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DD FORM FILLABLE EPUB – dd form 2 fillable. By Posted on March 27, DD FORM FILLABLE EPUB - dd form 2 fillable. Fillable Dd Form - Travel Voucher Or. PDF Optimize. Dd fillable pdf download. DD FORM Fillable EPUB. Other Features. Department of. Dd form 11 fillable beautiful sample 11 examples in word of.. | dd form 2 fillable and savable. DD FORM CONTINUATION SHEET.

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A DD is a travel voucher or sub-voucher used by US Department of Defense (DOD) employees to claim travel costs. The person completing the form . SPLIT DISBURSEMENT: The Paying Office will pay directly to the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) contractor the portion of your reimbursement. Travel voucher or subvoucher dd form 2 sample travel voucher form resizec sensational dd format travel.

Requires court documents or proof of physical custody of the dependent children. Single Soldier with dependent child divorced with physical custody or single parent. OHA is prorated for partial months. Family Separation Allowance FSA FSA is a non-taxable allowance payable to married or single Soldiers who have children in their custody at the time of call to active duty and are separated from them involuntarily for more than 30 consecutive days. FSA is payable from the first day of separation and will be retroactively paid after 30 days separation. Entitlement begins the day of departure from home and stops the day before returning to home or home station for mobilization.

You may be eligible for reduced interest rates on mortgages and debts c. One function of the SRP is to ensure your pay account is accurate. It is critical that you process through an SRP at home station. It is also critical that you have the following documentation in your deployment packet and an extra copy for your personal records.

Your unit will provide most of the documentation. You 11 are responsible to have all required documents in your possession at the mobilization station and while on active duty. Make sure your name, SSN, and address are correct on the order. The address on the mobilization order is used to determine your BAH rate. The other function of the SRP at home station is starting your mobilization pay. Verify that your orders were input for pay.

Never give anyone your last copy! One-on-one Finance Interview At the mobilization station, finance personnel will conduct a one on one interview with you to review your pay account and ensure that all your entitlements started. You have an opportunity at this station to make corrections. If it is determined at the mobilization station that you will not deploy, your mobilization order must be rescinded or you must have an order releasing you from active duty to stop payment of your active duty pay.

It is very important that you monitor your Leave and Earning Statements LESs to verify that your active duty pay stopped. If you are overpaid, notify your unit and do not spend the money you received in error. Overpayments will be collected once Finance is made aware that you did not deploy.

Pay Issues while Deployed If you have any pay problems after moving to your deployed location, contact your first-line leader and seek assistance from your unit administrative staff. Most units will have a Human Resource Specialist acting as a liaison between your unit and the local finance unit. The local finance unit is responsible for ensuring your entitlements are paid in a timely manner.

It is very important that Finance is aware of any change to your deployment status due to illness or injury i. Your chain of command is responsible to notify finance to prevent overpayments and collections.

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Obtaining Cash While Deployed While deployed there will be various ways to obtain cash based on your location. Be prepared! The ECC works like a prepaid debit card tied into your bank account. You can also use the card to receive funds from the local finance office and transfer money to the Savings Deposit Program. Although all Soldiers are required to receive an ECC, use of the card is voluntary.

Afghanistan has very few ATMs. Bring checks. You may be eligible for a Casual Pay CP , receiving money earned on an entitlement that has yet to be paid. If you receive a CP, the entire amount will be collected from your next available pay. Ideally, the entitlement will pay at the same time the CP is collected; however, it is important to notify any persons monitoring your account that the deduction will occur.

Financial Assistance If you experience financial hardship while mobilized and need help with your household, food, or other family related expenses, financial assistance is available through the Red Cross or Army Emergency Relief AER. Soldiers on active duty for a minimum of thirty days may be eligible to receive an interest free loan or a monetary grant.

Demobilization During demobilization you will out-process through Finance and Personnel. Proper out-processing is very important. Failure to out-process may result in pay errors, collections and future debts. Be sure to have copies of all documents affecting your entitlements, including pay and travel documents received while mobilized.

Finance personnel will review your pay account and make any adjustments needed. Be sure to identify any unresolved pay problems that you have. If for some reason the demobilization station did not stop your mobilization pay, your unit can forward these copies to the UPC. If your unit cannot resolve the issue, they must elevate your problem to the RSC Finance Division supporting your location see chapter 1, paragraph 2 b.

Soldiers are encouraged to utilize their pay chain of command to resolve pay problems but should contact their supporting RSC when they feel that it is taking their chain too long to resolve their problem. All overpayments will be collected once Finance is notified of the error.

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Chapter 7 Travel Importance of travel orders You must have valid orders to receive travel entitlements. Inaccurate travel orders are a recurring problem in the USAR resulting in over or underpayment of travel entitlements. Protect yourself by taking the time to read the guidance below to understand your entitlements. Ensure that your orders are accurate regarding your home address, duty length and the availability of government meals and lodging. The type and length of your orders determines your travel status: a.

Periods of days or more in one location are PCS. The per diem rate consists of a maximum amount allowed for lodging, meals and a flat Incidental Expense IE rate. Per diem rates are determined by the availability of government lodging and meals, duration and type of duty and duty location. You may be entitled to one or more of the following while TDY 1.

Mileage reimbursement. Per diem meals and lodging. Reimbursement for other authorized expenses rental car, parking, etc.

Epub dd form 1351-2

Methods of Publishing Travel Orders. The type of duty you will perform determines how you receive your travel orders. For unit AT, per diem is not payable when government quarters and meals are provided at no cost.

