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Actions. Report. Keep Me (Twist Me #2) - Anna dancindonna.info KB. dancindonna.info KB. Zaires, Anna-Hold dancindonna.info KB. Captor and captive. Lovers. dancindonna.info're all that and dancindonna.info thought we were past the worst of it. We thought we finally had a dancindonna.info thought wrong. Book 3 in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance TrilogyCaptor and captive. Lovers. dancindonna.info're all that and dancindonna.info thought we.

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Keep Me and Hold Me are now available everywhere. No cliffhanger. Keep Me ( Twist Me #2) - Anna dancindonna.info KB. Hold Me (Twist Me. 1K. Oldest. Now you can choose what order you want to see comments in. Rene Gonzalez. Hold Me - Anna dancindonna.info KB. Twist Me - Anna dancindonna.info HOLD ME by Anna Zaires (Twist Me #3) Captor and captive. Lovers. Soulmates. We're all that and more. We thought we were past the worst of.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Final Debt. Pepper Winters.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Hold Me, book 3 of 3. Book 1: Twist Me Book 2: Keep Me Book 3: Amidst violence and rape, cocooned on a remote island, their attraction grew into more with Nora fighting her feelings and Julian taking whatever she would not give willingly.

Hold me, book 3 is the conclusion to their story with Nora growing up, standing up to Julian and coping with the trauma and her conflicting feelings for Julian. Seven words to describe Julian Esguerra: Determined, entitled, broken, flawed, ruthless, possessive and analytical. Seven words to describe Nora Leston: It ends with healing, compromise, sacrifice and love. View all 38 comments. View all 27 comments. So not gonna lie I am straight hung the fuck over from Christmas. Now don't get me wrong, the pain is not to THIS level: Meaning I And, as a result, I now find myself not wanting to leave my house - or bed to be specific - or socialize with anyone - including through the interwebs.

Anyway, m So not gonna lie Anyway, my whole point is this: I am so drained and mentally wasted right now that I have NO clue what to fucking say about this book and series except to say that I really loved it. All three books were just great, especially the last two when Julian and Nora's relationship is more defined.

I am really looking forward to reading more from this author, especially the upcoming spin-off from this series. Anyway, I'm off to go read some more. View all 35 comments. Coming June 9th! View all 12 comments. Update Can't believe it's the end of the trilogy. He and Nora go through some tought times Update He and Nora go through some tought times view spoiler [ miscarriage and Chicago mafia who wants to kill them hide spoiler ] and come at the end standing stonger than ever.

Loved the epilogue and can't wait for Lucas's story in Capture me. There will be a spoiler for Keep Me! My head begins to throb with remembered agony, my half-healed eye socket burning with emptiness once again. I feel blood and other fluids dripping down my face, and my stomach heaves at the recollection.

Physically, at least. No, my pet knew exactly what they were capable of, and she still had the courage to act. Deep down, I know, but I want to hear her admit it. She gazes at me, her eyes filled with shadows from her dream. You wanted me to love you, and I do. I love you so much that I would walk through hell for you.

I wanted her initially because of her resemblance to Maria, but my childhood friend had never evoked even a fraction of emotions Nora makes me feel. My affection for Maria had been innocent and pure, just like Maria herself.

My feelings for Nora are anything but. You are never to risk your life for me again. Do you understand me? This obviously calls for more heavy-handed measures.

Do you understand me, Nora?

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Do I make myself clear? My pet knows I mean what I say. View all 5 comments. There was not a boring moment in this book. I devoured it, practically reading it straight through.

A surprise pregnancy brings a softer, sweeter, side of Julian to the surface. Meanwhile, Nora struggles to come to terms with their lifestyle and what that will mean for a baby. Action-packed, this book stays true to character.

At the same time, 'Hold Me' shows a softer, more vulnerable side of this couple. Anything but ordinary, this couple finally seems to get their HEA. While the Series does have dark elements, this third book was far less dark than earlier books in the series. Nonetheless, there are scenes including rape. If that is a trigger for you, then this may be a story you want to avoid. If you enjoyed the first two books, then you won't want to miss this one!

