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See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. Help for Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley on PSP. More help, hints . Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley guide .. download & Xbox Jailbreak download for free with Guide & Xbox Jtag Xbox Jailbreak. Introduction. Game Description If at first you don't succeed, try again several years later on a different system. Hero of Leaf Valley is a PSP.

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Harvest Moon; Hero of Leaf Valley - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or In the Character or Profile section of this Guide, where any Character is. Hero of Leaf Valley PSP General Guide/Walkthrough By . As indicated, the various traditional Harvest Moon activities in HoLV such as. Title: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley Guide Pdfgolkes, Author: ndolasunin, Name: Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley Guide Pdfgolkes.

Original Thread: Portable Cows - Harvest Moon: Legends by BigTUnit1. We like it too. Why not check out some similar LPs from our recommendations?

BradyGames' "Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands" "Official Strategy Guide" includes the following: Strategies on how to raise the sunken islands. Complete list of all crops, animals, gems, fish, and more. Learn everything you need to know about farming, ranching, fishing, and mining. Tips on how to fall in love and woo the games eligible characters. Nintendo DSGenre: Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Harvest Moon , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

Leaf hero harvest pdf guide moon of valley

Showing Rating details. Sort order. May 17, Ilib4kids rated it it was amazing Shelves: Panfhay rated it really liked it Sep 10, Herliana Siauw rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Rre Falcon rated it it was amazing Aug 30, Jason Kennett rated it liked it May 06, Lydia Smedry rated it really liked it Jan 29, Adriana Buvalova rated it really liked it Nov 11, Tobias rated it it was amazing Apr 23, The Dog therefore is a potential resource rather than an actual one at the start of the first Spring.

Feed him daily in order to gain his trust and be given the option ultimately to adopt him. Note that there are two stray dogs and it does not matter which one appears on your farm at any given time to eat from the bowl. You will be able to choose to adopt the one who appeals to you the most. Actual resources include a full set of basic Tools, 4 Potato Seeds and G. How you choose to spend this meagre sum is your business, but as an aspiring farmer, you may wish to use it to download additional seeds from Lyla.

Other resources include a basic Chicken Coop, a Barn, a Field for farming and a Meadow filled with ripened grass that can be cut with a Sickle to create Fodder. You will not have any ranch animals at the start of the first Spring, but the Chicken Coop contains an incubator where ANY Egg can be placed to hatch. Eggs are sold by Ronald at the local market for 70G, but if you agree to perform part-time work for him, he will give you G AND a fresh Egg.

Most of the local merchants offer part-time labour opportunities but you must apply at the proper time in order to be given the job! The old adage of 'the early bird catches the worm' applies. The reward for performing the simple tasks of collecting 6 eggs and filling 6 feeders is a good incentive to apply to him for part-time work as soon as possible.

Any part-time work takes a set amount of time. The clock will change automatically when you choose to end the job and you will receive your payment then. The Part-Time Work takes about two hours and the clock will reflect that. Part-time Work in general is an excellent way to make money at the start of the game. Another section gives the locations and times for every PartTime Job. You need to spend a few days exploring the Valley in order to meet every resident, become accustomed to the locations of Shops and private residences as well as important destinations such as the Goddess Spring.

Exploring the Valley will allow you to discover all the locations where you can find items in the wilds.

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley - Walkthrough/guide

Every significant location in Leaf Valley will be marked and an icon of your Character will appear, showing his current location. This is useful mainly to show the direction in which your Character currently is moving and his immediate surroundings. If you become lost, and this is very likely in the first couple of days, pressing the Triangle Button will take you home immediately Unfortunately, it will put you to bed as well! As in any Harvest Moon game, time is as valuable as money and it is better to return home to begin a new journey the next morning than to become hopelessly immersed in the complexities of an unfamiliar landscape.

The ability to be transported home instantly is of particular value at the end of the day. Sleep restores both Stamina and Fatigue resistance. When you become ill, you catch a Cold and with a Cold, you will be unable to perform for a full day. To reduce or eliminate the risk of awakening with a Cold, restore your Fatigue Resistance Levels before you go to bed at night. Certain items found in the Wilds will reduce Fatigue Levels.

Among these are Red Herb and Pontata Root. As a matter of fact, when your Character reaches dangerously low Energy Levels, every Character he meets will comment on the fact. Dia's remark is one of the more entertaining, demonstrating her rather self-centred attitude: Dia: Oh, it's you again. What have you come to do in such a tired state?

Of all the items that you can download from the start of the game, it is the AP Medicine that restores the most Energy and will act both on your Stamina and your Fatigue. The price, at G, however, is quite high and it is better to use lesser items to advantage whenever possible. Restoring your Energy Levels Your greatest enemy in the early stages of the game will be the frailty of your own body and your limited Stamina and Fatigue Resistance.

Knowing how to restore both is critical to your success. Food downloadd at local restaurants is a good source of energy but you must have a decent amount of income in order to be able to afford it. Cooked Dishes as always are far more effective than raw items or ingredients but in order to download a Kitchen, you first must expand your Farmhouse.

