damage 10 20 points Take the Ice Control Array and Ice Blast above and roll 1d20 twice re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the array as Alternate Effects.

Environment 10 Extreme Cold 1 point Ice Shapes: Create 6, Continuous, Innate 1 point Icy Snare: Environment 10 Impede Movement 1 point. Liquid Form: Array 20 points plus two Alternate Effects Water Blast: Ranged Damage 10 20 points Take the Water Control Array and Water Blast above and roll 1d20 twice re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the array as Alternate Effects. Create 10 1 point Move Water: Vapor Form: Roll for the powers of an Air Elemental instead, using water vapor as your forms descriptor.

A transformed elemental may lament his lost humanity and be isolated as a result of his new, inhuman form. Many Elementals have difficulty interacting with others in a normal fashion due to their nature. Fire Elementals, in partic-. Elementals may have a rivalry or feel enmity towards their diametric opposite fire to water, earth to air and towards beings associated with their opposing element.

Elementals may have weaknesses associated with their composition. For instance, Fire Elementals may be vulnerable to being doused by water, a Water Elemental may be susceptible to cold effects unless he is an Ice Elemental , an Earth Elemental composed of sand may be dispersed by strong winds or be subject to transformation to immobile glass when hit by flames or high temperatures, and so forth.

They are generally ranged combatants, have the power of flight, and protect themselves with force fields. In addition to being able to fire powerful energy blasts, Energy Controllers often utilize their powers to produce a wide variety of unusual and useful effects. You have a powerful force of personality. You are impetuous and reckless. You are aloof or serene. Energy Control 5, Choose one: Deception 7 or Intimidation 7 Roll 1d20 twice re-roll if you get the same result twice and record the results.

You have undergone intensive physical training. Youre young and trendy Observant: You are alert and watchful. You know how to deal with people. You are a skilled race car driver or hotshot pilot. Youre sneaky and low-key. You like to take the offensive. You were trained to fight smartly and as a team. You use your powers in a loud and impressive fashion. Hidden Reserves: When you need to, you can push yourself and your powers to amazing levels.

You are careful and exact in using your powers. Your powers give you great confidence, and you let everyone know it.

An Energy Controllers personality often reflect the energy type he or she controls, so the descriptions for Abilities, Advantages, and Skills can help narrow down which energy type fits your character if you prefer to assign one to your hero. Alternatively, you might decide to randomly determine your Energy Controllers descriptor by rolling on the table below.

You emit cold or remove heat. You wield the very versatile and primal cosmic energy. You control darknessbe it shadow, void, or some other-dimensional forceor else subtract light. You generate electricity. You produce flame and heat. You control an extra-dimensional, flamelike energy. You generate intense light and heat. You generate magnetic fields and manipulate ferrous metals.

You project super-heated gas, or plasma. You manipulate and generate sound.

Mutants & Masterminds: Gamemaster's Guide – Open Gaming Store

You produce and control vibration and resonant frequencies. Energy Control: Array 24 points, plus 3 points of Alternate Effects Energy Blast: Ranged Damage 12 24 points Quick Change: Feature 1 transform into costume as a free action 1 point Take the Energy Control array and Energy Blast above , then roll 1d20 three times on the Alternate Effects sidebar re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the Energy Control array as Alternate Effects.

Array 24 points, plus 4 points of Alternate Effects Energy Blast: Ranged Damage 12 24 points Take the Energy Control array and Energy Blast above , then roll 1d20 four times on the Alternate Effects sidebar re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the Energy Control array as Alternate Effects.

Array 25 points, plus 3 points of Alternate Effects Roll 1d20 once and record the result as the first power in your Energy Control array.

Ranged Damage 12, Incurable 25 points Homing Blast: Ranged Damage 12, Homing 25 points Invisible Blast: Ranged Damage 12, Subtle 25 points Phantom Blast: Ranged Damage 12, Precise 25 points Proxy Blast: Ranged Damage 12, Indirect 25 points Reflective Blast: Ranged Damage 12, Ricochet 25 points Variable Blast: Ranged Damage 12, Variable Descriptor 25 points.

Vision or Auditory 1 point Disintegrate: Choose one: Create 12 1 point Energy Manipulation: Penetrating Damage 12 1 point Environmental Control: Environment 12 8 miles; Choose two: Burst Area or Cloud Area 1 point Snare: Move Object 12 1 point. Once you have the first power in your Energy Control array, roll 1d20 three times on the Alternate Effects sidebar re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the Energy Control array as Alternate Effects.

Immunity 5 Energy Control type damage 5 points Roll 1d20 once and record the result. Impervious Protection 10, Sustained 20 points. Senses 1 Energy type Awareness 1 point Roll 1d20 twice re-roll if you get the same result twice and record the results. Flight 7 MPH 14 points Scry: Teleport 14 60 miles , Medium presence or conductor of Energy Control type 14 points. Energy Controllers, particularly those with a flashy energy type, often desire fame and attention.

Given the potential for collateral damage, Energy Controllers may learn the burden of responsibility that comes with their power. Power Loss: Energy Controllers may suffer diminished use of their powers under descriptor-dependent conditions. For instance, a Cold Controller may find his powers less effective in extreme heat, a Fire Controller may not be able to use his powers in an environment without oxygen and therefore fuel to sustain his fires , a Sonic Controller may not be able to use his powers in a vacuum where sound does not carry , and so forth.

