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Maisha na nyakati za Abdulwahid Sykes () by Mohamed Said; 1 edition; First published in ; Subjects: Politics and government. MUSLIM NATIONALISTS IN TANGANYIKA: The Life and Times of Abdulwahid Sykes (–): The Untold Story of the Muslim Struggle against British. dancindonna.info: Maisha Na Nyakati Za Abdulwahid Sykes () Historia Iliyofichwa Kuhusu Harakati Za Waislam Dhidi Ya Ukoloni Wa Waingereza.

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Maisha na nyakati za Abdulwahid Sykes (): historia iliyofichwa kuhusu harakati za waislam dhidi ya ukoloni wa waingereza katika Tanganyika. The Life and Times of Abdulwahid Sykes (): The Untold Story of the Muslim Struggle against British Colonialism in Tanganyika, by Mohamed Said. Get this from a library! Maisha na nyakati za Abdulwahid Sykes (): historia iliyofichwa kuhusu harakati za waislam dhidi ya ukoloni wa waingereza.

He helped form the Tanganyika African Association. He met Dr. In the s, AA members built the organization's headquarters at New Street, where the Tanganyika African National Union would later be created in They were recruited from a village named Kwa Likunyi in Mozambique. Among the mercenaries was my grandfather, Sykes Mbuwane.

The Life and Times of Abdul Wahid Sykes (1924-68)

I remember when I was very little my friends used to ask me if it is true I was a Muslim because of my names. There was also the family of Aziz Ali Dossa who originally came from Tanga. He was a close friend of my father and was the first African to own a car although he was always chauffeur driven.

He was a building contractor but was restricted to building houses for Africans only. Colonial regulations barred him from acquiring a licence to enable him to undertake construction of storied buildings.

This was the preserve of mainly Indian contractors. Aziz Ali built many mosques in Dar es Salaam.

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When there was no electricity he took on himself to providing hurricane lamps to light all mosques in the municipality. His son would drop the lamps at the mosques before maghrib prayers and would collect them after insha to be taken home for cleaning and for making them ready for the following day. The two were the only Africans in Dar es Salaam permitted by the government to drink beer, at the time an exclusive drink of Europeans.

The British were of the opinion that Africans would go berserk if they drank beer as they could not hold it. In those days most of the liquor shops in Dar es Salaam were owned by Goans.


Kleist and Aziz Ali were good friends and got on well together. They were the African elite, the cultured townsmen of Dar es Salaam. Aziz Ali had many wives and he therefore sired many children. Among all his children only two came to be prominent — Dossa Aziz and Hamza Aziz.

Dossa was among the 17 founders of TANU and one of the financiers of the party. Hamza, his young brother, came to serve as Inspector-General of Police after independence.

The Life and Times of Abdul Wahid Sykes ()

Hamza and my young brother Abbas came to be great friends, calling each other by pet names. Hamza was to marry into a prominent family in Kilimanjaro; he tied the knot with the daughter of Chief Abdiel Shangali of Machame. As indicated earlier Kleist Sykes was a chain smoker who loved his coffee. He would sit outside his house with his friends and order endless cups of coffee when coffee was sold by vendors making the rounds in Dar es Salaaam.

When he died of bronchitis on 23 May Dar es Salaam had never seen such a well-attended funeral. Kleist Sykes had left his mark on the history of Dar es Salaam.

He had founded the African Association which had propelled Africans into politics and he had also founded Al Jamiatul Islamiyya fi Tanganyika, the Muslim organisation which not only stood up against the threat of Christian missionaries, but laid the foundation for future organisation of Muslims as a political entity.

Kleist Sykes had also initiated a plan to built a school for Muslim children of Dar es Salaam so that Muslim children could get education without the fear of being converted to Christianity were they to be enrolled in missionary schools. He organized Muslims to contribute money for the school and this they did with relish.

When the Aga Khan came to Tanganyika in and was told of this project he donated money and the school was built. Nairobi: Longman Group Ltd. Google Scholar Said, M. London, Minerva Press.

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Pdf abdulwahid sykes

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