This will not be possible until you have saved both sufficient money and lumber. After expanding your House, you will be able to invest in a Bathroom and Toilet. A Bath will restore half of your total Stamina and reduce your Fatigue by one-quarter. Using the Toilet simply restores one-tenth of your Stamina. In the early days, however, it will be through foraging that you will obtain items to restore your Stamina and reduce your Fatigue. Another possibility that exists whenever the weather is fine is the power of Harvest Goddess to restore either all your Stamina or all your Fatigue Resistance.

Toss an acceptable Offering into the Spring and she may grant your 'Wish'. Unfortunately, her power is inconsistant and sometimes her spells fail completely.

Even when the Wish fails, her Friendship will increase, making it a valuable opportunity that should not be neglected, irrespective of the result. Items found in the Wilds As you explore the landscape, you need to be alert for items that can be gathered both from the ground and from Trees.

Whenever you see an icon of a Hammer over a Tree, you can equip your Hammer and strike it once to bring items to the ground. These items include both Fruits and Insects of different varieties.

Insects may be detested by most Characters and have little monetary value even to the Insect Collector, Tim, but they are the key to one Story Quest. Tim will pay 10G for Insects and in the first week, your Character will be grateful for any additional earnings. A list of items that can be found in the Wilds with their ordinary selling price, Energy Values if any , locations and seasons follows. In some seasons, items can be worth more to specific merchants. Where items are limited to specific Seasons, that information will be included.

You can assume that, where no seasonal information is given, the item can be found in every Season. Save your Grass as you will be able to transform it into a more valuable item using a machine later. Of all the items found in the Wilds in the first Spring, Red Herb is one of the only ones that acts to diminish your Fatigue.

Woody will hint of this if you give him a Red Herb. Woody for Red Herb: Oh, thanks. This is good for when you're tired. How to Use your Items Whenever you acquire an Item, you will find that it can be used in a variety of ways.

In many cases, items are edible and can be used to restore Energy even when raw. Using these items as ingredients in Cooked Dishes, however, will be far more efficacious in terms of restoring Energy Levels. Until you have expanded your House and downloadd a Kitchen, however, you will be unable to Cook.

Where an Item is available only in specific Seasons, you may wish to store it for future use in a Cooked Dish. Items often can be sold to more than one merchant or given to satisfy a merchant's Request. Whenever you access the 'Sell' Menu, every item in your Rucksack that is eligible for download will be displayed with the quantity.

The 'Wanted Items' List is a list of special items that the Merchant needs. Some of these can command fairly high prices. Every 'Delivery Request' is time-limited with an expiration date. If you fail to make the Delivery in time, the Request will be void. You therefore should accept as many Delivery Requests as you can. There are a number of different resources to use in determining the weather in the future. The television airs a Weather Programme on Channel 2.

The Calendar on your Wall is colourcoded to show weather trends. Blue indicates damp weather, while weeks with sunny trends are displayed in yellow. A trend never lasts longer than seven days. Again, a 'trend' does not guarantee a specific weather condition on a specific day. Gina: I think it would be best to check tomorrow's weather on the television.

Incidentally, this is an example of valuable information that can be discovered when you meet and greet your neighbours on a regular basis.

When playing any Harvest Moon game, your attention to detail. Sooner or later, a Character or a resource within the game iteself will tell you everything you need to know. No trend will last more than seven days or a full week. A Dry Period may last for seven days, but a Rainy Period never lasts more than five. Remember that these are trends rather than certain conditions but there are general rules that apply to each.

Crops MUST be watered daily or they will wilt. Effects of Rain The effects of rain can be either positive or negative, depending on the situation. On a rainy day, you will not need to water any of your Crops. On the other hand, in Leaf Valley, you run the risk of losing a Crop if you plant the seeds on a rainy day. Rain can cause seeds that have not sprouted to be washed away. Lyla: Freyr, even if you bought seeds today, you shouldn't plant them right away.

There's a chance that the rain will wash them away. Just be careful of that. Animals who are taken outside or left outside in the rain are unhappy and may become ill. Your own Character is more susceptible to illness if he works in the rain. Stamina loss and increase in Fatigue both are greater when tools are used on a rainy day. You cannot visit the Forest on a rainy day. Chester makes an interesting comment on the Weather: Chester: Rainy seasons, dry seasons People tend to focus on negative aspects, but it's all about perspective.

If it's dry, you know that you always can let your animals outside. If it's rainy, you know that your plants will not require watering.

Event Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley Psp Pdf – BaseDroid

It's all up to how you approach things. That's why I'd like to tell you a wonderful story about the Harvest Goddess. It should only take about 60 hours, so just let me know when you want to hear it.

Farming Strategies As there are Weather Trends in HoLV and you can refer to your Calendar to study them, you should be able to use the information to advantage. In particular, it is best to plant Multiple Harvest Crops as early in the Season as possible to be able to obtain the maximum harvest for each. A specific plant may not last forever, however, and you may be forced to replant the Crop when it withers. When selling your Crops, always try to be aware of the 'Wanted' Items List in every Shop, so that you can take the Crops to the Merchants who will pay the highest price at any point in time.

