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download Atlas of Abdominoplasty - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN , Successfully perform one of today's most frequently requested plastic surgery procedures. Written by a leading authority on the subject, this heavily illustrated. Dr. Repta co-authored The Atlas of Abdominoplasty and helped to introduce several new innovative body contouring procedures to the.

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Successfully perform one of today's most frequently requested plastic surgery procedures. Written by a leading authority on the subject, this heavily illustrated operative guide examines all of the aspects and variations of abdominoplasty. Examines the practice of liposuction in. Atlas of Abdominoplasty (Techniques in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). Home · Atlas of Abdominoplasty DOWNLOAD PDF. is an affiliate of Elsevier Inc. © Ebook Pdf Atlas Of Abdominoplasty 1e Techniques In Aesthetic Plastic Surgery contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf Atlas.

Overall, the results remained Background Umbilical repositioning is a main step in satisfying at this writing. The surgical aims are minimal Conclusions The reported technique is easy to learn, visible scars and a natural-appearing result. Reported simple to perform, and stable over time. It gives a natural techniques do not completely satisfy the aesthetic targets depth appearance, ensures optimal position, pulls scars for all types of patients. This report describes the long-term results reconstruction with this technique. Methods A total of abdominoplasties were per- formed. Patient satisfaction and postoperative results were The abdomen plays a leading role in the aesthetic image of evaluated over a 5-year follow-up period.

Over the last 14 years, during my development of many body contouring procedures and enhancements in Liposuction surgery I have worked closely with my anesthesiologist, Dr. Philip Walk. Working together we have published a number of articles on Outpatient Anesthesia and Anesthetic Considerations for Liposuction and Body Contouring. I frequently discussed anesthesia considerations with my brother, Dr. David Hunstad an anesthesiologist, who encouraged me throughout the writing of this book.

His intimate knowledge of physiology and patient care help me formulate important protocols that are included in this book. I am grateful to Dr. I appreciate Dr. My surgical nurses and surgical technicians have provided me unending support and tolerance.

My aestheticians, Marti DeCoste and Tammy Ledford, provide excellent postoperative care including lymphatic drainage, Endermologie, and ultrasound treatments.

Sue Hodgson and Ms.

Atlas of Abdominoplasty

Sharon Nash. Sincere thanks to Dr. Remus Repta who worked with me as a fellow and in the capacity of a colleague and friend. His many suggestions and challenging questions provided a more comprehensive and thoughtful book. I wish him the best of luck in his new practice in the Phoenix area. My family is extraordinarily important to me. During the writing of this book and with other pending plastic surgery Acknowledgments projects, I have been more absent than present.

Her support of me personally and in my practice is really more than I deserve. We have grown together and share many wonderful friendships throughout the world that came about because of the travels that plastic surgery has provided us.

Atlas of Abdominoplasty (Techniques in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) - PDF Free Download

It has been a delight to see them take interest in my practice, observe surgical procedures, and positively interact with all the members of my staff.

The tissue resection was quite substantial, weighing g and measuring 90 X 31 X 7 cm! In , Passot included undermining with the resection. German contributions included the transverse elliptic incision in abdominoplasty as described by Morestin,3 who also published notably on the correction of prominent ears, breast lift, and breast reduction.

A vertical resection was championed by Babcock5 in Foged, in ,8 emphasized the importance of hemostasis. The standard abdominoplasty incision was lengthened circumferentially 1 Chapter 1: History by two notable surgeons, namely Somalo in and Gonzalez-Ulloa in He also performed critical reviews of the American history of abdominoplasty, and by using survey techniques established frequently cited risks and complications.

The simple brilliance of a blunt-tipped cannula protecting important neurovascular structures is now one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures worldwide.

These concepts are equally appropriate for both local and general anesthesia and are used concurrently with the majority of abdominoplasty procedures.

This was noted to dramatically improve the waistline and posture of the abdominoplasty patient. In the mids endoscopic techniques were being applied to aesthetic procedures of the face, breast and body. References References 1.

Kelly HA. Report of gynecological cases excessive growth of fat.

Of pdf atlas abdominoplasty

Johns Hopkins Med J ; Excision of the fat of the abdominal wall lipectomy. Surg Gynecol Obstet ; Morestin A. Jolly IT.

Berl Klin Wschr ; Babcock W. On diseases of women and children.

Am J Obstet Gynecol ; Thorek M. Plastic surgery of the breast and abdominal wall. Plastic reconstruction of the female breast and abdomen. Am J Surg ; Foged J. Operative treatment of abdominal obesity, especially pendulous abdomen. Br J Plast Surg ; 1: — The principles and art of plastic surgery, Vol 2. Boston, MA: Little Brown, Barsky AJ, Kahn S. Principles and practices of plastic surgery.

