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In this uplifting autobiography, a modern-day Irish mystic shares her vivid encounters and conversations with the angels and spirits she has known her. Download Download Angels in My Hair | PDF books PDF Online Download Author: Lorna Byrne Pages: Binding: Audio CD Brand: ISBN. Lorna Byrne is an international number 1 bestselling author (her last two Her books, Angels in my Hair, Stairways to Heaven, A Message of Hope from the.

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Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne - Excerpt - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. For anyone who has ever wondered about. Download Angels in My Hair free ebook (pdf, epub, mobi) by Lorna Byrne. Book details Author: Lorna Byrne Pages: pages Publisher. An Irish mystic talks about her encounters with angels and other spiritual beings, discussing how these Thank you, Lorna Byrne, for sharing such a wonderful gift from God. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

Add to basket Add to wishlist Description Angels at My Fingertips takes us back to the territory that made Angels in My Hair a million selling, international bestseller. Stories of Lorna's early life in rural Ireland, of how angels helped and guided her through traumatic events, lead to a detailed description of what angels are like, the different types of angels, how they behave in interact with God and other angels as well as human beings, their role during our lives and after death. Angels at My Fingertips also contains an account of how Joe, her husband, who died young in Angels in My Hair returns to visit her. For the first time Lorna reveals the role of the souls of our loved ones who may return from heaven briefly to help and guide us. Information as detailed as this never been published anywhere before now.

But somehow Lorna Byrne is different. Thousands of people say that she has changed their lives for the better, and a hard-headed publisher believed in her story enough to get her to write a book -- and that book is now right up there near the top of the Irish best-sellers list.

I went to meet her with a typical journalist's scepticism -- and came away feeling strangely energised. But let's start at the beginning, with the basic outline of Lorna's life. When she was a child, Lorna was considered retarded. Unable to learn at school, she had few friends, and seemed always to live in another world. Bought up in near poverty, Lorna left school early, and worked in her father's garage.

There she met Joe, her first boyfriend, and the man she went on to marry. Life was tough. Joe suffered from a type of diabetes that could not be controlled. He had to give up work and, after a series of small strokes and seizures, died in his forties. They had four children. Three are now grown. Lorna lives with the youngest, who is 12, dividing her time between Kilkenny and Maynooth, in houses that have been loaned to her. In her autobiography, Angels in my Hair, Lorna tells the reader that she sees angels and spirits; that they are her constant companions.

These include an Archangel, Michael, and the prophet Elijah. It was he, she tells us, who showed her Joe in a vision when she was a child. And he told her that she would marry Joe; that they would be happy, but that he would die early.

Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne - Excerpt

The increasing number of Irish people who ask questions of angels, and who attend mystics will have no problem believing Lorna. The sick and troubled she has prayed for and helped certainly believe in her. I didn't know what to expect when I went to meet Lorna at a Dublin hotel. Was she a fraud, or worse, could she be deranged? I was disarmed by the gentleness of the women who greeted me with a shy smile.

Soft spoken, Lorna looks much younger than her 54 years. There's a serenity about her, and an innocence. A lot of people have got well. Lorna sees things about someone's life, and in explaining, helps the person come to terms with it.

She can tell, too, when someone is sick and why, often before the condition becomes known by medical tests. It's hard, when a beautiful young man comes to see me, and he knows he is unwell. She was taken out of school, when she was -- I believe International best-selling Memoir of Lorna Byrne She was taken out of school, when she was -- I believe-- about ten, but she was considered "retarded" from her earliest years -- even before entering school.

If by using the internet you observe her being interviewed, it should be quite clear that "retarded" is a completely erroneous label for this pleasant-looking, somewhat shy, but clear-spoken and articulate woman. What some readers may have difficulty absorbing is the theme throughout the story -- that Lorna, from her very earliest memories, sees and communicates with beings of light she calls angels.

These spirit beings are characters in her life story as prevalent as family members. She says that she did not realize in her earliest life that others did not see and experience the world as she did well, young children normally "see" things and have imaginary playmates and the like, but are taught in our western culture to categorize such experiences as not REAL Indeed, she soon learned not to share much with others -- she was being raised in an Irish Catholic family and culture, after all, and her experiences -- even as a child-- seemed to her outside the norm.

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Ask the angels to start to help you now. Angels are wonderful teachers. As a child I had the angels with me so much of the time, teaching me and showing me things, that I was very happy to be on my own for hours on end.

One of my favorite places was the cozy little bedroom I shared with my sister, Emer. The ceiling was low and sloped and the window was low down so I could kneel or crouch on my hunkers and watch all the comings and goings on the street.

