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Easy instructions for how to gift a kindle book, some great tips for how to creatively wrap ebooks, and a few other great ideas for digital book. But today, you're likely to find that many friends are reading their books on an e- reader like the Nook, Kindle, or iPad. Gifting someone with an. You can't. You do not have the right to give away intellectual property you don't own. You don't own the digital book, you bought the right to.

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You can send or receive Kindle books as gifts even if you do not own an site device. Recipients can read a Kindle book gift on a supported site device. You can receive Kindle books as gifts even if you do not own a Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader. If you do not have a supported site device registered to your . Online shopping for Give Kindle Books from a great selection at Kindle Store Store. Give the Gift of Kindle Books. Give the Kindle books they want, delivered .

When you receive a Kindle book as a gift, you can accept it immediately and read it on your supported site device or the Kindle reading app. You can receive Kindle books as gifts even if you do not own a Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader. If you do not have a supported site device registered to your account, you can download a free Kindle reading app after you accept your gift. See www. If you do not live in the same country as the person who gave you the Kindle book gift, the book may not be available to you due to copyright restrictions.

Gifting someone with an e-book is a lot easier than it seems, but will vary depending on which e-reading device he or she owns.

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Here's how to do it based on what kind of e-reader they own. During the download process, you can set a delivery date, so that the recipient receives your gift on his or her birthday or other special occasion. When the e-book gift is received, your friend will have the option to redeem the book or trade it in for a gift card or Nook app.

Kindle Head to site and find the Kindle version of the book you want to gift. Then click the "Give as Gift" button.

You can choose to e-mail the e-book gift to the recipient with a future delivery date, or print out a voucher which you can then place in a greeting card. One approach is to find out if they read on the Kindle or Nook app. If you don't want to tip them off, though, gift them with a book from Apple's iBooks instead.

How to give a single Kindle book to multiple recipients

To gift a book from iBooks, launch the iBooks apps from an iOS device. Find the book you want, tap the share button the one that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it , and choose "Gift.

There are some truly wonderful books out there that only get published digitally. Ebooks make excellent budget-friendly gifts I love independent bookstores.

I owned a small business for seven years, and I know how tough it is to make a go of it. Ebooks are often cheaper than their print counterparts.

How to give an e-book as a gift

Here are some fun ideas to make sure your loved ones actually have something to open other than an email. Or you could use this clever idea , only re-paint your tin with the title of the book. Want to go the extra mile with a book-related mug? Check out these amazing Harry Potter mugs , fantastic sci-fi mugs , or these generally awesome bookish mugs.

They were the really special gifts, like a a trip to a show downtown, or breakfast out at my favorite restaurant.

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Then write the title of the Kindle book you bought on the front, and a little personal note if you want on the back. Wrap the whole thing up. Go to the Kindle Books section.

Kindle gift book

Take your pick. Add the item to your basket. Indicate that the book is a gift.

This way the e-book will be sent to your e-mail address after download. Pick a date. Choose the delivery date you wish the Kindle Book to be sent. The e-book can be delivered on any specific date you want. You can add a special touch to your gift by writing a personal message on the text field provided on the page.

Confirm the download. To make sure that your gift has reached its destination, the person you sent the gift to will be prompted to confirm receiving the Kindle Book that you bought. As of Dec.

Kindle gift book

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful No, the book is added to their Fireplace, where they can add it to their Kindle.