View all 6 comments. This series is one of the first dark books I've ever read. Actually, I think it was the second dark book I read and it was just at the right time because I discovered an author I loved and a series of books I'll continue to read whenever I feel the need to mentally go back to a time when everything was peaceful and simple in my life.

Nora and Julian's story is passionate and inspiring to me, especially as a writer myself, Anna's books have caused bombs in my brains and when I hit the keyboard, I This series is one of the first dark books I've ever read. Nora and Julian's story is passionate and inspiring to me, especially as a writer myself, Anna's books have caused bombs in my brains and when I hit the keyboard, I hit it hard.

You won't regret it. Feel free to thank me later! If you don't release more of Nora and Julian, I will hunt you down, Anna Zaires and I will force a pen and paper in your hand and make you write! More, more, more! Sigh… And cherry on top, it was so enthralling, gripping, raw, thrilling, breathtaking I had literally to be reminded to breathe I could not put my Kindle down. Ok, enough rambling and inner monologue and more of Nora and Julian.

At the end of book 2, I had some questions needing answers: Will she overcome her anxiety of bearing a child? Will Julian lose his edge or hold his strong animal sex appeal? Will new threat arise???? How can she make it so interesting and keep the tension throughout the series?

Julian is raw, hot, commanding and is what you could call a anti-hero with his lack of morals. He takes what he wants. What he wanted and will always want is Nora. Julian has evolved from cold and detached predator in the first book to a still brutal but caring man all for Nora.

I want to be her hero, her savior. For just one night, I want to be the husband of her dreams. There was not as much action as inner reflection and life choice to make.

Nora has nightmares from her time with Malik. Only extreme brutal sex can soothe her. She also is very conflicted by her feelings. Nora is a very strong heroine as she as an incredible capacity to survive and adapt. How could she raise a child in such threatening environment? What kind of father would Julian be? What kind of role model would she be, the girl abducted by an arm dealer and completely in love with him? But as Rosa said: There are soldiers who live to a ripe old age, and office worker who die young.

You can choose to live every moment in fear, or you can enjoy life… Enjoy this baby you have growing inside you. Treasure it. If the beginning is steady, the pace accelerates tremendously: Daniel Craig could not do better. The only thing I regret is the end: I know, I never have enough of Julian and Nora… Sep 02, Mada Linx rated it it was ok. If upset, they fuck. If happy, they fuck. You fuck. No problem, take some fuck. These series went downhill for me.

Also, continuing with the series just made me dislike Nora more and more. Compared with the character from the first books, in this one Nora is plain and stupid. View all 4 comments.

Oh my gosh! I am going to miss Julian Esguerra and his delectable body. Seriously how cool can this guy be? I am going to miss Nora and her stubborn ass. I might find her annoying sometimes, but still I love the way she embraced Julian and his life. I am also going to miss Rosa. I was hoping that she and Lucas are going to happen but I saw that Lucas is going to be with Yulyia which is a bummer.

Anyways, I think this series is absolutely perfect and awesome. The action scenes, the plot, the sexy times, the complex relationship of Julian and Nora, the mild humor, and even the writing style. I wish Rosa would have a story.

I really love her character so much. The end Well, i embraced more drama of the added baby factor There's danger, action, more action and more drama But i somehow ended up unraveling the 'what might happen' to the secondary character Lucas Kent and the woman held as a traitor in his captivity after a fallout mission Nevertheless, i gulped this trilogy in no time and i bloody liked it!

I will be immersing myself into the Ah Leaving me with the man I love. Bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere. There are soldiers who live to a ripe old age, and office workers who die young. You can choose to live every moment in fear, or you can enjoy life. That he fell in love with me and now regrets having caused me suffering? That I came to mean so much to him that he now sees his actions as wrong? My captive.