New York: McGraw-Hill, Somalo M. Dermolipectomia circular del tronco. Two hundred fifty-six additional cases were added since , and their results are included in this article. Five hundred ninety-three abdominoplasty candidates were divided into 2 groups.

Table 1.

Abdominoplasty pdf of atlas

They underwent extended abdominoplasties and body lifts. Thirty-one of the patients underwent concomitant abdominal hernia repairs. All abdominoplasties since included circumferential torso liposuction and often other areas liposuction.

Additional procedures, most commonly fat grafting, were also performed. Group 1 included 15 massive weight loss patients 4. Surgery was performed in an office surgical suite under local anesthesia with monitored intravenous sedation. An anatomic umbilicus should have a normal slant superiorly, a superior hood, a natural shape cylin- drical with a wide attachment to the abdominal wall fascia and a central mamelon , and no external scars, especially concentric scars around the umbilical ring, which could result in stenosis [3].

The vertical size must be approximately the same as that of the original umbilicus. The angle and size of the four lateral youthful and thin individuals have a small and vertically incisions can be modified according to the width desired oriented umbilicus, whereas older or more obese individ- uals have a rounder, transversely oriented and hooded during abdominoplasty because the umbilical scar is umbilicus [16, 28].

This is supported by body. Its absence or grotesque shape may be distressing [4].

Of pdf atlas abdominoplasty

The Until the late s, the umbilicus was routinely discarded most common umbilical shape is the T-shaped one, Aesth Plast Surg — Fig. Upper left: Preoperative aspect of the umbilicus. Upper right: Postoperative view 1 year after surgery. Lower left: Postoperative view 5 years after surgery. Lower right: Evaluation of umbilical depth with the modified syringe 5 years after surgery Fig. Left: Preoperative aspect of the umbilicus.

Center: Postoperative view 1 year after surgery. Right: Postoperative view 5 years after surgery Fig. It may impair the goal of creating a thinner and umbilicus [8]. The majority of women show a superior hood and a The presented technique effectively hides scars and small umbilicus without protrusion.

Heavier women tend to produces an appealing umbilicus.

Of pdf atlas abdominoplasty

The repositioning of the have a larger, more transversely oriented umbilicus, umbilicus is accurate and predictable. The technique is easy whereas in thinner women, the umbilicus has a more oval to learn and simple to perform and requires no complex skin and vertical orientation.

Atlas of Abdominoplasty (Techniques in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Interestingly, the size of a sub- flaps, cartilage grafts, or difficult suture placement. This principles including an elliptical vertical excision of the old technique can be applied to any patient of any build or size. This procedure creates umbilical depth, stable result and a youthful, thin appearance of the abdo- ensures optimal position, pulls the scar deep into the men.

Finally, this technique allows a stable, long-lasting umbilicus, and allows the achievement of different shapes result. In fact, by increasing the dimension of the residual cutaneous surface of the umbi- Conflict of interest None. Instead, varying the size and the angle of the four lateral incisions References can widen or narrow the umbilicus. Any size of the umbilicus can be created with this method, and the versa- 1.

Aesthetic scar without any visible scarring on the abdominal skin. Plast Surg — This technique can be performed for either obese or thin 2. Aesthetic Plastic Surg patients, and different umbilical depths can be created as — desired. Baack BR, Anson G, Nachbar JM, White DJ Umbili- Although other methods have been performed to coplasty: the construction of a new umbilicus and correction of decrease scar visibility, the majority of these methods umbilical stenosis without external scars.

Plast Reconstr Surg — eventually create a larger round-shaped umbilicus [6, 33]. Baroudi R Umbilicoplasty. Clin Plast Surg — Others have described suturing of the umbilicus to the 5.

Ann Plast Surg —20 rounder and larger umbilicus [20].

This prevents scars but requires the nique. Aesthetic Plast Surg — use of a purse-string suture to recreate the umbilical pattern 7. Castillo PF Umbilical reinsertion in abdominoplasty: Technique using deepithelialized skin flaps. Aesthetic Plast Surg [33]. Plast Reconstr Surg — cus. Defatting of the abdominal flap from outside allows 9. Br J Plast Surg — time-consuming and frustrating experience of trying to find Delerm A Refinements in abdominoplasty with emphasis the umbilicus after the abdominal flap is closed.

Plast Reconst Surg A variety of techniques have been developed to create — This hooding may create a an abdominoplasty. Plast Reconstr Surg — natural-looking umbilicus but could leave more superficial Hoffman S A simple technique for locating the umbilicus and highly visible incisions.