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Cover image for Agile Coaching Agile Coaching de-mystifies agile practices— it's a practical guide to creating Ebook delivery options. Add Ebook to Cart. Add to Wish List Version (latest). I proudly introduce the release of the Agile Coaching DNA Book. Now, all five. Can you tailor your training to meet these changing requirements? The answer is yes, if you are agile. The eBook The Agile Guide To Agile.

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Agile Coaching - Kindle edition by agile42 Coaches. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This book gives an excellent overview of Agile coaching and very prac- tical tips If you liked this eBook, perhaps you'd like to have a paper copy of the book. This is the book we wish we had when we started out as agile coaches, and it's The ebook can also be downloadd from worldwide site Stores in Kindle.

What is this Guide? With this book we wanted to create an introductory reference for new Agile Coaches as well as experienced ScrumMasters. It contains much of the theory that we teach our new colleagues at agile42, and hopefully lots of insights for new coaches. About the Authors The agile42 coaches are experts. We take great pride in our tradition of coaching, which is continuously being adapted to the needs of the company and teams.

Coaching ebook agile

Ebook delivery options. To lead change, you need to expand your toolkit, and this book gives you the tools you need to make the transition from agile practitioner to agile coach. Agile Coaching is all about working with people to create great agile teams.

This book provides you with deeper knowledge of how agile practices work and how to inspire your team to improve. Discover how to coach your team through the agile lifecycle, from planning to writing software. Learn the secrets of running effective agile meetings and how to get your team following a consistent approach to creating software.

Find out what works and what to avoid when introducing agile practices to your team. Throughout the book the authors share their personal coaching stories from experience with real teams, giving you insights into what works and what to avoid.

The Agile Coach

Each chapter also covers hurdles that you and your team may face and what to do to clear them. Let the meeting run its course while you observe and listen, make notes and form hypotheses. While every team is different, there are some items to keep in mind: Situation: Does the team report to itself or the ScrumMaster? Is the situation presented honestly?

Coaching Agile Teams

Do they have facts and information in front of their noses? Is the granularity right tasks less than one day in length Focus: Is the goal clear? Is the team focusing on getting the next backlog item done, rather than ensuring everyone has work for the day? Is there a lot of bureaucratic overhead? Speaking: Does everyone get the opportunity to speak? Who speaks most, who is most silent? Do people listen intently or are they just waiting for their own turn? Are people supporting each other?

Coaching ebook agile

Decision-making: Who makes decisions? They are flexible in terms of platform and schedule. Can you tailor your training to meet these changing requirements? Do you find that your customer requirements change frequently?

Do you predict that your content shelf life will be short? Do your requirements include learning measurement dashboards?

Are your delivery schedules becoming more and more compressed? If you answered even one question affirmatively, you may find that Agile Development is right for you. Agile is more than a project management method; it is a culture with values that focus on people, communications, product, and flexibility.

Agile Coaching Reading List

Agile development is Agile. It will look different for each company, team, and project to best fit the specific needs of the company, team, and project. The Agile Guide To Agile Development is meant to provide you with a minimal framework to help you on your journey to not only doing Agile, but being Agile in a way that best fits your organization.