My wife. My entire world. I will love her to the end of time, and I will never, ever let her go. Jan 12, Carvanz rated it really liked it Shelves: They totally sold me on this series. Each of their voices conveyed the darkness, the domination, the fear and the pain each of these characters experienced through the story. Absolutely stunning in every way! I grew to love each of these characters the deeper into the dark they went.

Without a doubt, I am now a fan of this trilogy and I am so curious to read more by this author. View 2 comments. Hold Me is the conclusion of the Twist Me series. I picked up this book just after it was released and pretty much devoured it just to see what happens in the end. Let me start by saying this book was slow.

The first pages are about Nora, her nightmares, her PTSD, her view spoiler [ unexpected pregnancy hide spoiler ] and her doubts about Julian's feelings. I found myself yawning after a certain point cause it felt like i was reading a contemporary flick and this was supposed to be dark rom Hold Me is the conclusion of the Twist Me series. I found myself yawning after a certain point cause it felt like i was reading a contemporary flick and this was supposed to be dark romance which it wasn't.

Zaires hold me epub anna

The story was pretty much vanilla and whatever plot there is happens near the end. Nora is trying to grow a backbone as Julian's wife and soon to be view spoiler [ mother hide spoiler ].

She wants them to be normal which is kinda impossible since Julian is an arms dealer and also the man who kidnapped her. Surprisingly he grows very sensitive when he hears the news of the view spoiler [ pregnancy hide spoiler ] but he continues to be controlling and menacing when it comes to Nora's safety and her right to have a life.

It was kinda funny to see him so gentle and careful with her in sex considering what he has put her through all this time, like for real, a doctor should inform him that view spoiler [ you can't have a miscarriage so easily during sex hide spoiler ]. I liked the fact that he was more open and understanding this time, and listened to Nora's needs but we still have the occassional threats a normal husband wouldn't say.

I own you. With me. Not out there. And when he agrees it goes like this: Was her Stockholm Syndrome so strong to prevent her from standing up to him? I didn't like how all the sudden she completely forgot the things he did to her and that wasn't okay.

Me epub hold anna zaires

Am i supposed to download that they are in love now? Does that makes it all right? Those things had to be addressed and Julian should have somehow express his remorse, like wasn't that the purpose of this book? No matter how hard they tried to be a normal couple i didn't feel it. Nora was still his submissive and he was her captor. As we drive to the club, I allow myself that daydream again, the one where Julian and I are a family.

It feels more real now, more substantial. For the first time, I can picture us raising our child together. We could make it work. She knows very well that his job put them both in danger numerous times and the one who makes the decisions is Julian, not her. They aren't equals and unfortunately by the end of the book i realized they'd never be. Also Nora is justifying Julian's killing pretty vigorously. I don't know if it's because she killed a man too but she perfectly agrees Julian is the one who has to serve justice by causing a bloodpath and she is just fine with it completely.

I guess being a mobster's wife requires such thinking.

Download Keep Me by Anna Zaires EPUB, PDF and other ^@(

In the final chapters i realize 3 books have been futile and pointless since Julian forces her to have anal sex with him and she is reluctant because she thinks he's punishing her for view spoiler [ so basically she starts crying and blaming herself, accepting the fact that she must be punished. Then he tells her he loved her since the beginning so it automatically erases all the nasty parts of their relationship, right?

Was it love when he abducted and raped her? Was it love when he nearly choked her during sex? Was it love when he forced her to get trackers? This book was kinda unnecessary, the story could have concluded in two books without too much drama and going back and forth. I liked the writing and some scenes but overall this failed to be a thrilling book like The Dark Duet series.

This was amazing! An absolutely brilliant end to the trilogy. As ever Julian is all kinds of twisted and he makes no apology for it. His obsession with Nora is super intense and he would do anything to keep her safe.

I adored his dark, possessive side. Nora is such a trooper, she goes through a lot in this book and she's grown so much from the girl she was in book 1.