Energy Controllers often have a rivalry with an Energy Controller who command an opposed descriptor. In the case of the Gadgeteer, that equipment comes in the form of powerful devices that can take on many different forms, from a jet pack and blaster to ice-themed gadgets to whatever the Gadgeteer happens to be tinkering with at the moment.

The Gadgeteers greatest strengths are his or her intelligence and versatilityespecially if theres a few minutes to run to the workbench! Youve always enjoyed pushing the boundaries, in science and in life. Your genius is concentrated into a particular field of study, such as force fields, cryogenics, radiation, bio-manipulation, or something more esoteric. At heart, youre a scientist. Youre always working on something in the lab, but you like to get out in the field and test the practical applications of your inventions.

Plus, there are all sorts of unusual things out in the world that youd never get to experience in the lab. Youre a talented detective. Energy Projector Device: Array 24 points, plus 3 points of Alternate Effects , Easily Removable points 17 points this cost includes the cost of the Alternate Effects Energy Blast: Ranged Damage 12 Take the Gimmick Blaster and Energy Blast above , plus roll 1d20 three times re-roll if you get the same result twice and add them to the array as Alternate Effects.

You take care of yourself and are physically fit. Natural Leader: Youre a natural leader. Youre constantly tinkering with your inventions and are able to get the most out of them.

And masterminds pdf mutants gamemasters guide

Well-to-do Inventor: You either inherited wealth or have made money off some of your more mundane inventions.

Unarmed or Gadgets 6, Expertise: Science 10, Ranged Combat: Gadgets 6, Technology 10, Vehicles 4 Roll 1d20 once and record the result. You know how to run a business. You have the skills necessary to explore new places.

Speed 2 8 MPH 2 points Polymath: Quickness 4, Limited to Mental Tasks 2 points Technopath: Comprehend 2 Machines , Distracting 2 points. Displacer Field: Protection 10, Impervious 6, Removable -3 points 13 points Force Field: Gadgets can be temperamental things, so its not unimaginable that sometimes a Gadgeteers devices might act up, run out of power, break, explode, or otherwise cause problems for the hero.

For some reason, Gadgeteers tend to have a nemesis who believes they need to prove how superior he, she, or it is compared to the Gadgeteer. Gadgeteers often dont hide their identities from the public and in fact might be media darlings because of their incredible inventions.

Just as the Gadgeteer creates amazing inventions for the betterment of mankind, he or she may also become a hero for the same reason. Some Gadgeteers want their genius recognized not just by other scientists, but by millions of adoring fans. The Gadgeteer often feels its only right to use his or her incredible intelligence to help others.

Gadgeteers love to push the limit and live on the edge of scientific research, so it only makes sense that they might like dressing up in tights and taking on the role of a hero.

QuirkPsychological Problems: Perhaps the Gadgeteers devices have slowly been poisoning his or her mind, or biofeedback caused by improperly functioning cybernetics or other mechanical systems have caused the Gadgeteer to exhibit some sort of mental problem.

Gadgeteers often have a number of important people in their life, either family, loved ones, other researchers, or employees who like to get into trouble.

Biological Overclocking: Teleport 4 feet , Increased Mass lbs. Low-Level Telepath: In fact, some Martial Artists display feats that seem impossible by normal standardsand may have a mystical origin.

Otherwise, roll 1d20 twice re-roll if you get the same result twice and record the results. You are steadfast and stable. You are dynamic and creative. You are transformative and quick. You are calm and pliable. You are flexible and supportive. Your speed and reflexes almost too fast to be human.

Mystic Endowment: You have unlocked your bodys potential by cultivating your inner energy. Strength and Power: You have trained your body close to human perfection.

You avoid direct confrontation, countering and pinpointing weaknesses. Your style emphasizes great versatility and serene balance. You rely on sheer speed and eschew defense. You fight from unusual stances and positions to catch your opponent off-guard. You strike with great strength and ferocity. You are an expert with exotic weapons.

You are well-connected and rich. You have walked the world righting wrongs and challenging senseis. Array 12 points plus 2 Alternate Effects 14 points this cost includes the cost of the Alternate Effects Roll 1d20 three times re-roll if you get the same result twice and record the results. Healing 6. Otherwise, roll 1d20 twice do not re-roll if you get the same result twice and record the results. You work with a government or private spy agency.

You contract out your fighting skills. You learned your martial arts from a temple or mystical city. You are skilled in the arts of stealth and assassination.

You were trained by the military. In addition to the powers above, roll 1d20 once on the table below and record the result as a separate power, not an Alternate Effect of Chi Master.

Immunity 6 choose six: Leaping 4, Movement 1 Trackless 6 points. Immunity 20 Close range, Physical Toughness effects , Sustained 20 points. Acrobatics 4, Athletics 4, Close Combat: Acrobatics 4, Athletics 6, Close Combat: Unarmed 2, Expertise: Acrobatics 6, Athletics 4, Close Combat: The title of best fighter alive is one that drives many Martial Artists.

The Martial Artist became a superhero in order to seek excitement. Some Martial Artists live by a warriors code of honor or a life of ascetic discipline.

Martial Artists often have a nemesis or fated rival against whom they measure themselves. Tactics 4, Intimidation 4, Perception 4, Stealth 4, Vehicles 4. Otherwise, do not roll for Powers. This affords him immense versatility, limited primarily by the type and availability of his subjects. At the same time, the Mimic usually has few other abilities upon which to rely. You are equally capable of pursuing any path.

Your great mental capacity allows you to master anything. Perfect Weapon: You are a weapon created specifically to use your opponents powers against them.

You are a good all-around athlete.