I would watch neighbors passing in the street below, and sometimes I would see beside them what I now know was their guardian angelit was as if there was a beautiful, bright person with them. Sometimes the guardian angel seemed to be floating, but at other times he looked as if he was walking.

In my hair angels pdf byrne lorna

Sometimes he even seemed to have become a part of the person, or was behind them with his wings wrapped around them, as if in a protective embrace. These angels also came in all kinds of sizes; sometimes they would appear as a spark that would then grow and open up to full size; sometimes they would be massive, much bigger than the person they were minding.

The guardian angels were radiant and were often dressed in all gold or silver or blue, or wore a variety of colors. At other times I would see a spiritjust as I saw my brother Christopher. One neighbor who lived at the top of the hill used to pass the window sometimes with her children hanging on to her a baby and young child in a big old stroller and two older children who were hardly more than babies themselvesand I would see an old man walking alongside them.

One day this neighbor was with my mum in the shop and I heard her saying that she missed her father, who had died recently. I knew then that the old man I had seen was her father and the childrens grandfather. I smiled because even though she was missing her father, he was still there with hershe just couldnt see him. He loved her so much that his spirit had stayed with her to offer her help and consolation, and he would be with her until she was ready to let him go.

Its a little difficult to explain. A spirit looks just like one of us, but more luminousas if they have a light inside of them. They can turn this light up and down; the higher the level of the light the more translucent and transparent they are. If the spirits have their lights turned down which they do occasionally to make themselves less obtrusive , its possible to mistake them for real flesh and blood people. In simple terms, its as if you said hello when you walked past a neighbor on the other side of the road, then a few minutes later it dawns on you that it was Johnny you had greeted, but that he had died six months ago.

It might only be then that you realize that Johnny looked brighter than normal people. One of the other things I loved about watching from the windows was seeing the energy flowing around people. Once I saw one of my friends mothers, and I saw swirling rays of light coming from hershiny, sparkly mauve, purple, red, green, or turquoisewhich derived from a central point, like a whirlwind.

It was an energy that was different from the womans energy, and it fascinated me. Later, I heard my mother say that this woman was going to have a baby and I smiled to myself. In the same way I also could see if people were ill, even if I didnt understand what I was seeing.

A flowing dark shadow would move around the persons body, showing me that something was wrong with their blood. Sometimes a bone would flash and I could see that the bone was damaged or not forming properly.

I would know instinctively that something was not right with a person even though I had no words to explain it. The angels told me to keep watching them and not to take my eyes off them as they passed the window.

I didnt ask them why; as a child I would do what the angels told me to without questioning them. I knew I was being asked to help this father and daughter, so even when they were passing my window I was praying for them.

I didnt know what was going to happen, but I asked that it mightnt be too bad. As the man and his daughter cycled past the front of the house everything seemed to slow down, like a film in slow motion. A big doubledecker bus began to overtake them, and the next moment the little girl let out a scream and the man started to fall. Somehow, though, the child didnt fall off the bike. She had caught her foot in the spokes.

I watched the father carefully disentangle her little foot and leg from the buckled and bent wheel with his shaking hands. He carried the crying childshe was gently sobbing rather than screamingto the footpath just below the window where I was watching. Adults ran to help, including my mother.

I dashed down the stairs and out the door to see if she was okay. As usual no one took any notice of me. The little girls shoe had come off and her foot was all raw and bloody; the spokes had taken the skin off the sole of her foot, but there was nothing broken. I asked God and the angels to help her still. Even then, at five or six years old, I felt that I had a role to play in helping people.

I believed that because of my watching and praying as the father and daughter passed, something worse hadnt happened. Maybe she would have fallen under the bus, or fallen off and hit her head, but in the end she had only hurt her foot and, thanks be to God, she was all right. From then on there have been many occasions when I have felt I was put in a place to help, to prevent something from happening or, if I couldnt stop it happening completely, to make the situation a little better. This was part of the training that my angels were giving me; I may have had 16 problems learning in school, but I had no problems learning from the angels.

One day I was able to use this gift to help a friends da. Josie was my best friend. She lived up the road from me and I liked her because she was different tooshe had a stammer. In fact, she stammered quite badly, but when she was playing with me her problem practically disappeared, and then it would come back if anyone else joined us. She had long, straight reddish hair and green eyes and she was taller than me and very skinny.

Her da had a garage down the roadit wasnt like a gas station, or the garages we have nowadays; it was an enormous yard full of wrecked cars and car parts. Her da was always telling us not to play there, but there was a little space to the right as you went in the gate that hadnt much in it, and eventually he said we could play in there on the condition that we never went anywhere else in the yard. One lovely sunny day, a Sunday, we had our clean clothes on and were trying not to get them too dirty.

