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This set of Basic Electrical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers focuses on “Inductance in Terms of Flux Linkages Per Ampere”. 1-Which of the following motors is used in ceiling fan? (A) Universal motor. (B) Synchronous motor. (C) Series motor. (D) Induction motor. Electrical Engineering Objective Questions MCQ. March 23, level of education. From basic electrical questions to advanced topics.

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BASIC ELECTRICAL MOSTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PDF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IMPORTANT 80 MCQ PDF FOR VIZAG MT. Answer have given by bold option. QElectron-hole pair are produced by (a) recombination (b) thermal energy (c) ionization (d)doping. Q electrical engineering multiple choice questions and answers pdf Dear Electrical students, We provide Basic Electrical Engineering multiple.

We provide you chapter wise test session and overall mock test to enhance your preparation. By using electrical engineering mcqs application, you can prepare your electrical engineering related jobs test. You can also prepare you electrical engineering interview questions. You can find past exam tests of electrical engineering. If you find any problem related question and answers please report us and Kindly share your feedback with us

In a voltage divider biased npn transistor, if the upper voltage-divider resistor the one connected to VCC opens, a the transistor goes into cutoff b the transistor goes into saturation c the transistor burns out d the supply voltage is too high.

In a voltage divider biased npn transistor, if the lower voltage-divider resistor the one connected to ground opens, a the transistor goes into cutoff b the transistor goes into saturation c the transistor burns out d the supply voltage is too high. A certain common-emitter amplifier has a voltage gain of If the emitter bypass capacitor is removed, a The circuit will become unstable b the voltage gain will decrease c the voltage gain will increase d The Q-point will shift.

The JFET is a a unipolar device b a voltage-controlled device c a current controlled device d the supply voltage is too high. The channel of JFET is between the a gate and drain b drain and source c gate and source d input and output. A JFET always operates with a gate to source pn junction reverse-biased b gate to source pn junction forward-biased c the drain connected to ground d the gate connected to source.

For an oscillator to properly start, the gain around the feedback loop must initially be a 1 b less than 1 c greater than 1 d equal to B. IDSS is a the drain current with the source shorted b the drain current at cutoff c the maximum possible drain current d the midpoint drain current. Drain current in the constant-current area increases when a the gate-to-source bias voltage decreases b the gate-to-source bias voltage increases c the drain to source voltage increases d the drain to source voltage decreases.

At cutoff, the JFET channel is a at its widest point b completely closed by the depletion region c extremely narrow d reverse-biased. A thyristor has a two pn junctions b three pn junctions c four pn junctions d only two terminals.

The specified value of holding current for an SCR means that a the device will turn on when the anode current exceeds this value b the device will turn off when the anode current falls below this value c the device may be damaged if the anode current exceeds this value d the gate current must equal or exceed this value to turn the device on. The diac is a a thyristor b a bilateral, two terminal device c like two parallel 4-layer diodes in reverse directions d all of these.

The triac is a like a bidirectional SCR b a four-terminal device c not a thyristor d answers a and b. An Integrated circuit IC op — amp has a Two inputs and two outputs b one input and one output c two inputs and one output d None of these.

Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers

Which of the following characteristics does not necessarily apply to an op-amp? A differential amplifier a Is part of an op —amp b Has one input and one output c Has two outputs d Answers a and c. When an op- amp is operated in the single — ended mode, a the output is grounded b one input is grounded and a signal is applied to the other c both inputs are connected together d the output is not inverted.

In the differential mode, a Opposite polarity signals are applied to the inputs b The gain is 1 c The outputs are different amplitudes d Only one supply voltage is used. In the common mode, a Both inputs are grounded b The outputs are connected together c An identical signal appears on both inputs d The output signals are in phase.

Common — mode gain is a Very high b Very low c Always unity d Unpredictable.