I enjoyed this so much I'm going to re-read book 1. View all 3 comments. I was going to read this next but I didn't sleep very well after finishing book 2 and processing everything that could maybe have been from the pizza I had which was pretty rank.

I'm not taking any chances though. Update and review Moving on peeps. Initially my first impression of this I was going to read this next but I didn't sleep very well after finishing book 2 and processing everything that could maybe have been from the pizza I had which was pretty rank. Initially my first impression of this book was that it was pretty fucking depressing and has some real over the top moments.

But I'll get to those shortly. I still enjoyed it hence the 5 star review. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed this book although there were times I did wonder if a third book in the series was necessary.

It wrapped the series up tight so I guess that was why it was done. It is also an introduction to Lukas's books and his story to come The dynamics of Nora and Julian's relationship developed well and I was fascinated about how Ms. Zaires described them. Julian is missing an eye, he survived torture, a plane crash, a warehouse explosion.

Impressive right? Okay so it happened over a time span of two years. He's like a cat, has nine lives and all that shite. In ways I was surprised how demure this book was compared to the others. It is still an emotional read. We see how Nora and Julian grow. How Nora loses some of her innocence and her morality. I love you so fucking much it hurts. The loss that they felt brought me to my knees.

A rocket launcher and another explosion. I reckon he'll end up with the doctor Cubakis after he assassinated her husband of course. As he is on a rampage to kill everyone who is involved in the death of his wife and child. This series is similar to Monsters in the Dark but still so different in many ways.

This book, Hold Me , is the 3rd and final book in the Twist Me trilogy. I won't go into spoiling the first 2 books, but here's a basic backstory Julian kidnapped Nora and brought her to his private island simply because he "had to have her".

As the story goes, Julian wears Nora down until she eventually falls in love with him. Mixed in with all of that is the fact that Julian is a very dangerous man involved in weapons.

So you have international espionage, violence and torture mixed in, as well. Now here we are Hold Me Nora has come to terms with the fact that she is more than likely suffering from Stockholm's.

But she also craves the love and acceptance of her parents back home in Chicago even though they have no tolerance for Julian. Crux Untamed. I Do Babe: A Novella. Sweet Soul. Ravage Me. Ryan Michele. The Release. Roxy Sloane. Brutally Beautiful. Christine Zolendz. Beauty Found: A Novella Hades Hangmen 6. Cat Porter. Buttons and Shame. Buttons and Blame. Serena Grey.

River Savage. Forever Mine. Anna Zaires. Claim Me. Destiny Mine. Obsession Mine. Bind Me.

Hold Me (Twist Me, #3) by Anna Zaires

Close Remembrance The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 3. Volume 1. Dima Zales. The Krinar Captive. Capture Me: The Complete Trilogy. Close Obsession The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 2. The Elders Mind Dimensions Book 4. Swept Away. July How to write a great review.

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Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! We thought we were past the worst of it. We thought we finally had a chance. We thought wrong. In this series View all. Book 1. Book 2. Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 12 star ratings 12 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. The 3 part series kept me engolfed in the story the entire time.

I had to keep reading, couldnt put them down. I hope they turn these books into a movie. What a fantastic series.

Download Keep Me by Anna Zaires EPUB, PDF and other ^@(

I just loved it the story was so gripping and could'nt put it down until i finished the series. Loved this book was not sure how it would compare to the other books but it was great wish the story wouldn't end … Show more Show less.

I thought this was going to be an uncomfortable read and in parts it was. However, the author draws you in cleverly and stealthily.

From the moment Mia meets Julian, through the well described "uncomfy" bits; to the block-buster-movie penultimate bit and finally the quiet almost calm ending! I couldn't put my tablet down much to the annoyance of Mr Hubby!!! I m almost afraid to get Lucus' s story in case it's not as good Mr Hubby will banish me to the spare room!!! A fantastic read x … Show more Show less. I loved the trilogy.