Early Benefits of Part-Time Work You will find the actual schedule of all Part-Time Jobs in another section of this Guide, but it is useful to know which items do not need to be downloadd, as your funds will be limited in the early stages.

Working once for him will give you both cash and a fresh Egg as a Bonus. You can incubate the Egg to obtain your first Ranch Animal. Obtaining a Chicken as quickly as possible will aid you in this Quest. As soon as your first Chick hatches, pop another Egg into your Incubator. You can keep a total of three Chickens in your initial Chicken Coop. An egg takes three days to hatch and a Chick takes a week to mature into an Adult Chicken who will lay eggs.

Taking an Animal outside in fine weather improves your Chances of obtaining a Gold Product. When a Chick matures into an adult Chicken, she will not lay an Egg the first day. It is only on the second day that she will begin to lay Eggs.

Valley leaf guide harvest pdf hero moon of

It is extremely inexpensive so stock up on a good supply for use when needed. Although Milk is your regular Bonus when you work for him, accepting his job regularly can result in a far more valuable 'bonus'.

Valley guide moon leaf harvest hero pdf of

Take care of his Livestock and raise his FP additionally by talking to him and giving him Gifts. He likes Fodder, by the way, which you can cut from the Meadow on your Homestead. You then will experience an Event in the first Summer wherein he will offer you a Horse from his own Stable. If you prefer one colour over another, boost that Horse's affection a little more when you perform your tasks for him. You will be given the Horse with the highest FP.

There are hidden benefits to Part-Time Work as well.

Harvest Moon Hero of the Leaf Valley - Get Horse and Dog in 1 Day

It is only by accepting Rudolph's Part-Time Job at the Dig Site that you will unlock the freedom to mine for yourself and by accepting Woody's Part-Time Job in the Forest that you ultimately will be given the right to chop Trees for Lumber for yourself. You only need to work for a few days in each of these to unlock Mining and Logging respectively. For example, after working for Rudolph for a few days, he will tell you: Rudolph: Well, I don't have any more work for you.

You're free to mine on your own and keep whatever you find, though. Part-Time Jobs take a specific amount of time to complete, even though the clock will not run while you are performing your tasks if the labour is conducted inside a building.

For example, when you take care of Ronald's Chickens, you will need at least two hours to complete all the tasks, although the clock will not change until you confront Ronald for your wages.

You can accept Part-Time Work at the last possible moment but it will end automatically at a specific time.

You can accept Bob's Job at 4. Money is not the only consideration when working Part-Time. It is better to quit before you have lost too much energy and to accept a smaller sum in consequence than to run yourself into the ground. When working with the Livestock, the main priority is to raise the Friendship Levels of the Animals and to increase Bob's FP as well if you wish to be given a Horse in the early Summer. If you do not have sufficient time to care for all the Livestock, focus on the Horse that appeals to you most.

Schedules of Shops and Local Businesses Local businesses and shops all have their own schedules, although all shops are shut on Festival Days and Holidays. It is important to know the schedules of each business in the Valley so that you do not make a fruitless trip to a shop that is shut for the day.

Furthermore, much of your early income will be derived from part-time labour at local shops and businesses. The hours when an application for parttime labour on any given day can be made are fixed and are not the same as the hours of business. Part-time jobs only last a single day. If you wish to be hired for the same job again, you must re-apply on the next day at the proper time. Many businesses offer the option if you visit at the proper time and speak directly to the owner or manager.

Examine all of the posters on the walls of any Shop or signs posted in any area to discover if and when part-time jobs are being offered.

Guide of leaf harvest moon hero pdf valley

When you are finished with all the tasks you were asked to perform, either speak to your employer or attempt to leave the site. You then will be asked if you have finished work for the day. If you respond that you have, you will be paid. Each part-time job offers a sum of money and a bonus in the form of a useful item or items that are connected with the job.

When you work for Ronald caring for his Chickens, he will give you an Egg as a bonus. Bob will give you Small Milk. Rudolph at the Dig Site will give you any Mineral Crystals you find in the rocks. You can work in the Kitchen at Clove Villa. When working for Woody, you will be able to keep any Mushrooms that you find, but will not be allowed to keep the Lumber. The amount of money you will receive as your wage will depend on the amount of work that you complete. If you quit while tasks remain undone, you will be paid but the amount will be less than it would be otherwise.

Furthermore, as previously indicated, this is the only way to unlock the Mine and the Forest. Accept Rudolph's offer of work to learn the strategies required to maximise your results in the Mine. When you give fish to Ponta, you can receive Fish Recipes from him.

Watching the Cooking programme on the television is another means of expanding your Cookbook. Seekinng lovers of chickens! See Ronald for details. Interact with animals! See Bob for details.

Apply now to work among the trees! See Woody from 9. Except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Part-Time Mining Work Now hiring! Seeking strong, young applicants! Daily Wage: G plus bonuses. Monday-Friday 9 a. See Rudolph for details. Part-Time Kitchen Help Now hiring!

Part-Time Chef needed! Monday-Friday, 10 a. See Martha for details. Octopath Traveler coming to PC in.. Activision announces amazing mile.. Big anniversary update bringing l..

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