[EEE] ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

With zero volts on both inputs, an op-amp ideally should have an output equal to a The positive supply voltage b The negative supply voltage c Zero d The CMRR. Of the values listed, the most realistic value for open — loop gain of an op-amp is a 1 b c 80dB d , The input offset current is a nA b For an op-amp with negative feedback, the output is a Equal to the input b Increased c Fed back to the inverting input d Fed back to the non-inverting input.

The use of negative feedback a Reduces the voltage gain of an op-amp b Makes the op-amp oscillate c Makes linear operation possible d Answers a and c. A certain non-inverting amplifier has an Ri of 1. The closed-loop gain is a , b c d A certain inverting amplifier has a closed-loop gain of The op-amp has an open-loop gain of , If another op-amp with an open-loop gain of , is substituted in the configuration, the closed-loop gain a Doubles b Drops to A voltage-follower a Has a gain of 1 b Is non-inverting c Has no feedback resistor d Has all of these.

The bandwidth of an ac amplifier having a lower critical frequency of 1 kHz and an upper critical frequency of 10 kHz is a 1 kHz b 9 kHz c 10 kHz d 11 kHz.

Engineering basic mcq pdf electrical

A summing amplifier can have a Only one input b Only two inputs c Any number of inputs d None of these. If the voltage gain for each input of a summing amplifier with a 4. In an integrator, the feedback element is a a Resistor b Capacitor c Zener diode d Voltage divider. In a differentiator, the feedback element is a Resistor b Capacitor c Zener diode d Voltage divider.

The output of differentiator is proportional to a The RC time constant b The rate at which the input is changing c The amplitude of the input d Answers a and b. When you apply a triangular waveform to the input of a differentiator, the output is a A dc level b An inverted triangular waveform c A square waveform d The first harmonic of the triangular waveform.

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An oscillator differs from an amplifier because a It has more gain b It requires no input signal c It requires no dc supply d It always has the same output. Wein bridge oscillator are based on a Positive feedback b Negative feedback c The piezoelectric effect d High gain. One condition for oscillation is a A phase shift around the feedback loop of b A gain around the feedback loop of one-third c A phase shift around the feedback loop of 0 d A gain around the feedback loop of less than 1.

In a Wein —bridge oscillator, if the resistance in the positive feedback circuit are decreased, the frequency a Decreases b Increases c Remains same d None of these. The operation of a relaxation oscillator is based on a The charging and discharging of a capacitor b A highly selective resonant circuit c A very stable supply voltage d Low power consumption.

Engineering mcq pdf basic electrical

One of the following generations of IC contained hundreds of transistors on each chip. One of the following generations of IC contained tens of thousands of transistors. Which of the following logic circuit takes data from a single source and distributes it to one Of several output lines? Which logic device is called distributor?

A demultiplexer with 4-bit select input has a one data input and four data output lines b one data input and eight data output lines c one data input and ten data output lines d one data input and sixteen data output lines. A combinational logic circuit which is used to send data coming from a single source to two or more separate destinations is called a decoder b encoder c multiplexer d demultiplexer. A flip-flop has two outputs which are a always zero b always one c always complementary d all of the above.

A flip-flip can store a one bit of data b two bits of data c three bits of data d any number of bits of data. A sequential logic circuit consists of a only flip-flops b only gates c flip-flops and combination logic circuits d only combinational logic circuits. The output of a logic gate is 1 when all its inputs are at logic 0. The number of rows in the truth table of a 4- input gate is, a 4 b 8 c 12 d LVDT is a …. Thermocouples are ………..

Bourdon tubes have the advantages of a high accuracy and good dynamic response b high sensitivity and good repeatability c not being prone to shock vibrations d not being susceptible to hysteresis.

A transducer is basically a device which converts a mechanical energy into electrical b energy or information from one form to another c mechanical displacement into electrical d none of these. The principle of operation of LVDT is based on variation of a self inductance b mutual inductance c reluctance d permeance.