Reimbursement for cost of government quarters is authorized not to exceed the maximum lodging rate for the TDY location.

You may choose to use commercial lodging. Your reimbursement is limited to the government quarters lodging rate if you use commercial lodging without obtaining a statement of non-availability of government quarters from the installation housing office.

Your reimbursement is limited to the actual lodging cost incurred not to exceed the maximum lodging rate authorized for the TDY location. The IE is payable for duty outside commuting distance except when duty is under field conditions. Unit AT is generally considered duty under field conditions. Meal portion of per diem Meal rates are determined by the availability of government meals, quarters and duty location.

Payable when government meals are not available or directed. Payable when government meals are available at additional cost. This rate is payable to Soldiers who purchase meals in a government dining facility or other government source. The GMR normally changes on 1 Jan of each year.

Payable when government quarters and only 1 or 2 government meals are available daily.

Deductible meals are meals provided without charge to you but at a cost to the government. Soldiers must indicate the number of deductible meals consumed on the travel voucher. Examples of deductible meals are meals provided without charge in a dining facility, meals included in a registration fee, and meals included in the cost of a room.

MREs are not deductible meals unless they are the only meals available.

Form epub dd 1351-2

Meals provided without charge by lodging facilities or on an aircraft are not deductible meals. The PMR is paid on days when 1 or 2 deductible meals are available. Add one day for partial distances exceeding 51 miles. The constructed cost includes airfare, transportation costs to and from the terminal and parking at the terminal.

Soldiers traveling by commercial transportation are authorized mileage to and from the transportation terminal. This is known as local travel.

Dd Travel Voucher Form

You will not receive per diem. You are authorized movement of household goods and dependents to the PCS location if you desire. Be aware that your BAH rate will be based on your PCS location even if you do not move your dependents or household goods. Contingency Operations travel allowances 1. Soldiers performing duty under 10 USC or orders are authorized per diem based on availability of government quarters and lodging.

When both quarters and lodging are provided without charge, only the IE is payable. Travel is paid using a DD Travel is paid using DTS. Soldiers performing duty outside of a designated combat zone on 10 USC d orders of over days in one location are in a PCS status.

See paragraph F-8 for PCS entitlements. Chapter 8 Travel Payments Methods of Payment. The type of duty you will perform determines how you receive your travel advance if needed and authorized , along with per diem and transportation payment. The active duty order also serves as the travel order.

Soldiers mobilized involuntarily in support of contingency operations submit travel advance and settlement claims to the Contingency Travel branch of DFAS Indianapolis. Soldiers on CO-ADOS orders in support of a contingency operation performing duty in a non-combat zone area normally use DTS to request travel advances and create travel vouchers. Travel Advances. Soldiers on active duty in support of contingency operations are exempt from using the GTCC.

If DFAS does not receive your voucher within 90 days of completion of travel, they will collect the amount advanced from your pay. Normally, travel advances are processed by Contingency Travel within 72 hours upon receipt and are sent to the same EFT as your travel settlements, which may be your military pay account, or another account you had provided the servicing travel office.

It is important to note that under contingency operations, government sponsored travel charge cardholders are entitled to travel advances rather than using the travel charge card in order to reduce delinquent travel charge accounts. Travel Reimbursement Initiating payment of your travel entitlements requires completing a travel voucher.

Local travel inside commuting distance of duty location, no travel orders required Process claims in DTS. Soldiers assigned to commands that have not mandated use of DTS submit claims for local travel using Standard Form If using an SF , your unit should complete it and submit it to the approving official. The mileage is paid with your Basic Pay and allowances.

Soldiers performing TDY longer than 30 days must file accrual travel vouchers at the end of each month to receive payment for travel entitlements earned to that point. Required supporting documentation include: o A document providing an explanation of the item s that were not paid on the original DD If you do not have the receipts, provide a written statement attesting to the accuracy of items claimed. Statements should reflect the same information that would have been on the receipt.

Soldiers who have government quarters and meals provided may opt to file for the incidental portion of their per diem entitlement or receive all of it after completing the TDY since the amount payable is nominal.

Do not file separate TDY vouchers when you are filing accrual vouchers. Rental car must be authorized in the order.

Submitting travel claims. If using DTS, your bank information must be established in your profile. Remember to include a new SF A if your bank account changed since the last time you submitted a DD The traveler must indicate how much of the travel settlement is to be paid to the GTCC for expenses charged to it during travel.

Box 17 covers your duration of travel. It is here that you will itemize all expenses for which you will be reimbursed. For Department of Defense employees who are traveling for work, this travel voucher is the only means through which you can seek compensation. The first step is fill in box 1, indicating what type of payment your voucher will be credited. Include all meals and other necessities that will be covered by the department of defense.

If you were a passenger in a car or used alternative transportation, check Passenger. Box 15 is to be used to document your travel itinerary, including the dates and mode of all travel completed.

You must indicate the travel costs of each separate trip and the mileage of each individual trip. This voucher must be filled in order for reimbursement for travel expenses paid out of the pocket of the military member. After completing the form, you must attach receipts for certain expenses that you are claiming reimbursement.

Epub dd form 1351-2

Identify your mode of transportation in boxes 16 and These cookies only collect personal data when you opt in to the PDF editor. If you fill the form out online, email it to the Claims department of the Defense Agency Accrual ds.

FEMA even has a helpful guide on how individual travelers can prepare their travel vouchers. One thing to keep in mind is the amount of information required for the form.

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