We were playing with our dolls in this little place in the yard and we were laughing and joking. I remember feeling the angels talking to me all the time and telling me to listen. I thought they meant that I should listen to them, but that wasnt what they meant this time.

Finally, they touched me to get my attention. I remember I stopped playing and listened.

Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne | dancindonna.info: Books

I thought I heard something, but I wasnt sure. When I asked Josie, she couldnt hear anything. So we went on playing, and the angels again said, Listen!

I listened again and got a strange feelingI cant describe it; it was as if I went into another time and space. I felt disoriented. As I listened I could hear Josies father calling for help very faintly in the distance. Josie couldnt hear anything. We were afraid to go down among the wrecked cars, which were stacked high, because we knew that we were strictly forbidden from going there, but I decided to go anyway, and Josie followed me.

As I followed an angel down through the wrecked cars, 17 I remember repeatedly saying, Please God, please angels, please let her da be all right! We found Josies father; a car had fallen on him and there was blood everywhere, but he was alive. I remember running off to get help and I think Josie stayed there. Im not sure where I ran to their house or my own.

Everyone came running. They sent us away because we werent allowed to be there when they were lifting the car off him, but I remember the ambulance coming. The hospital, St.

Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne: 'When people talk to me, they seem to get filled with light'

Jamess, was only up the road. Afterward he was all right. He got better. I thanked God and the angels that he was all right. Again, my angels had helped me to help someone. As I have said before, your angels are there to help you, and as you start to acknowledge that they exist, you will start to feel their touch in your life.

Angels have been touching you all along, willing you to realize that they are there. They want you to know that there is much more to life than there might seem to be. We do not live our lives on our own; we may be in a human body, but each of us has a soul that is connected to God.

Angels are connected to God, too; as soon as we call Gods name we empower the angels. In other words, we empower them to empower us. God has given us free will, and the angels will not overstep that. If we tell them to go away, if we say we dont want help, then God and his angels will step to one side. But they will not go away completely; they will wait somewhere nearby.

Angels in My Hair

Have you ever had an experience when you were heading off somewhere and you went right instead of left? Deep inside you knew that you should have gone left, and later you kick yourself for it. That would have been your angel whispering in your ear, telling you that you should go left. Angels are all around us, unseen and waiting to help. But they need to be asked for help. By asking we al- 18 low them to help us and we make the connection stronger between us and our angel. I realize now, after all these years, that I am an interpreter between angels and people, and as such I am frequently called on to intercede.

While I have a particular role, all of us have the power to ask the angels to help at any time. I have often asked the angels for help for my family. Things werent easy when I was growing up; by the time I was six, Mum had had three more babiestwo girls, Helen and Aoife, and a boy, Barryso there were five children.

On top of this, Mum was often unwell and was frequently in the hospital. When she went into the hospital, the family was divided up and sent away to her relatives. I was four when my older sister, Emer, and I first went to stay with my aunty Mary. She lived with her husband and three children not too far away. Although it may not have been many miles away from where we lived, to me it was a world apart.

When I first saw their house I thought it was a palace; it seemed enormous compared to our home. Everything in it was so luxurious and beautiful and it was warm, whereas our house felt damp and cold much of the time; here I could run around in my bare feet on the soft carpets. Mealtimes were incredibleloads of food served on a beautiful table laid with matching cups and plates that seemed to be so delicate I was afraid I would break them. Every meal was like a feastthere was so much food to choose from.

Hair lorna my pdf in angels byrne

One day I was asked if I would like a fry-up for breakfast, and I couldnt believe what I was given: sausages, fried egg, rashers, black pudding, tomatoes, and toastall for me! Nothing was halved or shared like at home. The best thing of all was the bathroom. I had a bath filled with hot water right up to the top of the bathtub: I felt like a princess. This visit was the first time I realized how poor we were. While we were staying at Aunt Marys, Mums parents came to visit and I was made to put on my good dressa greyish blue one 19 with smocking across the front.

I always loved wearing dresses and this was one of my favorites, so I was happy to put it on. I had only met my grandparents on a few previous occasions and I was very shy of them. They were both tall and looked like giants to me.

Although they were both big, Granny was fat, too, and she walked with a walking stick because she had had a stroke some years before. Sometimes when Mum was well, if the weather was good, we would go off and have a picnic in the Phoenix Parkan enormous wide-open space on the outskirts of Dublin, with deer and all kinds of wonderful things. It was about two miles from home so we could walk there without too much problem.

One Sunday when I was seven we all set off. Da pushed a bike with the picnic on the back carrier and Mum pushed my little baby brother, Barry, in a big oldfashioned stroller. Emer and I walked, and my two younger sisters, Helen and Aoife, alternated between walking and sitting up on the stroller with their legs dangling.