Self generating transducers are ………transducers. The transducer that converts the input signal into the output signal, which is a continuous function of time, is known as …………transducer.


In semiconductor strain gauges, the change in resistance on application of strain is mainly on account of change in a length of wire b diameter of wire c resistivity d both a and b. The drawback of semiconductor strain gauges are a low fatigue life b poor linearity c that they are expensive and brittle d none of these.

A strain gauge is a passive transducer and is employed for converting a mechanical displacement into a change of resistance b pressure into a change of resistance c force into displacement d none of the above. Ramji Ahir. I have passed with B.. Muje pdf send kardo…plz. Mail id-sanket. Plz send all electrical mcq in pdf. Please send me all electrical engineering question in pdf format to my mail id: Please sent me silambarasand01 gmail. Thanks a lot. Please send me the book pdf at mail2mbabar gmail.

Please send me Electrical engineering all pdf files. My mail ID is krishnadash. Sir I will be grateful to you. Emal id — mdalimuddinansari16 gmail. I will be thankful to you sir for this. My mail id. I have done B. Plz send me all MCQ and study materials on email id-aquib. I will be thankfull for that. Tech electrical and written test espected for job in running month. I want mcq of every topic of electrical engineering i n pdf format. My mail id—jagadi26 gmail. Could you please send me valuable electrical data to my mail.

I hope your valuable material and bits are help to my preparation. I am preparing for junior engineer. Thank you very much for send materials to all. My Mail ID is satishreddynreddy57 gmail. This questions are very important for any examination. My email sahu. Dilip92 gmail. Yadav JUNE I will be thankful to u…. I shall be very thankful to him. It will help me to study for the comparative exams.

Its very good job sir. Ramasamy MAY 7. Can pls send me all above topics to me in per. Regards Sir. I will be great thankful for above. I am preparing for Astt. Engineers at State level. Plz mail me all objective type questions answers of electrical engineering. Lukman gmail.

Plz mail me all the objective type questions answers of electrical engineering. I big Request to you. I am really greatful to you. Such a great job you have done. Please send a pdf of these all electrical questions with answer. Can u send me the questions with answers in any format in any free time I mean when u will get some time. My email is mathotogresh gmail. My mail is adejumoadeoye89 yahoo. Thanks pdf format. Can you send me electrical question with ans in PDF format.

Three bulbs rated as w. COM http: Email id.


E curriculam. Pattern recognition 5. Marine auxilery machinery 3. Two stroke and four stroke. Its really amazing and helpful material for we fresh graduates. I will be thankful to you. Mail id is viralgajjar gmail. Can u send me book in pdf format. Venkat2deee gmail. Alternating Current and Voltage 3. Loop and Node Analyses 2. RLC Circuits and Resonance 7. Inductors 4.

Circuit Theorems and Conversions 9. Series Circuits 5. Time Response of Reactive Circuits 8. I read all electrical engg. I really need these objective papers of electrical engineering. Please sir send those. With regards http: I got these question in engineering competitive exam. Am heading an interview in my industry expecting this week… So pls send me the electrical Pdf file.

I am currently studying 3sem. I am waiting for ur rply. I need electric circuits and fields multiple choice questions with answers PDF for eee competitive exams. Sir please send me the PDF files of all topics related to electrical engineering. Please send all the objective type questions and answers in pdf to my mail. Magnetism And Electromagnetism. Electrolysis And Storage Of Batteries.

Electromagnetic Induction.

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MCQ on Electrical Machine. Generators, D. Poly Phase Induction Motors. Single Phase Induction Motors. Synchronous Motors. Fundamentals, Circuits And Circuit Theory. Network Theorems. Magnetic Circuit. Circuit Theorems And Conversions. MCQ on Power System. Power Plant Engineering. Economics Of Power Generation. Switchgear And Protection. Transmission And Distribution. MCQ on Electrical Drives. Electric Traction. Industrial Drives. Electrical Machine Design.